Soul wakes up one morning to find Blair on top of him, and unfortunately, Maka walks in right as Blair is smothering him with her chest. This leads to her kicking him out of the window, and she’s still angry during class later. Soul eventually changes the subject to how Maka’s teacher Sid recently died and how it’s connected to a certain zombie targeting the students. Maka doesn’t believe that the rumors are about Sid, but this changes after she and Soul are sent to see Shinigami-sama along with Black*Star and Tsubaki. Shinigami-sama wants them to take part in some supplementary lessons because they have so far failed to collect any souls, and these lessons center on them going after Sid. It seems that Sid no longer fears death after becoming a zombie and wants the students to experience the same thing, though Shinigami-sama also explains that there’s someone pulling the strings from behind the scenes. In addition, if the four fail these lessons, then they’ll be expelled.

The group thus heads out to the Hook Cemetery, and though Sid is initially nowhere to be found, he eventually pops out of the ground and grabs Maka. Soul fortunately saves her, and the battle begins after Sid fails to convince the group to become zombies. Wielding his own gravestone as a weapon, Sid smashes Black*Star into the ground, but Black*Star gets back up and makes an impressive counterattack in the form of a kick to Sid’s chest. Sid then changes his target to Maka, however she is able to barely avoid his Living End attack and kicks him in the face. Soul then urges Maka to match her soul wavelength to his, and though this is something they’ve never successfully done before, she is willing to try. The two thus perform a Resonance of Souls that transforms Soul into a huge witch-hunting blade, but right as Maka attempts to attack with it, she trips and nearly kills Black*Star instead. When she subsequently tries to take a normal scythe slash at him, Sid disappears.

Black*Star realizes that Sid has dived underground, and he has to protect Maka when Sid suddenly springs back out to launch a surprise attack. Since Sid continues to go underground, Black*Star decides to use a technique called Trap Star that spreads Tsubaki’s chains all around in a star pattern. He also concentrates so that he can hear Sid’s soul wavelength, and he is ready when Sid pops out of the ground again. The chains allow him to completely tie up and capture Sid, though the side effect is that Maka gets tied up too. Watching from back in Death City are Shinigami-sama and Death the Kid, and with the battle over, they discuss who the person behind all this is. Shinigami-sama begins by explaining that the current best weapon – Maka’s father Death Scythe – had a partner before Maka’s mother. This partner was the strongest student to ever graduate: Dr. Franken Stein. Maka and company also find this out and now show up at Dr. Franken Stein’s lab with Sid in tow.


Just when I thought they couldn’t top the fights that they’ve already shown, they go and do exactly that. Heck, it’s not just one special ability showcased here – both Maka and Black*Star get to shine. I admit I got DBZ vibes when Maka and Soul did the Resonance of Souls, but it was still cool to see her with a blade like that. It’s a shame she misfired so spectacularly, but at least Black*Star eventually got the job done. Speaking of which, Maka’s voice actress has been steadily growing on me, and although there are certain points where I still find it a bit weird sounding, it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to.

Maka also looks like she might be the one who gets most of the focus next week in the fight against Dr. Franken Stein, especially with the revelation at the end about Dr. Franken Stein being her father’s first partner instead of her mother. Incidentally, all the talk about Maka’s mother made me curious about what she’s like. I assume she’ll show up in some shape or form sooner or later (probably later). Anyway, from the preview, it seems that Dr. Franken Stein has a fairly unique fighting style that employs his office chair, and I’m interested to see how far that’ll take him.


  1. Too bad, the interrogation scene was hilarious.

    Really looking forward to seeing next week, Stein has always been my favorite character in the manga. (Also really looking forward to seeing how they handle Chrona/Ragnarok)

  2. i’m with you “katch”, thats the part i find soo enjoyable. seeing all the “in betweens” animated!! but i’m still a bit confused about how that corn-row sensei became a zombie, maybe i misread the manga

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. I have to wonder if the late night version will have the panty scene…

    Either way this anime has been amazing! The music, animation, and even the voice actors(yes, I like them, especially Maka’s and Kidd’s.)!

  4. boy did I ROFL’ed when Maka did her Witch Killer-or-something move… Soul doesn’t look quite the same as the manga in this form, but still cool nonetheless.

    This episode was cool, but I did feel like the talking went on for a little too long. Kinda ruin the suspense during the amazing fight.

    Well, hope next week’ll be just as cool, if not cooler. Go Soul Eater!!!

  5. Maka’s VA seems to be improving a bit, but she still sounds way too stiff.

    The soundtrack for this anime is awesome. The OP suits the animation well, although the song itself aint that special, but the in-anime music is great…. like the fight scene between BlackStar and that samurai in Ep2 and that smooth R&B number when Kidd arrived at the pyramid during Ep3.

    Anime beats manga for this one…. The music and color just add another layer…and the fight scenes are awesome. Bones have outdone themselves.

    Speaking of Bones and fight scenes, try watching ‘Mukoh Hadan’ (Sword of the Stranger)….. totally epic!!

  6. Interogation scene is NOT in the uncut/uncen/late night version version… After the ED song, there’s the OP song again, followed by a short dialogue between shinigami sama and Death the Kid about Frankenstein. No previews, etc.

    hmm… perhaps the interogation scene IS supposed to be part of the episode, but maybe it’s just too great of a scene to be included in any media, except perhaps the dvds. The whole dialogue scene was almost as if they were purposely added to stretch the length of the episode… hopefully for some *unaired* scenes that will be in the dvd.

    By the way, anyone noticed any difference between the late night/normal versions yet (besides the start and end of each episode)? I’ve onced played both versions of episode 2 on my 2 monitors, side by side, and the *only* difference was less-than-a-second’s worth of delay during the break halfway through the episode. Although I must admit that the previews for the late show versions (for the 3 epilogues) were pretty cool and spoiler-ish. Unfortunately, there’s nothing much to be excited about for episode 4.

    At least with Maid Guy, you get lifted fogs and detailed nubs on chest areas (occasionally).

  7. soul eater still stays at my top 5 shows this season…im surprised they are already showing one of the “big” bad guys that are in the opening..but i am very excited none the star is definitely my least favorite character, but maka/soul and death the kid makes up for it…


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