You ever get completely out of your normal sleep cycle because you’ve spent one too many nights up late working? That’s where I’m at right now after having spent the past 3 straight days working on a paper. Ugh. In any case, it’s done and final exams are finally over, so I hopefully I can get quickly caught back up with all the stuff here that I’m behind on (and also return to my normal sleep cycle). On a side note, I found the above image on Danbooru and thought it was way too cute not to include here since I was already talking about sleep.


  1. Ugh, I know how you feel. I’m in the midst of my final exams right now, and it’s been brutal so far. I always have a habit of slacking until the way end.. hope you did well on your finals Omni, because it looks like I’m going to continue bombing on mine.

  2. Ah, how nice it is to be done university for some time now. =)

    I remember those days. 36 hours straight at school in the lab and going home the next morning around 10-11am.

  3. That picture is PERFECT for post-Episode 4. I mean, after a night of trying to kill Mikhail, I can see Klein-sama’s batteries winding down, Yotsuba-style. And then we get this.

  4. i had the same situation a year ago. It really exhausts you to the point wherein you
    almost get angry or annoyed even at the little things that you dont even bother to
    notice before.

    Least things are over for you. Enjoy your well deserved rest ^^

  5. Ah… the refreshing summer break… I miss you.

    True, I’m not going to have to work as hard as I did during the past semester, but I still have a class I need to take if I want to stay in the game, and I’m also taking a part time job so… summer break is a thing of the past for me. Oh well, it was bound to happen anyway. Things like that don’t exist in the adult world anyway.

    Sleep however, is vital. Get some. Now.

  6. ^_^ Who hasn’t… I screw my sleep cycle up all the time. I’m just glad I sleep 6-8 hours regardless of my messed up cycle. I don’t think I have ever wrote a message on here, but all I want to say is you do a fantastic job at presenting your opinion in your reviews. Your opinion of a series may very to others, but what people don’t understand is that it’s only an opinion and should be taken as such. Keep up the good work, ^_^ I LOVE IT!!! Cheesecake anyone.

  7. I always keep my work up to date so exams are basically holidays for me =D In fact my “holidays” start next week.Its best to remember that “the faster I finish the shit my teacher/lecturer told me to do the faster I can watch anime”.I find it very disturbing its the other way around for alot of people.

  8. I’ve never lost sleep over school stuff….wasn’t worth my time, anyway.

    But I’ve lost many hours of sleep riding my bike…. actually my entire lifestyle is shaped around my love for motorcycles…. so I mostly sleep in the day and ride at night. watch anime and develop Ubuntu in between.

  9. Yeah, I know exactly where you’re coming from, I was in that same situation for about 2 months constantly playing catch up in my university courses after midterms. It was just work work work everyday to the point where you lose track of which day of the week it is. Study study study. And sleep is messed, I almost hated sleep because it seemed so unproductive, but then again, I like sleep. It was a horrible love-hate relationship. But in the end, sleep and I worked it out. LOL. Hope you’re doing better. I enjoy your blog very much! Thank you for all the posts!

  10. I’m attending my last Japanese Civ class today… In fact, I’m sitting in class right now watching my 40+ year old professor dancing to some 90’s Japanese pop… I don’t know if this is hysterical or scarring.

    I wonder if this dance is on the final…


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