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Suzaku is surprised to hear that Zero is going to cooperate on the Special Administration Zone idea, and though he still feels that Zero is still accountable for his crimes, he has no choice but to accept this for now. Aboard the Black Knights submarine, the leaders are wondering what Zero is thinking by doing this, and he surprises them by questioning what they’ll do after all the fighting. Toudou thinks that Zero intends to change Britannia from within, but Zero simply responds by asking what it means to be Japanese. In the days that follow, Suzaku tells his friends at Ashford that he’s going to be absent from school because he’s going to be busy. When Shirley raises the topic of helping Kallen, Lelouch notes that friends and family are as important as world peace and suggests that Suzaku talk with Nunnally about it. This leads to Lelouch explaining to his friends how he had spoken with the new Governor-General on the night of the party, and that in turn makes Suzaku think about Lelouch’s memory because if Lelouch had his memory back, then Suzaku would want him to answer why he killed Euphemia. A short while later, an attempt is made on Suzaku’s life for being a traitor, and Suzaku survives thanks to the Geass order to live that still remains with him. This connects with what he was just thinking about because the same Lelouch that ordered him to live could have found a way around killing Euphemia.

During this time, Lelouch talks with Diethard who is currently in the Chinese Federation, and Diethard reveals that Sayoko is on her way. After Lelouch hangs up the phone, he vows to Rolo to protect the school and their daily lives, and Rolo feels that they share the same fate. Villetta then reports in to Lelouch, and since she still refers to him as Zero, he insists that she call him by his real name. Once she does, he asks her if she wants to see Ougi. Meanwhile, Schneizel and Kanon arrive at Britannia’s Dallas laboratory where Nina is working, and she reports that they’re in the middle of their experiment. Nina makes it a point to say that Schneizel helping her won’t be for naught, and she remembers how the nuclear weapon had failed to go off when she pressed the detonator back during the Black Rebellion. Despite the failures however, she is confident enough to ask Schneizel to wait a little longer. Schneizel understands that Nina did everything for Euphemia’s sake, and though Euphemia left an unhappy mark on history, he wants to believe in her. Back at Ashford, Suzaku is with Anya when he receives the paperwork to order the execution of the Eleven who tried to kill him. When Suzaku doesn’t immediately sign it, Anya does it for him and then wonders if he’s masochistic. She points out that he volunteered for Area 11 even though he knows that he’s hated here, and she thinks of Japan as the defendant’s seat where jealousy and hatred can kill him. Suzaku doesn’t mind because he knows that there was someone in the past – Euphemia – who understood him, and he still considers himself to originally have been a sinner.

The two are then called to a video conference with Zero, Lloyd, and Nunnally’s aide Miss Lohmeyer. Lloyd begins by asking if the current Zero is the same person as the previous one, so Zero asserts that the real Zero is not measured based on what’s inside, but rather by his actions. He then claims that he has a million people ready to be mobilized for the Special Administration Zone, but he has a condition for their participation: he wants the Britannians to let him go by exiling him. Suzaku and the others conclude that this means he intends to abandon the Black Knights in order to protect himself, and Miss Lohmeyer notes that the law says the Governor-General can order this. The others are open to the idea because they feel that the terrorists would break up if the leader runs away, but Suzaku has a hard time with the concept of letting a criminal go. Later that night, he meets Nunnally at the Fuji Mausoleum to tell her about the exile, and Nunnally acknowledges that she can’t forgive all of Zero’s crimes on her own responsibility. The two of them then place a candle in the nearby pool for Euphemia, and Suzaku notices that there’s already one in there for her. When he tells her about it, Nunnally is glad to hear that there’s someone else other than them who mourns Euphemia’s death.

The following day, a crowd of one million Elevens gather at a seaside site in the Shizuoka Ghetto. Zino knows that the crowds may riot if Zero betrays them, and he’s ready to purge them if they do, but he also understands that the military can’t make the first move. Li Xingke and his aide Zhou Xianglin are at this moment flying over the event, and though he tells her that he has to return to the Chinese Federation if the new Consul General is decided upon, he sees what’s currently going on as a good opportunity. He then coughs up a bit of blood, but he tells her not to worry because he only needs a little longer. Back on the ground, Nunnally gives a brief speech welcoming the Elevens before Miss Lohmeyer informs everyone that they will have their crimes reduced for participating. The Britannian side is, however, unable to forgive the leader who was behind Carares’ murder, so they’re exiling just Zero. This gets the crowd abuzz, and Zero then appears on the projection screens to thank the Britannians for this. Suzaku won’t settle for this though, and he gets on stage to demand that Zero appear in person. Zero instead asks Suzaku what it means to be Japanese and to be a nation, and Suzaku knows that it’s not just having the same language or land – it’s the heart. Zero agrees with this and asserts that having a heart rooted in culture means that the a person is Japanese wherever he lives.

Right as Suzaku questions what this has to do with Zero running away, all the Black Knight operatives in the crowd activate a smoke screen that covers all one million people. This puts the Britannian forces on alert, but Suzaku stops them from doing anything rash. When the smoke clears, Suzaku is shocked to see that every single person (and animal) in the crowd has donned a Zero costume and is even more shocked when Zero tells all of the other Zeros to accept their exiles as Nunnally had ordered. Miss Lohmeyer doesn’t think that it’s possible to move one million people, but she then gets word from the port authority and realizes that Zero intends to use the giant sea ice ship that the Chinese Federation had applied for. In order to find the real Zero, Villetta points her gun at a group of the Zeros to get them to take off their masks, but before a fight can break out, Ougi steps in and reminds everyone that they’re not here to fight. Though Villetta recognizes his voice, Ougi still claims that he’s Zero. Back on the main stage, Miss Lohmeyer decides that they should make an example of these million people if they’re going to lose them anyway, but Suzaku stops her and tries to get Zero to order everyone to remove their masks because he doesn’t want a lot of people to die again.

While Suzaku remains conflicted about what to do, Lelouch thinks to himself that Area 11 would be peaceful without the Black Knights, so Nunnally’s hands won’t have to be dirtied. Suzaku finally makes up his mind after getting flashbacks of Euphemia killing everyone and remembering that both she and Nunnally were going to forgive Zero. He thus lets the exile go forward and justifies it by saying that going back on their promise would cause their other citizens to stop believing them. This leads to an argument between him and Miss Lohmeyer that culminates in Suzaku trying to get Zero to promise to save everyone. Zero questions if Suzaku can save the Japanese who remain in Area 11, and when Suzaku says that this is the reason he became a soldier, Zero agrees to the promise. The real Zero then appears on the sea ice ship – taking off his mask and showing his real identity to Sayoko in the process – to tell everyone to head towards freedom, and this begins a mass exodus towards the ship. As part of this, Ougi bids Villetta farewell but still addresses her as Britannian because he’s pretending that he doesn’t know her. Watching from above, Lloyd comments on how no one will thank Suzaku for saving a million people, and Cecile suspects that Suzaku already knows this. Standing on the now empty stage, Suzaku realizes that this entire operation was centered around the belief that he couldn’t give the order to fire, and this means to him that Zero is someone who knows him well. On board the ship, Lelouch acknowledges to himself that he knows his worst enemy very well, but he nevertheless thanks Suzaku for this and hopes that Suzaku doesn’t forget the promise.


I guess this is what you’d call having your cake and eating it too. Theoretically, Zero not only has the freedom to do whatever he wants now, he can also reasonably expect that Nunnally and the remaining Japanese will be kept safe thanks to Suzaku. I’m sure some part of that won’t work out (especially since Suzaku won’t just sit around and since the Nunnally angle is probably too good to pass up in the long term), but for now I have to say that it was pretty cool seeing every person (and at least one dog) put on Zero garb for a very “I am Spartacus” type scene.

As for the Villetta and Ougi stuff this week, it was interesting in the sense that you can see Villetta being conflicted between her position and Ougi, but I was a little disappointed that the two only briefly acknowledged each other. Unless Villetta chases after the Black Knights, it would appear that that particular subplot will be out the spotlight for a while. The Nina moments on the other hand are more interesting because it shows that she’s working on another nuclear weapon and doesn’t want to disappoint Schneizel since he’s more or less convinced her that what she’s doing is for Euphemia’s sake and that he’s motivated by this as well. That means that Schneizel will likely get his hands on a nuke before all this is over, and who knows what he plans to do with that – maybe he’ll even make a power play for the throne.

The other thing I think is worth pointing out is that the Geass effect on Suzaku (the one to live) is still active. I suspect that there’s a pretty good chance that that’ll come into play again sometime in the future, or else they wouldn’t have reminded us of it so prominently here. It won’t happen next week though because, as I mentioned a few days ago, there’s no new episode on June 1st. The preview shows that there will instead be an Akiba special featuring comedian Arino Shinya, idol Natsukawa Jun, comedy duo Sandwichman, comedy duo America Zarigani, and new voice actress Miyake Hitomi (who is making her debut voicing a character named Meeya I. Hillmick that is supposedly going to be appearing in episode 12). I’d obviously rather see what was regularly scheduled, but I’m still curious about what’ll come out of this – it’ll probably be more interesting than just a recap episode in any case.

May 25, 2008 at 7:43 am
  • May 28, 2008 at 12:20 pmz

    Something makes me feel weird after having watched this episode a second time. The short scene between Schneizel and Nina might become much more important later in R2 if they do develop an atomic bomb. Maybe Britannia will bomb japan, like the USA in World War 2.

  • May 28, 2008 at 2:36 pmDemon Ryou Shiken

    All demons answer to me for I shall own you.

  • May 28, 2008 at 6:04 pmWingZero zxt

    @BaphometClass Regardless of the social implications of your comment is it really neccessary to question the way others post on this blog. (ofcourse having said that i have proved my point that its needless and annoying and proved myself a hypocrite… OMG NO i wont become lie Suzaku NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….

  • May 28, 2008 at 6:36 pmB. Prince

    @ L
    I’m sorry, “Being wrong for giving an option is sth else I also disagree” is the answer to
    “Zero offers you a chance to be free. Therefore you choose to join him. Or else, you will be under the rule of Britannia. So now it is Zero’s fault for giving you a path of freedom and forcing you to choose it, eh? Looks like you are the naive one.”

    and it means I totally agree with the fact Zero cannot be at fault for giving the Japanese an option. I should have said it better.

    And for the definitions.
    I used the word force, and now you bring a definition which not only I agree, but also would like to add another meaning to, but now as an adjective, and “forced” means Not sincere; not the result of genuine emotions.
    So, I agree with “You have the actual option to leave the order if you want” -not that I missed this point-, and also with the fact that even if one woudn’t want to leave, but anyway chooses to follow Zero, and therefore has to go, that would mean it is a sincere judge and leaving is a volunteer action.
    But the comment was intended to emphasize Nunnally’s thing that caused the unfair situation the Japanese had to face.

    So now going into the unfairness point which you say it is not, beacuse of the actual implicit conditions in which the contract has been made.
    I say it is precisely this ambiguous nature the contract has, that Zero shoudn’t be doing such things.
    The Japanese do as Zero orders, but thinking of him as their savior/hope/libertor, and Lelouche knows it well, like it not. And they follow him under the idea Zero acts for the best of Japan, although it may be for Britannia’s fall, or for Justice, like the time of OoBK’s debut, where they said being Seigi no Mikata/Allies of Justice suppousedly, or for whatever reason good for them anyway, but they would never think of Zero as he’s acting for personal reasons, even if it would be reasonable(I mean, is his sister we’re talking about) or as if he would do sth that could cause any harm to the Japanese or to detriment of them.
    And ok, leaving Japan may not be bad for them in the very end, but let’s regard the fact of leaving homeland as an unfortunate event.
    But if Lelouche knows it and does it anyway, then he’s no so innocent after all, and in the very end he’s still using the Japanese. It’s ok in terms of the implicit contract, but he’s betraying the trust the Japanese have on him (in both, acting for personal reasons and causing them “unfortune”). So I think he’s acting selfishly here, even if the result is the best for both parties in the end.
    So I think they would probably like to stay home if Zero asked them if they support him on leaving because of his sis. Therefore they don’t really want to leave, and then “forced” by Zero. This is possibly badly said, and that’s why I changed it to “Unfairly ordered to leave”.

    And for Cordelia, -I now I call her like that shamelessly, but it is so because my bet is that-. I think that, provided that Cornelia knows Zero’s identity, from all places, she is at the best place to see everything.
    She wanted to be to Nunnally’s side because of Euphie’s similarities with her, she’d be near Zero supervising directly Nunnally’s actions regarding this matter, she seemed to act ambiguously towards Zero in the private meeting because she wanted to know his intentions by leaving the country, but at the same time she didn’t liked be played fool and tried to shoot the japanese, and finally the similar drawing to Cornelia. So it’s all refering to last season, and I lose nothing by calling her like that anyway, since she resembles her too much. Maybe a lost sister? No.

    I aprecciate the hard efforts you’re making to understand what I say, and to write these bricks that are for fun in the end.

  • May 28, 2008 at 8:22 pmSamurai Pumpkin

    I’ve got a hunch that in the end the king of britannia will hand over the throne to Lelouch, since by then he will be the living example of Britannia’s ideals through all of the treachery involved in getting to that point. Dang, long run on.

  • May 28, 2008 at 9:49 pmL

    @B. Prince

    It is great to see you substantiate your claims properly this time round. Although we are never to agree on certain points, at least it was a detailed discussion, and it was heartening to see others treating the show as seriously as I do. My apologies for involving you in this which had the ill-fortune of some immature poster labeling us as ‘zit-faced, fatassed Star Trek trivia masters’, but with that said, comments with no positive input to neither any poster nor the show should be taken as a needless rant.

    Personally, I would hope to see more intellectual posts on thus blog, since CG, like any other anime, can be considered as a piece of art- and would therefore invoke a large range of possibly contradictory responses. What better place to hear these responses than here? It is always nice to hear what others feel. But, that would also a mean a decline of posters with no sensitivity to other posters and to the producers of the show. Code Geass should not be treated like any other piece of joke. At least if it is one to you, you would do well to not impose your own unappealing jovial instincts on others, who seek to enjoy it in much more cultural fashion.

    Thanks, B. Prince for all your input anyway.

  • May 28, 2008 at 10:16 pmBaphometClass

    Wow… way to rationalize and defend wasting your time arguing over a television show, kudos L.

    By the way, I wasn’t calling you a bunch of “zit-faced, fatassed, Star-trek trivia masters,” I was merely comparing you to them, as this community shares an unnerving similarity. Perceiving a comparison as an label is actually a significant emotional blunder, and I shudder to think what kind of reaction people like you would have over questioning your fandom in real life. Weeaboo much?

    I don’t actually have any significant beef against CG, nor the people who really seem to enjoy holding pointless arguments over the deeper meanings of a fictional character’s actions. I was really just calling into question the practicality of hosting such large debates, the focus of which would be eventually revealed by the shows developers. If I have offended anyone, rest assured that it was not my intention.

    Over-sensitive fans aside, you have a damned fine blog Omni. Eagerly awaiting number 9!

  • May 29, 2008 at 10:52 amWingZero zxt

    @BaphometClass Lol then Why did you say er anything

  • May 29, 2008 at 10:59 amWingZero zxt

    Nevermind too far off topic ^!

    Has anyone else dound this week to be almost completely boring with nothing to look forward to anime wise now or is it just me… And will anyone answer the question (Who do you think will die between Gino or Anya?????

  • May 29, 2008 at 5:46 pmB. Prince

    @ L

    Glad to see my treatment to this series moved you. Maybe not my first intentions, but it’s ok anyway.
    I would’ve liked to know what were the last points we still don’t agree, but maybe next time then, since this one’s taken a bit.

    Oh you don’t have to apologize for other posters’ opinions, I think we all know very well that cliché, permanently present to the otaku culture anything related, so even if their intentions were for the best, we already know what we’re doing here.

    Anyway thanks to you L for your serious replies and clear judgment. It was good while it lasted, and know that it isn’t that I tried to impose my own “jovial insticts?”, but to express my opinion and see what others think, and if by any chance you enjoyed it in a cultural way, it’d be better then.

  • May 29, 2008 at 6:11 pmB. Prince

    @ BaphometClass

    Ok, you’re forgiven son of mine. Just let it not repeat any other time. LOL.

    @ WingZero zxt

    In case anyone were to die, I say it’d be Gino, I’d preffer Anya, I dislike her lazy “tsumaranai…” (personality I mean).

  • May 29, 2008 at 6:14 pmL

    @B. Prince

    Nahh the ‘jovial instinct’ comment wasn’t aimed at you at all- don’t worry about it

  • May 29, 2008 at 9:13 pmBaphometClass


    ^Epic Laffs, if not an entirely accurate description^

  • May 30, 2008 at 12:00 amRemmell

    Has anyone else noticed that the letters on Leouch and Nunnally’s candle are identical? The size and the shape of the letters. How can they right the same while she’s blind?

  • May 30, 2008 at 1:30 amL

    Sigh BaphometClass I thought you could stoop no lower. Told you not to impose your unappealing jovial instinct on others, who sought to enjoy the show in more cultural fashion- turns out my advice was pretty much unheeded, eh?

  • May 30, 2008 at 1:32 amL

    not that I should be too surprised over it, anyway.

  • May 30, 2008 at 2:06 amBaphometClass

    Dude, chill out. Are you so deprived of a sense of humor that you can’t even laugh at yourself? You are aware telling me not to “impose” my “jovial instinct” on others basically translates to “Stop poking fun at Code Geass! I don’t like it, so stop! Do as I say before I get upset!” Right? Would it make you feel better to know that I am actually a fan of the show? That I just happen to be able to laugh at myself and find it funny when I read over-dramatized and obviously intentional satire of a show I happen to enjoy?
    You’re acting like I wrote the bloody thing, when I merely provided a link.

    Besides, what the hell are you on when you mean “Cultural fashion?!” Do you mean that people should sit around in a big group discussing the finer points of a character’s motivations, whilst sipping fine wine? That straying too far from the prescribed topic is some sort of sin? Sweet effing Jesus guy, quit being a humorless basement-dweller and accept the fact that it’s OK to make fun of the things people enjoy! It’s all in good fun. That’s it.

    One more thing, get off of your high horse, seriously. It makes you look like a dick. Kay?

  • June 2, 2008 at 3:18 amkayne001

    I think zero will die, maybe that’s the contract in the end.
    To make a better place he must die?

    Then again the emperor will die so I dunno who’s going to rule. (Not the Prince, since he may die)

  • June 12, 2008 at 9:29 amquixotic

    Lolol the Japanese were so happy.

    “Omg exile, suhweeeet!”

    Really enjoyed that. =] Nice ep, nice work Omni.

  • June 21, 2008 at 11:40 pmAndy

    Ougi still have feelings for Villetta. Even Villetta herself! This will be instesting event.

  • June 21, 2008 at 11:43 pmAndy

    Will Villetta have time forgive Ougi in very end?

  • February 20, 2009 at 2:19 amFai

    Does anybody know the name of the melody playing after this scene with candles?

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