Having smelt blood, Kaname rushes from the chairman’s office to the stairwell where Zero and Yuuki are, and he accuses Zero of having been reduced to being a bloodthirsty beat. Afraid that Kaname will kill Zero, Yuuki tries to step between them, but she instead faints from loss of blood. Kaname ends up being the one who carries her to the infirmary, and he finds that she’s now crying. The chairman eventually comes by the infirmary and sends Kaname to calm down the Night Class who had also smelt the blood. After placing a bandage on Yuuki’s neck, Kaien explains that Zero used to be a human and had been turned into a vampire by the pureblood who bit him. However, he also reassures Yuuki that she won’t become a vampire because Zero isn’t a pureblood. Yuuki is more concerned about how she didn’t know how Zero had been suffering for four years, and a little later, she happens to overhear Kaname asking the chairman to move Zero into the Night Class. Though she understands why, Yuuki also knows that Zero hates vampires, and this in turn makes her suddenly realize that Zero hated himself too. She thus feels really bad about how she had referred to vampires as beasts in front of him.

This all bothers Yuuki so much that she skips class the next day and goes to the Night Class’s dorm instead so that she can talk to Kaname. She finds Aidou there, and as he’s taking her to Kaname, he asks her about the bite mark on her neck. He and the other vampires had smelled her blood the previous night, but since Kaname had instructed them to forget about it, they didn’t make a fuss about it. Yuuki is happy to hear this because it means that Kaname didn’t tell the Night Class about Zero being a vampire, but the happy expression on her face actually angers Aidou, and he questions what she is to Kaname. When Yuuki’s answer is that Kaname is her savior, Aidou suggests that she should offer Kaname the blood in her body to repay him. He observes though that the bite marks on her neck aren’t Kaname’s and warns her not to let anyone else have her blood. Aidou then proposes that she immediately ask Kaname to drink her blood, and right as she’s about to slap him for all this, Kaname shows up and stops her. Kaname personally smacks Aidou instead, and Aidou immediately apologizes and leaves.

Afterwards, Kaname tells Yuuki that she should be herself because she’s the only one who’s different from all the others who serve him. Yuuki blushes from this, but she also notices that Kaname looks lonely as he’s saying it. Kaname then starts to send Yuuki home and instructs her not to come here by herself from now on. He suggests having Zero come with her next time because he feels that Zero should be useful since he took something from her. Yuuki objects to Kaname talking in this manner, but Kaname responds by saying that he’s not okay with his important girl being bitten by someone else. Yuuki then brings up what she came here to talk about in the first place: not putting Zero in the Night Class. Kaname hears her out, but he denies her request because he knows that a human who’s turned into a vampire will definitely fall to being a Level E, and he thinks that Zero wouldn’t want her to see that. After a distraught Yuuki runs out of the dorm, Kain appears and states that he doesn’t understand why Kaname is so attached to her. He also points out that everyone won’t accept Zero who’s from a family of vampire hunters, but all Kaname cares about is how Yuuki is the most important girl in the world.

After all this, Yuuki decides to go see Zero and finds him in his room pointing his gun to his head. When she tries to stop him, he pushes her onto the bed and tries to get her to shoot him instead. He feels that since he couldn’t stop himself with her, he might kill the next human he preys on. When Yuuki still refuses to shoot him, Zero takes his packed bags and leaves. Yuuki chases after him and hugs him from behind, reminding him of how she had done the same many years ago when he had been clawing at his own neck. She asserts that she’s not afraid of him since she’s been with him for four years, and she vows to be his friend. Unbeknownst to them, Kaname is watching them from a nearby window. The chairman meanwhile is meeting with the head of a vampire hunter organization who is curious about Zero. The head of the vampire hunter organization states that he’s sent a man to judge if there’s any danger at the school and to deal with things if there is.


Well, I’m no longer getting evil vibes from Kaname. Everything he does seems to be concerned with her, and he’s saved Yuuki so many times now (what is this, the third time? fourth?). In fact, with his sense of timing, it’s almost like he stalks her, and he’s coming off as more creepy than anything else – especially when he’s talking about how she’s such an important girl. It makes me wonder if he’s just infatuated with her or if there’s something really special about her. For all he says about her being so precious though, I find it curious that he’s okay with her being with Zero and doesn’t just want to kill Zero outright. Incidentally, should I be bothered by the fact that the first thing I thought of when Kaname slapped Aidou was “Why didn’t he just punch him?” (My friend’s answer was “apparently bishounen guys just like to slap one another.”) Anyway, it looks like the story’s going to keep getting more interesting now that we have the vampire hunter organization added into the mix, and maybe we’ll see some vampire vs. hunter battles in the near future.


  1. I love the story, but the animation is so weird. I just cant get used to it. Compared to the manga…the characters just look unatural in the anime. The manga is too Hino Matsuri’s art is to good!!!!

  2. if you read the manga you would understand the anime more, kaname isnt a creep or stalker he just watches over yuuki and protect her, cuz he loves her.
    its that simple how do you not notice that.
    i dont find it creepy i think its kind of nice how he protects her all the time.

  3. @LAWLIET — Kaname didn’t slap as many people as he did in the manga… however, he did slap Aidou..

    nice ep. At least its resumed following the manga again… XDD and didn’t diverge…

  4. “What was with Yuuki’s neck bandage this episode? It’s on her neck when she arrives at the dormitory, then suddenly gone for the rest of the scene (there are several shots of the neck bite too), and by the end, it’s magically back again”

    Aidou took her bandage off before asking her who bit her (its in his hand).
    It’s night by the next scene so guess she would get another one, which zero removed…

  5. Yup, Zero scratching his neck is very Higurashi-like (lol, Rena xD). And for slaps, maybe punching isn’t too fitting for them? I mean, a violent punch is very un-bishonen like, it ruins their bishi-ness xD

  6. After watching the first 3 ep, I couldn’t stop myself from reading the manga – 39 chapters in one night -.- But it’s so freacking awesome!!! If they are trying to do one chapter in each episode, I hope this anime to last at least for a year, otherwise they will not be able to cover all the important parts… I agree with the guy that say that the animation has a lower quality than the manga, but it’s still nice to watch 🙂

  7. it’s been a long time since i went here, but WHAAAAA? VK’s an anime now?!?
    omg reaaaaddd theeeee mangaaaaaaa
    [sorry, more of a manga advocate here XD]
    mainly because it gets crazy in the manga

    slapping is more classy for a vampire.
    punching is too much work.
    they’d need two more pints of blood to throw a punch.

  8. Hmm, most of these comments are about slapping. Haha.

    I suggested that “bishounen guys just like to slap one another” when Omni and I were talking about this episode. I couldn’t help myself when he asked me why I think Kaname slapped Aidou instead of punching him. D:

    *plays innocent*

  9. @snehova:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. what i like most about this series is surprisingly yuki. i usually hate female main characters — they are wussy, and irritating, but yuki is really an awesome girl..she isn’t an idiot and she truly cares about zero and kaname…there is obviously a lot more to zero, and i have a feeling that yuki will in fact turn into a vampire…not only did i get that vibe from this ep..but in the ending song, yuki’s eyes glow red…i will be interested to see what happens between zero and kaname, since they both obviously like yuki…^~^

  11. …..I’m very creeped out by the scratching neck thing. It reminds me of higurashi (which is getting anew season, even though there is already a happily ever after) and Higurashi is like a realistic-horror, which make my neck itch just from thinking about it.

  12. what do you mean whats with her neck bandage thingy, when she arrives to the dormitory aidou takes the bandage off, then she runs out (and its day time outside), after the scene in the dormitory its night time, wich gives her about 6 hours to find a new bandage?
    honestly omni.

  13. To: chalulu
    u can check out d subbed version of vk on youtube…..just type ‘vampire knight episode 4 subbed’……aaahh!!! i cant belive zero’s joining the night class everybody der is gona hurt him! >.<….besides he lux better in black uniform..

  14. Kaname is mad because Yuki got her “first bite” virginity taken away by Zero. The good thing is he is keeping his cool about it. It really does look like he cares for Yuki.

  15. if u read the manga u actually find out that kaname is in fact yuuki’s brother, yeah….gross, because if u end up reading the manga series-they get a bit interment…
    (sorry i was a bit random)…:)

  16. I can follow the story quite well and I think the slapping is a way of expressing that they can easily strike without having to bother (like a statement) sounds funny though.
    P.S. does anyone know their ages (the characters)

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