Suzaku is surprised to hear that Zero is going to cooperate on the Special Administration Zone idea, and though he still feels that Zero is still accountable for his crimes, he has no choice but to accept this for now. Aboard the Black Knights submarine, the leaders are wondering what Zero is thinking by doing this, and he surprises them by questioning what they’ll do after all the fighting. Toudou thinks that Zero intends to change Britannia from within, but Zero simply responds by asking what it means to be Japanese. In the days that follow, Suzaku tells his friends at Ashford that he’s going to be absent from school because he’s going to be busy. When Shirley raises the topic of helping Kallen, Lelouch notes that friends and family are as important as world peace and suggests that Suzaku talk with Nunnally about it. This leads to Lelouch explaining to his friends how he had spoken with the new Governor-General on the night of the party, and that in turn makes Suzaku think about Lelouch’s memory because if Lelouch had his memory back, then Suzaku would want him to answer why he killed Euphemia. A short while later, an attempt is made on Suzaku’s life for being a traitor, and Suzaku survives thanks to the Geass order to live that still remains with him. This connects with what he was just thinking about because the same Lelouch that ordered him to live could have found a way around killing Euphemia.

During this time, Lelouch talks with Diethard who is currently in the Chinese Federation, and Diethard reveals that Sayoko is on her way. After Lelouch hangs up the phone, he vows to Rolo to protect the school and their daily lives, and Rolo feels that they share the same fate. Villetta then reports in to Lelouch, and since she still refers to him as Zero, he insists that she call him by his real name. Once she does, he asks her if she wants to see Ougi. Meanwhile, Schneizel and Kanon arrive at Britannia’s Dallas laboratory where Nina is working, and she reports that they’re in the middle of their experiment. Nina makes it a point to say that Schneizel helping her won’t be for naught, and she remembers how the nuclear weapon had failed to go off when she pressed the detonator back during the Black Rebellion. Despite the failures however, she is confident enough to ask Schneizel to wait a little longer. Schneizel understands that Nina did everything for Euphemia’s sake, and though Euphemia left an unhappy mark on history, he wants to believe in her. Back at Ashford, Suzaku is with Anya when he receives the paperwork to order the execution of the Eleven who tried to kill him. When Suzaku doesn’t immediately sign it, Anya does it for him and then wonders if he’s masochistic. She points out that he volunteered for Area 11 even though he knows that he’s hated here, and she thinks of Japan as the defendant’s seat where jealousy and hatred can kill him. Suzaku doesn’t mind because he knows that there was someone in the past – Euphemia – who understood him, and he still considers himself to originally have been a sinner.

The two are then called to a video conference with Zero, Lloyd, and Nunnally’s aide Miss Lohmeyer. Lloyd begins by asking if the current Zero is the same person as the previous one, so Zero asserts that the real Zero is not measured based on what’s inside, but rather by his actions. He then claims that he has a million people ready to be mobilized for the Special Administration Zone, but he has a condition for their participation: he wants the Britannians to let him go by exiling him. Suzaku and the others conclude that this means he intends to abandon the Black Knights in order to protect himself, and Miss Lohmeyer notes that the law says the Governor-General can order this. The others are open to the idea because they feel that the terrorists would break up if the leader runs away, but Suzaku has a hard time with the concept of letting a criminal go. Later that night, he meets Nunnally at the Fuji Mausoleum to tell her about the exile, and Nunnally acknowledges that she can’t forgive all of Zero’s crimes on her own responsibility. The two of them then place a candle in the nearby pool for Euphemia, and Suzaku notices that there’s already one in there for her. When he tells her about it, Nunnally is glad to hear that there’s someone else other than them who mourns Euphemia’s death.

The following day, a crowd of one million Elevens gather at a seaside site in the Shizuoka Ghetto. Zino knows that the crowds may riot if Zero betrays them, and he’s ready to purge them if they do, but he also understands that the military can’t make the first move. Li Xingke and his aide Zhou Xianglin are at this moment flying over the event, and though he tells her that he has to return to the Chinese Federation if the new Consul General is decided upon, he sees what’s currently going on as a good opportunity. He then coughs up a bit of blood, but he tells her not to worry because he only needs a little longer. Back on the ground, Nunnally gives a brief speech welcoming the Elevens before Miss Lohmeyer informs everyone that they will have their crimes reduced for participating. The Britannian side is, however, unable to forgive the leader who was behind Carares’ murder, so they’re exiling just Zero. This gets the crowd abuzz, and Zero then appears on the projection screens to thank the Britannians for this. Suzaku won’t settle for this though, and he gets on stage to demand that Zero appear in person. Zero instead asks Suzaku what it means to be Japanese and to be a nation, and Suzaku knows that it’s not just having the same language or land – it’s the heart. Zero agrees with this and asserts that having a heart rooted in culture means that the a person is Japanese wherever he lives.

Right as Suzaku questions what this has to do with Zero running away, all the Black Knight operatives in the crowd activate a smoke screen that covers all one million people. This puts the Britannian forces on alert, but Suzaku stops them from doing anything rash. When the smoke clears, Suzaku is shocked to see that every single person (and animal) in the crowd has donned a Zero costume and is even more shocked when Zero tells all of the other Zeros to accept their exiles as Nunnally had ordered. Miss Lohmeyer doesn’t think that it’s possible to move one million people, but she then gets word from the port authority and realizes that Zero intends to use the giant sea ice ship that the Chinese Federation had applied for. In order to find the real Zero, Villetta points her gun at a group of the Zeros to get them to take off their masks, but before a fight can break out, Ougi steps in and reminds everyone that they’re not here to fight. Though Villetta recognizes his voice, Ougi still claims that he’s Zero. Back on the main stage, Miss Lohmeyer decides that they should make an example of these million people if they’re going to lose them anyway, but Suzaku stops her and tries to get Zero to order everyone to remove their masks because he doesn’t want a lot of people to die again.

While Suzaku remains conflicted about what to do, Lelouch thinks to himself that Area 11 would be peaceful without the Black Knights, so Nunnally’s hands won’t have to be dirtied. Suzaku finally makes up his mind after getting flashbacks of Euphemia killing everyone and remembering that both she and Nunnally were going to forgive Zero. He thus lets the exile go forward and justifies it by saying that going back on their promise would cause their other citizens to stop believing them. This leads to an argument between him and Miss Lohmeyer that culminates in Suzaku trying to get Zero to promise to save everyone. Zero questions if Suzaku can save the Japanese who remain in Area 11, and when Suzaku says that this is the reason he became a soldier, Zero agrees to the promise. The real Zero then appears on the sea ice ship – taking off his mask and showing his real identity to Sayoko in the process – to tell everyone to head towards freedom, and this begins a mass exodus towards the ship. As part of this, Ougi bids Villetta farewell but still addresses her as Britannian because he’s pretending that he doesn’t know her. Watching from above, Lloyd comments on how no one will thank Suzaku for saving a million people, and Cecile suspects that Suzaku already knows this. Standing on the now empty stage, Suzaku realizes that this entire operation was centered around the belief that he couldn’t give the order to fire, and this means to him that Zero is someone who knows him well. On board the ship, Lelouch acknowledges to himself that he knows his worst enemy very well, but he nevertheless thanks Suzaku for this and hopes that Suzaku doesn’t forget the promise.


I guess this is what you’d call having your cake and eating it too. Theoretically, Zero not only has the freedom to do whatever he wants now, he can also reasonably expect that Nunnally and the remaining Japanese will be kept safe thanks to Suzaku. I’m sure some part of that won’t work out (especially since Suzaku won’t just sit around and since the Nunnally angle is probably too good to pass up in the long term), but for now I have to say that it was pretty cool seeing every person (and at least one dog) put on Zero garb for a very “I am Spartacus” type scene.

As for the Villetta and Ougi stuff this week, it was interesting in the sense that you can see Villetta being conflicted between her position and Ougi, but I was a little disappointed that the two only briefly acknowledged each other. Unless Villetta chases after the Black Knights, it would appear that that particular subplot will be out the spotlight for a while. The Nina moments on the other hand are more interesting because it shows that she’s working on another nuclear weapon and doesn’t want to disappoint Schneizel since he’s more or less convinced her that what she’s doing is for Euphemia’s sake and that he’s motivated by this as well. That means that Schneizel will likely get his hands on a nuke before all this is over, and who knows what he plans to do with that – maybe he’ll even make a power play for the throne.

The other thing I think is worth pointing out is that the Geass effect on Suzaku (the one to live) is still active. I suspect that there’s a pretty good chance that that’ll come into play again sometime in the future, or else they wouldn’t have reminded us of it so prominently here. It won’t happen next week though because, as I mentioned a few days ago, there’s no new episode on June 1st. The preview shows that there will instead be an Akiba special featuring comedian Arino Shinya, idol Natsukawa Jun, comedy duo Sandwichman, comedy duo America Zarigani, and new voice actress Miyake Hitomi (who is making her debut voicing a character named Meeya I. Hillmick that is supposedly going to be appearing in episode 12). I’d obviously rather see what was regularly scheduled, but I’m still curious about what’ll come out of this – it’ll probably be more interesting than just a recap episode in any case.


  1. Hehe, I’d call them mini-zero’s if their height weren’t so tall…As usual, Zero’s brilliancy and Suzaku’s…uh, ‘experience?’ clash, blah blah. It’s kinda fun to see all the jumba and jazz mix-up; you could easily tell who is Laksharta ^^ (dats how her name is spelled, rite?) … O.O CECILE! WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!!

  2. aaaww taking his mask of in front of sayoko well i guess she is being readied to protect nunnaly if ever lulu gets her back and on another note the raw sure is delayed this week <_<

  3. I wonder how all those people, with exception of some color variatians, got identical Zero wear. Talk about eye for detail ^^ Is that where Zero’s budget went to, to the Zero fashion brand?

    Aww. Suzaku lived >.< Then again, if he died so soon, we would loose Zero’s nemesis and some chances to find the connection between C.C., Geass, Suzaku’s heritage/family, Kaguya, etc. I wonder if Kaguya knows who Zero really is.

  4. No ep next week.

    They’re at it again, I see. First there’ll be some gag episodes, then recap (.5) filler, then the climax will be delayed by a year like season one….blah, blah.

  5. @Lithium 17

    Rumours are that next week’s episode was delayed, out of respect for the Chinese during the recent earthquake. Get your facts right before you comment please.

  6. Did anyone happen to say this in the episode?

    Remember, remember the fifth of November,
    The gunpowder, treason and plot,
    I know of no reason
    Why gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot

    Aside from that, what about nunally? What happened to her?

  7. woot… new ep…
    no way,no turn 9 next week????
    So why did I have my holidays????
    4 weeks of no school but just 3 geass episodes!!???
    I want to have a zero suit,too…
    Stop her!!! She’s back! the racist mad scientist is back!!!(nina, kill her guys!!!)

  8. hold up lelouch RE-GEASSed someone? from a tactical standpoint this (obv) changes everything!! If he can do it more then twice to suzaku he always has the option of removing him from exisitence and removing the gift of ‘life’ from him

    WingZero zxt
  9. @Shanna regarding the apparent exile????
    Also im outside of anime im totally ignorant of japanese culture wil someone please explain to me the connection/obsession/overuse of sailor outfits on girls in anime! Even kakuyaa is wearing nothing but a slightly modified one and im not being rude or rasist (no really i aint!) but i just genuinely dont understand (ja oshiete!! 😛 lol i try)

    WingZero zxt
  10. Yeh i agree total V spin/rip off although to be fair lelouch is a genius designed by people of perhaps (dunno for definate) average intelligence so undertandably it might not be an original thought [im making excuses for the makers again tisk tisk!]

    WingZero zxt
  11. regarding school uniforms, why is everbody in ashford wearing them. School uniforms were created (atleast in europe) to ensure that at school there’d be no difference between rich and poor based on how they dress. And that the “poor” cildren weren’t discrimated against. this all doesn’t really sond Brittanian like.

  12. does this mean japan is liberated? cause, well, this seems like the perfect counter-attack against suzaku coz, well, if suzaku got nunnally, lelouch has japan 😀 though i’d prefer nunnally in Lelouch’s side again 😀

  13. regarding uniform info cheers tho the anime feature list is sooooo short its both funny and meaningless and japanese male uniforms are so much better then the english uniforms! i would have killed for a Brittanian student uniform instead of my £50 blazer which ripped after 3 days and my £25 school tie which inevitably had ink on and faded in the wash!! my schooll uniform made me look worse!!!!

    Also i may be the last to notice but did anyone else spot Kallen Crying in the opening!? suggests maybe lelouch rejects/ejects her from his harem?!? lol or her mother dies or somthing just like anya inthe opening suggests that Gino dies after helping her be less socially challenged in the usual cliche fashion! (code geass often doesnt conform to any of the old cliches anyway though!)

    WingZero zxt
  14. Nunnally is just a puppet governor, isn’t it? Looks like the Cornelia look-alike fugly woman seems to be pulling the strings, and she does not seem too sympathetic to the Japanese cause. That would probably be the obstacle standing between Suzaku & Nunnally and their naive ambition of the SAZ of Japan.

    Oh and it is great to see Zero on the move again. It is time for him to counter-attack and not merely be responding to his enemy’s actions. Attack is the best form of defense!

    And it does seem that Viletta would be swayed to the OftBK’s side. She does seem to have genuine concern for Ougi, especially so after the latter defended her.

  15. and it also seems like the Britannians arent too prepared to listen to Suzaku. They almost started firing on the Zeroes. Now that should be obvious how his plan is doomed to fail.

    lol wasn’t this Suzaku’s original uniform, when we saw him in S1 ep1?
    Is he a vampire?! lol
    Oh, so it’s not Euphie then? Euphy?! Err, it sounds more like a Pokemon name when spelled that way..

    Sad, no Geass next week 🙁 I hope the next ep isn’t a recap ep.

  17. yet another brilliant plan by lelouch.
    if this is a horror movie i’m sure suzaku would be having knightmares at night sleeping seeing so many zero in a flash. >.>

    my other fun facts:
    how come no one ask how the hell did he make so many mask and clothes in a short time? XD
    i mean its not the the thing will be held in a month or so its jsut like days after zero announce they will participate in it..
    is nunally guardian really cornelia? i still don’t think it is though 😡

    my raw is still in progress so i will have to wait a little more to watch it

  18. wow look like they having zero fan club , with multiple colour , collect them all!!!
    btw , i still dont understand the part y ppl wan to be zero , wat is their motif , doesnt lulu geass them all??

  19. @blackcat

    lol the zero cat is back to pwn every brittany 🙂

    Looks like a great episode 😛 thank god this is subbed by the speed subbers chihiro 😀

    its a pitty that there won’t be an episode next week.

  20. I felt sorry for Suzaku there man… he was under so much pressure with his decision sadly I didn’t really catch what the promise was…
    was it to help the remaining japanese people? or something of that level
    Either way now that Nunally is safe with Suzaku so I guess Lelouch is free to do w/e
    but I wonder what the student council will say when they find out that Rollo and Lelouch went to china…

  21. Wohooo nice ep. hehe so many ZERO’S! There’s even a dog in Zero’s costume 😀

    Heh 1 million of Zero is scary. That really fits the title of this episode. As expected from Zero, that’s brilliant!… Looks like Sayoko learnt about the true identity of Zero and she ought to be proud of him 😉

    Li coughing up blood? I smell cancer.

    So the “Euphy” candle is Nanaly’s one… and the “Euphemia” candle was left by Lelouch just a while ago That scene was touching and sad at the same point.

    Another two weeks to the next episode 🙁

  22. @jeffng9
    lol i know what you mean a million zero suit/masks in a few days or maybe a week at max?
    I don’t know if they ever specified the date
    However we need to remember that Lelouch has his geass so he could just barge into some random company and demand w/e and they’d deliver

  23. Who’s the better fansubber for geass?

    1) Chihiro
    2) Eclipse
    3) gg Fansubs

    I vote eclipse for their translations seem better, more in character, and chihiro seem more literal

  24. Oh Arthur, an epic cat you have become. Audiences with the emperor, witnessing the sword of akasha, being cared for by the Knights of the Round, the things you have seen. Lol.

  25. i vote Chihiro good subs and really fast 😛


    i don’t really know….. maybe its some sort of sport ?

    i know one thing fore sure they aren’t first 😀

    the one who post the screen is first 😛

  26. I went *[]*!! (dazed) for a few minutes seeing a million Zeros.
    Super impressed!

    After I rewatched it, I love this episode. There’s a lot of plot advancement and a lot of interesting points came up. Lelouch finding a plan that works in many ways, for both him and Nunnally. I was even quite happy with Suzaku and his nature in this episode. He was totally played. Actually, I was happier to hear he cares for Lelouch after all and he knows that Lelouch put a “live” geass on him for him. He even thought it was unlike Lulu to kill Euphy and wanted to ask why he did that which he should’ve thought and asked a long time before this =WAY TOO SLOW STUPID HEAD SUZAKU!. I might *just might* forgive him if he realizes what a dork he’s been. But idiots never accept they are idiots so, oh well … anyway it’s pointless to hate idiots.

    Somehow in this episode I feel both sides have taken a turn for the good. Lelouch trusting Suzaku with the rest of the Japanese in Japan and Suzaku trusting Zero to save all those people he took. I hope they’ll get to cooperate once again. And there’s the foreshadowing about V.V. and how if Rolo is found out it’ll be over. Maybe soon we’ll be moving on to the big plot about Geass. Very very interesting. Before that we get Schneizel and Nina and the Chinese Republic and a sick Li and his ambition whatever it is and I dunno. Very very interesting also.

    Random thoughts:
    – Rolo is love! Pls get to live happily ever after with Lulu! I know Lulu may not deserve it but little Rolo just does!
    – What will become of Ashford gakuen and co?
    – Poor Ougi and Viletta meet only to get separated again.
    – New guy with Schniezel = cute! must be gay!
    . . . . . I think I could rant about the entire ep.. I loved almost all of the scenes!

  27. Take a look at this picture:

    They mentioned that another candle with Euphemia’s name was set into the pond, before Nanully’s. Suzaku was stunned with the sight (so it cannot be him). In my opinion, this strongly hints there exists someone else who is connected to Euphemia, who I think is that orange-coloured girl who serves as Nanully’s assistant (being Cordelia) .

  28. re: rc

    Nope. That candle labeled with “Euphemia” besides Nunally’s “Euphy” is set by Lelouch.

    And Lelouch, you are surely a genius. 1 million people to be set free – LEGALLY!!!!

  29. @SPINweel
    it’s either Eclipse or GG
    ahaha best friends
    anyways Chihiro is fast but the least accurate and such
    I took a peak at their episode 7 because they were out first and it was horrible compare to GG’s and Eclipse
    especially quality wise
    so even if you have to wait a bit longer if you want to fully enjoy geass you should wait a bit longer and get gg or eclipse

  30. Lol. What a funny turn of events. Nice move, finally Lelouche gets rid of all the emotional baggage, that caused him no end of troubles for so long. Well, except for Rolo, but still atleast no more angsting over Nunnally or Ashford Gakuen and hopefully no more emo-superboy Suzaku for a while. Now that that Mary Sue is out of the way Lelouche can finally win again. I wonder what Lelouche is planning next. Will he make war on Britannia all over the world, aiding whoever gets attacked or will he try to instigate revolts in other areas?

  31. I think this episode ends the debate about the blond woman, Miss Roymaya, who is the caretaker of Nunnally. It is Cornelia. You can tell from her actions and how she talks. She even shadows her sister during the black rebellion with the pistol. She is essentially back in her original position before the black rebellion, overseeing the actions of an inexperienced, more innocent governor.

    However, this is more compelling.

    In this scene in the intro they put characters together who have an important relationship. They put Miss Roymaya next to one of Cornelia’s lieutenants. Why else would they do that except if it was Cornelia herself? He is the one who wanted Zero to appear in the beginning of R2 so he could get revenge in the name of his princess. Now he is shown with his princess. Thats enough for me…

  32. @ZinoCosplayer
    well I don’t think that’s the case…
    because well they have different seiyu’s, she doesn’t go crazy after hearing Nunally announce the special japan w/e like she did with euphie, and she didn’t go crazy when she saw Zero. So…. unless Charles altered her memory and somehow changed her voice I don’t think that’s so… but with that said you could be true so I’ll leave it at that

  33. @ZinoCosplayer

    I don’t think its too wise to read too much into the opening. After all in this episode you could see how Guildford and the fugly woman had almost the same allergic reaction to Zero- maybe they hooked up eventually or something.

    Also, what would Cornelia’s intentions be of returning as that woman and not revealing her identity? Unlike Lelouch, she has nothing to hide- maybe embarrassment in the form of defeat at the hands of Zero, but that’s it, really. She must be off somewhere, not returning probably because she lost her memory, or something. Probably too traumatised with the loss of Euphemia to do anything.

  34. @ZinoCosplayer

    I don’t think Miss Roymaya is cornelia. Because how can she be so close to nunnaly without being found out. I get the impression that they (brittania) wont let some unknown commoner be the nunnaly’s caretaker and advisor. she probably has to be from a important noble family and there must have been a complete background check on her before she got into that position of caretaker. And I don’t think cornelia could have arranged for such a identity to come out of nothing.

  35. Woh. Lulu’s geass command lasted OVER A YEAR?!?! O_____o That can’t be good… Suzaku needs to stop being so passive!suicidial…>>;

    LAWL, Rolo looked like he wanted to kill Suzaku in the gardening scene… XD;;;

  36. “They mentioned that another candle with Euphemia’s name was set into the pond, before Nanully’s. Suzaku was stunned with the sight (so it cannot be him). In my opinion, this strongly hints there exists someone else who is connected to Euphemia, who I think is that orange-coloured girl who serves as Nanully’s assistant (being Cordelia) .”

    That is lelouch is candle you saw him walking soon after

  37. rc, it’s Lelouch who set the white candle. You seem him leaving the mausoleum as Rolo greets him. Upon greeting Lelouch, Lelouch basically replies that he’s finished what he came there to do – i.e. set the candle for Euphemia.

  38. lol in the garden scene rolo had a major case of ‘lelouch Side eye’ (That thing lelouch does where he doesnt look directly at you but stares away and looks at you from side of face with pure un-adulterated HATRED!

    WingZero zxt
  39. Hmm, so Zero and company left Japan huh? I guess this means that Shirley is gonna start wondering where Lelouch went all of a sudden. You think she will add 2+2 by this point? She did find her own diary entries earlier after all.

    Samurai Pumpkin
  40. @Jeffing9 Well similarly to how lelouch randomly got mask in first place he probably geassed the tailor to make 1 every 3 days and store it in a special place or have it delivered ! Its likely that lelouch has entire factor infrastructure based entirely on geass!! How cool is that imagine it just calling up your local sony center speaking a random code sentance like , ‘Im calling for the advanced package’ and the next morning thiers a brand new surround sound system with Uber tv in your local base and or submarine!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  41. tut i cant help but feel that lelouch was defeated in this episode. Although its purely the result of nunnaly being governor general. Ohwell i guess thts how he straddles the line between good and evil. By listening to his kid sister! Also please answer did anyone else notice kallen crying in opening! Combined with Xinke obvious illness and his flirting possible romance between the two perhaps! Hope kallen dont catch wat hes got that would suck!

    I miss cornelia in purple mode! Secretary mode cornelia sucks (cos she is afraid of the gurren)although we dont know its actually her yet]

    Oh and suzakus still a retard! A princess understanding your motives for being a traitor doesnt make being a traitor right. It wuld be like me saying i wanna kill all the africans (am of african origin myself btw) and then justify it by saying the hot semi-intrested daughter of the leader of the kkk supports me. I bet he will feel guilty when he finally finds out why Euphie died!

    WingZero zxt
  42. @WingZero zxt

    I think the whole episode showed how Lelouch reached a high level of understanding/enlightenment within himself. The previous Lelouch/Zero’s sole raison d’être was to discover the reason of his mother’s death and to create a better world for his sister Nunnally. He would have ignored the well-being of the welfare of the Japanese, and would have sacrificed them if need be to achieve his aim. That was why he became an anti-hero.

    This time round it does really seem that he truly cared for the well-being of the Japanese. You could argue that the one million thing was just another strategy of his- but the fact that he made Suzaku promise to take care of the remaining Japanese showed some genuine concern.

    Now that he had somewhat taken Nunnally out of the picture, and possibly Suzaku (since the battleground would not be in Japan anymore), the stage is probably set for him to take down Britannia. But the fact that the Order of the Black Knights and the Chinese Federation have been using each other still remains. Wonder how long the Chinese will continue to support Zero.

  43. Wow… That was thoroughly disappointing. I can’t believe they did the whole “what makes you Japanese is in your heart.” If citizens of a country were not tied to their territory then the whole Israeli-Palestinian conflict would never have happened. The Palestinians would have just been like “oh well, we’re still Palestinian even though we got kicked out of the land that we were living on for centuries.” Yeah, sure they’re still Palestinian but they’re also pissed about losing their land. As a result, this scenario is completely unrealistic.
    I’m also amazed no one has picked up on the fact that Lelouch is being extremely selfish. Rather than go against his little sister and continue to fight for Zone 11 (Japan), he opts to force a million Japanese people to sacrifice their livelihoods for an uncertain future. Seriously, what are they going to do now? Follow Zero as he tries to take down Britannia, a fight that they aren’t even interested in?
    Oh, and I’m also wondering when Lelouch realizes that he’s playing the Emperor’s game. By trying to defeat his former brothers/sisters and even the Emperor, he’s essentially trying to establish himself as the most viable and strongest successor (the Emperor’s twisted version of survival of the fittest). I can’t wait for that little realization to hit him.
    Side Note: He’s actually following Darwin’s version of survival of the fittest with his whole harem…except for the fact that he seems completely uninterested…

    Chairman Mao
  44. @Chairman Mao

    The difference between Palestinian-Israeli and Japanese-Britannian is the significance of the land. In case you do not know, the real-world conflict between the two parties in the former group concerns their holy land. The land Israel currently occupies has extremely strong religious significance. You could even say that to them the land is of greater importance than who they are. In the setting of Code Geass, that is probably not the case.

    I am amazed you used the word ‘force’. What makes you think that Lelouch forced them to? In fact, no one would participate in the SAZ, if not for news that Zero agreed to. I would not presume anything here, but I am guessing that they are following Zero on their own accord. Like it or not, many of them may have placed their futures in his hands- and the ‘uncertain future’ you speak of may be much better than the discrimination and the unwanted tag of being a ‘number’ or ‘eleven’. I doubt Lelouch Geassed all of them, The fact a million people showed up just shows the amount of support he has.

    And I am not amazed no one has picked up on the fact that Lelouch is being extremely selfish. Because he is not. He is able to let his emotions take a backseat, and acknowledge that his mortal enemy may be able to take care of his sister well, as well as realise that there is a need for a change in battle plans, not just for the sake of himself and his sister, but also for the Japanese and his friends. You could see how adamant he was to avoid a similar outcome as with Euphemia. As bad as that would be, such an outcome would definitely swing the battle his way, just like how it did prior to the Black Rebellion.

    Well, the emperor may be setting that up. But he is also setting up a possibility of a successor who would kill him if he had the chance, and one who obviously does not share his father’s world ambition of persistent inequality and war.

    The only thing that amazes me thus far is how different a response you have gotten from the show.

  45. by mao:
    I’m also amazed no one has picked up on the fact that Lelouch is being extremely selfish. Rather than go against his little sister and continue to fight for Zone 11 (Japan), he opts to force a million Japanese people to sacrifice their livelihoods for an uncertain future. Seriously, what are they going to do now? Follow Zero as he tries to take down Britannia, a fight that they aren’t even interested in?
    Oh, and I’m also wondering when Lelouch realizes that he’s playing the Emperor’s game. By trying to defeat his former brothers/sisters and even the Emperor, he’s essentially trying to establish himself as the most viable and strongest successor (the Emperor’s twisted version of survival of the fittest). I can’t wait for that little realization to hit him.

    1. Noones forced to do anything, they couldve just walked home any time. As for the reasons to fight, though they have started with the goal of liberating Japan, the BlackKnights fight to take down Britannia. They say so numerous, especially in my head is at the beginning of ep when ougi says theyre the hope of ALL the areas.

    As for your 2nd point, yes Lelocuh is basically doing what the Emp wants his children to do, fight against each other to show whos the strongest. But then its always been clear that Lelouch is his sons father on that account. He knopw that the survival of the fittest is true (at least until he changes that) and therefore fight by this way.

    Anyway I can hardly imagine the Emp one day doing one of his nices speeches saying : “Hey guys, Zero is my son and he has proven himself to be the strongest, therefore i name him my successor” (and if he truly did itd still be the victory for lulu).

  46. aside from the other reasons, this is probably the strategiecly most brilliant move ever made by zero. they wouldnt have the power to fight in japan (just the guren and the sub), this way they get a big power baser of 1 mio ppl, who have the time to train, aquire knightmare and so on. when they come back theyll be more powerfull then ever

  47. Ok hold on. Since 1 million people are going to be exiled, then does that mean they are all going to Chinese Federation? Also all of the black knights plus the japanese supporters are within the 1 million of those that chose to be exiled then? Also was it only Sayoko who knows that it was Lelouch under the mask?

  48. Crap, they’re still playing that god-awful intro… AND they pulled a Galactica! Skipping a week? Are they on crack?! Damn fine series so far, but there’s less and less combat going on, someone important better get axed in two weeks. Also, Rolo needs to be shot in the face, he’s gonna flip out and kill someone, that needy little bastard!

  49. even though there wasn’t any action, I liked this episode xD

    and I was lmao when I saw that dog wearing the mask. xDD lol he’s exiled too. (yays)

    and I hate that glasses + mole + bitch, bitch. >__<

  50. It is interesting how Suzaku is now somewhat like Nunnally’s knight, in the way Lelouch intended him to be in Season 1. Also, anyone thinks that Lelouch’s greatest rival is not Suzaku, but Schneizel instead? The latter seems to be very formidable, with his wisdom and what not.

  51. Great episode indeed, and once again showing how Lelouche is always two steps/episodes forward.
    I also think Lelouche is being selfish, though it’s the most natural thing for him to do, since the posibility of fighting his sister is TOTALLY out of the question. And I say selfish, because he actually ordered the OoBK to enlist in the SAZ, and for the rest of the exiled ones, they say it on the episode, “Only unemployed and having-no-other-choice people are to be part of the SAZ” -a few more forced then- , and of course there must be a number of true supporters of Zero-Tachi, that’s for sure.
    But the thing is, I also find it very unrealistic a million Japanese are leaving their land. Because if they’re exiled, then they have no real reason to fight Britannia, after all, they’re out of its reach right? erm…at least legally… And in case you say they fight for the ones who are staying…Well, then it’s more believable to think they’d fight where everything is happening in order to immediatly stop the abuses and discrimination and so, than fighting somewhere else in the world against a hatred empire and finish the war in…mhm…let’s say a few years?, perhaps, and then hapily go back home?.
    That represents a radical change on the way of thinking of the exiled ones, who are now set to fight Britannia, as the main goal, which is unlikely. And let’s make things clear if so. What do the OoBK fight for, if not for liberating Japan?, even Todou seems eager to betray Zero if necessary, and the rest seem to fight for Japan too…
    I say they go with Zero because they have no choice, ergo, he force them to leave.
    Oh, and also find it very unrealistic, not a single Zero got shot. In the conmotion with the gas, I would’ve expected a mayhem, but well, let’s imagine Suzaku-all-mighty-Knight-of-Rounds is REALLY respected, and that NOBODY could imagine of saying that it was a Japanese who initiated the shots…

    And what is Lelouche and Rollo’s excuse about their little/long term travel out of Japan…

    Sayako knows the truth now, but didn’t Diethard got to know that former Sayako’s employ had to do with current Nunnally-Governor?
    I also vote Cordelia=Cornelia.
    I vote Chihiro for speed, and complement any flaws with my own enough-for-anime Japanese.

    B. Prince
  52. hmm..for some reason this ep didn’t impress me that much..i don’t really know why, and i can’t really explain it, but i just wasn’t grinning like an idiot like i usually do at the end of every geass ep…oh well it was still cool to see lelouch go back to his confident genius self, and it really sucks that i wont get my fix of Code Geass r2 next week, but i was expecting them to skip a week soon anyway..i mean this show is like a week ahead of all the other ones this season…(they are all on ep 7 this week…)

  53. @B. Prince

    “Only unemployed and having-no-other-choice people are to be part of the SAZ” is the view of the Japanese who do not buy Zero’s view of the world- you could say that are simply content with trying to do their best despite being discriminated against under the current Britannian government, submissive ideal numbers, I would call them.

    He is the leader of the Order of the Black Knights. Of course the leader has the right to order his organisation to do what he wishes. You could leave if you did not buy into that, couldn’t you? I am quite sure Lelouch did not use his Geass on his subordinates, he probably convinced them of his ideal. That would explain why Toudou continued to follow him. If anything, Toudou is not dumb. He knows of the possibility that Zero’s interests might not be to the best of the Japanese, but if Lelouch could have convinced him successfully, you could say that Zero’s plan must have a certain value in terms of helping the Japanese after all.

    You could say that the aim of defeating Britannia is unlikely, and that the many Japanese would probably be content at having a liberated homeland. But right from the start of Season 1, Lelouch has made it all too clear that the only way to liberate Japan is to defeat Britannia completely. Different aims you could say, but it is all too obvious that achieving the latter will achieve the former. And the Order of the Black Knights have already bought into that idea. From the old revolutionary group only content to start mini rebellions, they have evolved under Zero to genuinely believe that they have a real fighting chance to defeat Britannia and achieve their objective. They are following Zero, not because he used his Geass on them, but because they think he can give them what they want. And they can give him what they want. It is merely a case of both parties using each other to achieve their aims. Therefore I doubt you can call Lelouch selfish. And I doubt he forced anyone against their will to do what they did. Those who did not want to join, the submissive ideal few, are those that will remain behind to be protected by Suzaku.

    I think the million who hooked up with Zero will probably form the new army of the Order of the Black Knights. There was a million people in Black Knight clothing behind the current leaders (Zero, Kallen, C.C., Ougi, Toudou and the rest) in the opening sequence. We could only speculate that being in the Order would mean buying into Zero’s plans, no matter what your personal ambitions are. And that would mean fighting to bring Britannia down, not just for the tiny ambition of liberating Japan, since Britannia would conquer it all over again.

    The thing about the shots- I think it revealed a lot. Firstly, how Suzaku is, despite all his machinations, a Japanese at heart. Or rather, he is not a Britannian. The typical Britannian response (of Guilford, Gino, Romeyer) is to crush the rebellion with force, purge the terrorists once and for all… blah blah. They do not buy into the ideal that Nunnally, Euphemia and Suzaku expounded, obviously. Also, you need to note how clever Zero was in doing what he did. What he did was all legal- it was a peaceful demonstration at the most. The typical Britannian attitude would be to fire, which would cause uprorar and lead to another situation not unlike Euphemia. But who would dare to take that responsibility? After all, they can always say ‘I did that because of orders’, as a facade of their true intentions, it being they truly wished to do so. They can only beg their leader to allow them to fire- and that leader being Suzaku would not commit that mistake, as Zero calculated. They could only hide behind the responsibility of their leader.

    Oh, Chihiro is fast, all right. But it is pretty inaccurate. Some subtitles got the meaning all wrong, like the opposite meaning, and a few could have captured the mood properly if better worded.

  54. I like Mao’s take on the whole thing, I think parts of it are valid interpretations of the events. Lelouch’s decision not to fight against Nunally can be seen as selfish, but at the same time we have to remember that Lelouch was going to participate in the first SAZ, though we never got the chance to see how that would have worked out.

    The whole uncertain future bit is another great point, though the condition of their criminal status being downgraded a level suggests that a lot of the million may not have had the brightest futures had they remained in Area 11.

    At the same time Mao the question is was there any other path, that would have resulted in the same or similar result. That being the Black Knights being saved from the situation created in episode 7 and then the eventual exile / freedom of 1 million japanese??? With a death toll relatively close to 0.

    Also Suzaku is a rollercoaster of emotions, one minute he’s selling his friend out the, next he’s feeling suicidal, shown by the fact the Geass order had to kick in, I wonder how many times that had to kick in over the previous year. . But at least in this episode he decided to think a little bit, questioning the reasons behind euphies death.

    Have to wonder why the britannians are so eager to massacre the japanese.

    @L Im also waiting for the showdown between Lelouch and schneizel especially as he’s the only one noted to have beaten lelouch at chess.
    I didnt quite get the point behind the whole leave them with hope thing, especially as everything else we’re seeing suggests he’s gonna have nuked somebody before the series is done.

    And lelouch went with them that was kinda surprising to. I know they suggested it throughout the episode that he was preparing to leave, but he didn’t have to go, and doesn’t his departure mean that Rollo is in trouble??

  55. one thing i dont understand , the part when miss Lohmeyer point the gun to zero remind suzaku about euphy tat point to Japaneses in season1 , but tat time suzaku is pass out rite ?? how can he remember tat ?? by tat time he woke up , the riot oredi begun ….. very confusing……………….

  56. There’s a BIG flaw in Zero’s plan (kind of…): If he just Exiled himself from Japan, won’t people notice he’s gone or gone more from school ala last season? Either he would jet himself to his new location or have Rollo and the VIncent transport him all the time, but won’t it make him easier to get caught by Suzaku?

    The other person that put Euphy’s name was Cornelia…. do not be surprised that she is revealed again. In fact, I am almost sure that she can be like VIletta and confront Lelouch…

  57. @Kevin

    I’m pretty sure the name was written by Lelouch. Remember when Lelouch was walking up the stairs to Rolo and said that he had no more ties to the country anymore? Yeah.

  58. I find it funny how Sayoko just smiles at Lulu when she sees Zero takes off that mask….did she already guess it was him? I mean, she seemed barely surprised…and….hah…no Geass next week…. ._.

  59. Those of you saying it’s Cornelia who set the other candle aren’t getting the symbolism of the last scene of the episode. The two candles poignantly represent Lelouch and Nunnally remembering Euphemia together.

    (There’s also the fact the the same mausoleum can be seen in the background while Lelouch is walking towards Rolo, right after the scene inside the mausoleum with Suzaku and Nunnally.

  60. Yeah I doubt it’s Cornelia. And to those who thinks the mole-faced woman was Cornelia, I doubt Cornelia would have underestimated Zero like the former did. Cornelia had enough first-hand experience with Zero and would have known better. Much better. Like her knight Guilford did.

    The only bad thing about this episode is that Kallen gets only one line, and C.C. has none. C.C. seems to have faded into the background for quite some time already, hasn’t she?

  61. @furinyue : Well the whole thing must have been taped.
    @Kevin: Well that’d totally ruin the meaning of it. And there were just too many clues too, like Lelouch showing up right after; plus remember that Nunnally (his sister) and Suzaku (who knows about his Geass) are two persons supposed to be by Lelouch’s side, but are separated from him due to circumstances. It feels quite ironic, I’d have to say, Nunnally wouldn’t think it was Lelouch, while Suzaku wouldn’t understand why he’d do such a thing. Also there’s the final scene between Lelouch and Suzaku, further hinting it was Lelouch, not Cornelia (who some of you think is the secretary, HOlY COW, but I doubt it)

  62. @Johnny

    I agree that the final scene was symbolic. But I felt it symbolised Suzaku+Lelouch more than Lelouch+Nunnally. The whole episode ended with each promising to protect the Japanese under their care. It does seem that Lelouch has pretty much left Suzaku alone to do what he had always wanted to, i.e. change Britannia from within, while his self-imposed exile makes his actions supposedly immune from Britannia’s laws. I am inclined to think now that Suzaku isn’t Lelouch’s mortal enemy anymore. Like it or not, he has somewhat unwittingly become another pawn under Lelouch’s machinations- his role being to take care of the Japanese left in Area Eleven, as well as to look after Nunnally, which Lelouch unequivocally trusts him to do it.

    This episode also gave quite a favourable perspective for Suzaku. Like Lelouch, he seem determined to avoid another Euphie mistake, and he was even able to suppress his own personal emotions, i.e. to kill Zero, just to fulfill Nunnally’s, his, and more importantly, Euphemia’s wishes. All that talk about changing from within, seemed somewhat genuine here, though it also gave a very stark reminder of how tough his job is going to be, with all his Britannian subordinates, superiors and peers seeming all too eager to begin massacring any Japanese they can lay their hands on.

  63. You think that Lelouch did that because that was his way of saying “goodbye” to Sayako? Since he will be leaving and Nunnaly is no longer under his care this is the only thing that I can think of. Since she is Japanese she would not sell him out since she is pretty much family.

    Also, I’m guessing that Lelouch is going to go after Britannia with his million members along with the Chinese Federations limited help. That’s a pretty wild guess on my part though.

    Samurai Pumpkin
  64. You know some people may think that Ougi kept his secret to stay in role from Villetta, but I think there may be more to it. Remember that last they saw each other she shot him. He might just not of wanted to get shot again. lol.
    That was nice that Lelouch showed his face to Sayako. I’m guessing that this might play in the future. He hasn’t shown a lot of people who have been around more.
    I’ve noticed a trend. In these past two episodes Kallen keeps getting cut off. She just can’t seem to finish a thought. She was stopped her own thought talking to Lelouch when she noticed the Refrain in his hand. She was cut off talking to C.C. about Zero’s mask, and now in this episode she tries speaking to Zero and kaguya cuts her off.
    I know the title of the next episode will be Bride of the “Vermillion City”. I wonder who the bride is?
    Alright, now I know Suzaku is a moron. Now that Lelouch has his memories erased and altered Suzaku wants to ask Lelouch why he killed Euphy. Nice timing there dumbass. Guess he never thought to ask on the trip from Japan to the Emerpor.
    I think the biggest obsticle to Nunnally is this new attendant. If Nunnally is the governor why must she put her ideas through this woman first?

  65. @L

    Suzaku in pink? (The candle, I mean.)

    After each other’s monologues about the events, I don’t think anymore screentime was needed to emphasize their current relationship and positions. After all, it’s Lelouch and Nunnally who arguably share a deeper bond with Euphemia, as they have fond childhood memories with her (from Season 1). Plus, if you hold a view that our hero will eventually succeed in providing a happy life for Nunnally – and be able to live it alongside her – the scene not only represents their sibling bond and fortitude but foreshadows the potential plot to come.

    As for Sayako, it’s hard to tell what the purpose of Lelouch revealing his identity was. However, it may be just that Lelouch is getting kinder and more sympathetic to others’ feelings as we’ve seen throughout this season. Now that Nunnally is revealed to be Governor-General with the Knights of Rounds protecting her, Sayako knows that Nunnally is safe, but until now doesn’t know about Lelouch’s status. (From her point of view, he would be markedly absent from Nunnally’s side and may be worrying about his sister should he have gotten separated and/or fallen upon bad times.) By revealing his identity to Sayako, he gives her peace of mind in knowing that he’s safe and is still watching over his sister – and also the peace of mind that her abandoning the both of them didn’t have any ill effects. Plus, he also reveals to her how important Nunnally is to the Black Knight’s cause (remembering C.C. saying that Sayako didn’t know the importance of Nunnally earlier in the season), so that could come into play as well.

  66. OH YA!!! a satisfying episode that doesnt make me mad that they canceled the episode next week… few… i was afraid the cliffhanger wouldve been really bad or something, this ep kinda feels like part 1 is over now on to part 2 ish… is this really gonna only be 26 eps or whatever??

    also hurray for Sayoko!! dont see enough of her 🙁 shes like the quiet maid type character… or no wait.. she is the quiet maid type character… but ya anyway maybe she could be the new 4th chick… since i dunno but with this how is Lelouch gonna show up to school?? doesnt this pretty much mean he’s gone?? and no more shirley… and if this was asked already im sorry but i dont feel like reading through all those comments =_=

  67. @Johnny
    Well symbolism is always up to interpretation, so we will never know if either of us are right. But colour should not be a reason to dismiss the possibility that it could refer to Suzaku. Also, Nunnally seems to be pretty much a supporting character to me. Nunnally and Euphemia only shared one episode together. And I would not read too much into the fond childhood memories you speak of- after all it was pretty much tainted with the murder of Marianne, and the presence of his other siblings, Clovis, Cornelia and Schneizel. I thought Suzaku would have felt the hurt more than Nunnally did, given that he truly loved Euphemia, and much more screentime was given to the development of the relationship between the two. Also, I doubt Lelouch would be able to create much of a happy life for Nunnally. She should have realised by now how her role as a governor is pretty much like a puppet, with the knights of rounds and her aide all too prepared to overrule her. The realisation of her own failure should be enough to make her sad. Besides, Lelouch has also resolved himself to fight not just for her but for his friends and the Japanese. I am guessing he would be pretty content just at her safety for now. Nunnally is a plot vehicle, but she is not really a main character, at least not for now. Thus my interpretation that the candles symbolised a new era of uneasy tacit cooperation between the two main characters.

    Nah, I doubt Ougi feared getting shot- that would be damn sad. I am really hoping Villetta joins the Black Knights. Also, he protected her from getting shot as well, If he genuinely feared getting shot he would not have protected her whilst having his back face her at the same time. Also, Suzaku isn’t really a moron. If you looked at his lines correctly, it went something like: ‘So it is true that you lost your memories after all, Lelouch. OR IF YOU REALLY GOT YOUR MEMORIES BACK, I would like to know why you killed Euphy. Knowing you, you would have other plans to deal with it…’. Does not sound too moronic to me. Suzaku just wants to know the true reason of Euphemia’s death. Zero’s actions did not coincide with the image of his best friend, Lelouch that he had in his mind. I am guessing V.V. did not tell him the whole details, i.e. how Zero’s Geass accidentally went off and stuff. Lastly the issue with Nunnally and the mole-face- the significance of it all is to show that Nunnally is merely a puppet governor. Her plans of SAZ are doomed to eventual failure, especially since the Britannians are all too eager to start killing any Japanese they can find.

  68. Many people here seem to think that the million zeros will become Lelouche’s new army, but there’s no way that’s true. Yes, the Black Order will increase in size substantially, but in those crowd shots there were families with kids, elderly and what-not. Most of those million just want to get out of Area 11 and are hoping for a better future in China or somewhere else where Britannia doesn’t rule.

  69. By exiling themselves have they renounced thier claim to the homeland?
    Also does anyone have a clue about where they are going? perhaps a clue from the map that shows in beggining of certain episodes

    And on a side note its just a theory (vague idea) at the moment but does the music they play at the begining of the episode signal who wins or who of the two main characters has the easiest time in the ep? You could call Cold Nobility Lelouch victory song for example!??!?

    WingZero zxt
  70. omg what’s nina doing with the PRINCE?!?
    omg wtf is cecile outfit o_____________0
    omg wtf is Li Xingke SICK!?!?!?
    omg I didn’t see Kallen much :'(
    omg Lelouch YOU’RE SOOO SMART!!!
    sorry I’m hyper
    just came from school :’)

  71. great episode!! Zero never ceases to amaze me. He is extremely intelligent.
    @ everyone who thinks Zero is selfish
    I completely disagree. The one million who followed Zero were not forced to follow him. They chose their own paths. Also, I think they are all only exiled from the special area , not the entire area 11. That doesn’t really matter though….because all those people chose to follow zero of their own free will.
    They also did not denounce their heritage or homeland because the reason they are following zero is to ultimately liberate their entire country. Also, the path that zero seems to be going will be the defeat of Britannia, which will lead to the liberation of all areas! In the episode, they even asked the question of what it means to be Japanese, and it isn’t location, blood, or language if you watched the episode. 🙂
    That is all.

  72. He should’ve asked in his crazy cool voice, ‘So how does it feel ladies and gentelmen, to wear the mask? I know its cool aint it i came up with the ide from watching power rangers!’ 😛

    WingZero zxt
  73. after this episode, I dislike Suzaku a lot more. I know that Zero forced them to exile him, but Suzaku was lying, too. He said he will escort Zero safely, yeah right! That lying bastard will do nothing more than shoot Zero and get rid of him if the one million people including the Black Knights are not there. Through this episode, you can see how treacherous Suzaku is even though he let them go at the last minute, he still have second thoughts midway. The candle is obviously offered by Lelouch and Lelouch willing to leave Japan to protect everyone, he has transform from an anti-hero who used others to a real hero, though he still used a million people, but that is only to prevent Suzaku from twisting his promise. He no longer do things like I will used you (Rolo) and throw you away like a tattered rag” anymore. He leave Rolo behind with the peaceful Japan. Before this episode, I had no idea how he will get away, but we all know he will come to China in episode 9 due to the title. Genius, I say.

  74. @Z

    Not sure if your dislike for Suzaku is justified this time. He had always expressed his reluctance to allow Zero to leave scot-free, but was willing to concede that in order to make the SAZ work. You could see through out the whole ceremony he was anxious for it to proceed smoothly, and with his experience dealing with Zero, he knew that it was going to be difficult from the start. People like Guilford were inevitably wary from the start of any move from Zero, and Suzaku was no exception. It was no secret he wanted to kill/punish Zero, for the sake of the one million people, and the promise he made, he held back his emotions and kind of did the right thing. Obviously he will have second thoughts- the ceremony is not proceeding the way he envisaged, but in the end he did the right thing, true to his values and words.

    Suzaku has his flaws, no doubt, and I dislike him too. But give him a break, man. I think this episode showed the good side of him. Anya’s words of “are you a masochist” resonated very strongly. Not only is he hated by the Japanese, he is also hated by us, the audience. But give him credit when credit is due. This time he stuck to his beliefs, and there was no sense of hypocrisy of whatsoever from him. He always advocated peace, and what better means to demonstrate that than to allow a million people go unharmed, at the expense of his own reputation and credibility as an officer in Britannia? As Lloyd summed it up best, “Suzaku saved the lives of a million people, but no one is going to thank him”. Give him a break man, the guy deserves better. For now, at least/

  75. Haha, I give him credit, only this once~! xD But, hm….did Rolo go with Lulu? CAuse Rolo would get into a hell of a lot of trouble if he stayed behind and Lulu is gone….

  76. @ L
    I think it’s kind of naïve to think anyone can leave OoBK or not follow Zero anytime one feels like so, since following Zero is the very only choice they have to be REALLY free, -so let’s forget about the summisive ones, they’re content with that-, and not wasting time in little terrorist rebellions.
    And to think Todou and also the leaders (Kallen, Ougi, etc..) have bought Zero’s ideal has been proved to be false, and in case not, anyway it’s naïve think so of everyone.
    In episode 25 of last season Kallen was devastated to know Lelouche was only using the Japanese, and of course the reply to this was sth like “If we achive our goals, no problem with the means then” right?
    And of course Todou is not dumb, that’s why he still follows Zero’s orders, but for the best of the Japanese, NOT because Lelouche convinced him or geassed him, and another prove of that point, is the simbolic figures/characters that exist to show who the real Zero followers are, let’s include now Kallen, Kaguya, C.C., Diethard…but for the rest who are not so close to him, really give not a crap for bringing Britannia down once they’re free AND guaranteedly safe, so I’d think of them as the forced ones.

    And for the “who’s gonna take responsability of shoting a Japanese without orders?”, well, I’d say Cordelia, and…Villeta, and any other Britannian soldier Suzaku-hater eager to kill him would also be happy of causing an uproar under his commands just to spoil him., anyway in the middle of a ceremony full of terrorist anything is possible.
    So Zero proved once again being a genius predicting Suzakus judge, but is still unlikely that would happen being radeated by a mass of Japanese-haters brits.

    @Zero-is-not-being-selfish thinkers
    And in this point it is selfish, because if both parties are using each other to achive their goals, then they’re even, but for all those people who know not much of it, and only follow Zero as their only hope, -let’s say those families and the dog or even Tamaki, jeje-, then it is unfair to leave motherland, or at least so sad fighting for being japanese somewhere else that is NOT Japan, just because Zero wants to avoid conflict as he feels like so -in the Euphemia plot not even OoBK knew he wanted to join SAZ-, so they don’t know Zero’s real reason for leaving.
    So, there is indeed someone to whom it is unfair/selfish.
    That’s why Mao thought of it as unrealistic the going for the “What’s really being Japanese?”, since it smells like a cheap trick used to calm the desperate ones now going to China -that’s my guess of where they’re going-.

    Suzaku is presumably a masochist, hated and an emo, but I’ve started to think of him as an uncomprehended character because his only screentime is of him being emotional/sensible, emo, berserk or nostalgic, so I still dislike him, but also started to understand more of him specially this ep, where he THINKING, makes me see things as he does and is not so baka after all.
    I feel like typical Sunrise ending is possible now…

    B. Prince
  77. yeah, you’re right! I will forgive Suzaku just this once, but if he cannot uphold his promise, then… So Lelouch goes to China to help the Empress. Rolo stays behind at Ashford to protect the school. Now, how will Lelouch make his wish in Turn 7 comes true, for everyone to be back together and shoot fireworks because Nina hated him (Zero), Suzaku sold him away but he forgives Suzaku though the latter still holds a grudge up until Turn 8 the changed his mind, Kallen cannot go back because she is going to China and she knows Zero’s identity, Nunnally is the governor, and the rest forget who she was. IF possible, I would like Lelouch’s wish to come true. So far, only 4 people in the Black Knights know who Zero is: C.C., Karen, Urabe, and now Sayoko. Urabe was the most fortunate out of all the Shiseiken because he was the only one who know Lelouch’s face. In Turn 1 when both he and Karen arrived right in front of Lelouch when the latter just regained his memories. I think the director want to kill off Urabe so that he will not reveal Zero’s identity too soon plus it worked in Lelouch’s favor. If Urabe survives, it would not have changed the story significantly, the event will still proceed just like it should be, but there might be some trust development between Lelouch and his subordinates and he won’t need to hide his face in their headquarter/the submarine.

  78. @ L Seriously man learn to take a joke. The whole Villetta shooting his again was just a gag. Though not out of the question. He doesn’t know what she’s been through or thought about. Last time he saw her she sounded distgusted and shot him in the gut before running off.
    Also Suzaku is a moron. He had plenty of time to ask Lelouch for a reason but he instead sold him out to the Emperor for higher status. NOW he wants answers. I do find it funny that he claims he’s following Euphy’s will, but in doing so he’s betraying everything she would approve of. Selling out Lelouch the way he did would be a big one.

  79. @B. Prince
    Zero offers you a chance to be free. Therefore you choose to join him. Or else, you will be under the rule of Britannia. So now it is Zero’s fault for giving you a path of freedom and forcing you to choose it, eh? Looks like you are the naive one.

    Toudou follows Zero because he thinks it is the best for the Japanese. Is that not a form of convincing him that it is the right thing to do? It is all a case of each using the other, and both Toudou and Zero knows it. Zero needs followers, the Black Knights need a leader. Toudou, Ougi and Kallen all know that. The fact that Toudou continues to follow Zero, without being Geassed, or forced against his will, means that Zero has convinced him. It does not matter if he has no other alternative to achieve his aims. Zero can give him what he wants, and even though he knows the aims are different, he knows eventually it will be a similar outcome. My point being, those ‘forced ones’ you speak of have the liberty not to be under the Order. Then they would just not see their wants being fulfilled. But that is not Zero’s fault. (It would be ludicrous to say it is) Zero is not some saint going around fulfilling people’s wants. He fulfills his own aims. By doing so, he is able to fulfill the aims of others. So if you want to see your aim fulfilled, you join him. And use his leadership. Or else you leave and try to do things yourself. There is no force whatsoever. Zero has never made private his desire to bring Britannia down. And the Black Knights still chose to follow him, because no one else could liberate Japan for them. Anaylse everything properly, dude. Your reasoning is very, very flawed.

    And your naivety continues. Firstly, there is no confirmation mole-face is Cornelia. Also, the military is all about following the orders of your superiors. No one is going to take that first shot, unless commanded to, or else ALL responsibility would be theirs. Debate about moral responsibility goes a long way. You just have to take a look at the trial of Adolf Eichmann to see the conflict involved. No matter how much they want to kill, no one has the balls to do so since whoever fires the first shot without the command is going to be the one responsible. You could see that from the case of Guilford almost begging Suzaku to give the order. From what I heard, Euphemia was officially declared responsible for the massacre and had been deprived of royal status and (reportedly) executed by the Britannian Army. That is the responsibility one has to take, even for a royal princess. Mole-face would probably fire, but her motivations remain pretty much ambiguous to me. I doubt she is Cornelia- Cornelia would have known much better than to underestimate Zero the way she did.

    Lastly, where is your proof that Zero forced them to leave Japan? Those who did not want to would probably be the ones currently remaining in Japan. One could presume that they probably could guess what was going to happen, when Zero gave them all their Zero outfits. My point being, if you don’t want to leave, you could always stay. Zero offers you another path, you could argue it as being the lesser of two evils. It is your choice to choose whichever path you want. To say that it is Zero’s fault for giving you another path which you could not possibly refuse (because it is better than the Britannian path), but not the ideal one (which would allow you to stay in Japan), is ridiculous. Take it, or leave it. Zero has his own aims, but he is able to help you achieve your aims as well. Help him, and he helps you. Don’t like it? Don’t join him then, and continue being a Number, Honorary Britannian, whatever.

    What a gross misinterpretation of the events.

  80. @Remmell

    I agree what Suzaku did was despicable. But given the fury of events back then, I guess he was too consumed by rage to think rationally. Not that Suzaku had much of a brain to think rationally with from the beginning, anyway.

  81. Did anyone else notice Princess Kasugaya suddenly gaining roughly 2 to 3 feet in height with the Zero uniform/mask on? Not to mention the complete change in her build…

  82. Yah…it was surprising since Li is actually probably one of the strongest characters in the Code Gease R2. It is said that he is as fast as Suzaku and smart as Lelouch. With the next episode naming as 朱禁城の花嫁(Vermillion City’s Bribe,) one can expect Li to play a major role as Zero and his order of black knights moving their stage to China with 1 million exiles. I imagine Li will team up with Lelouch and Chinese Federation will receive technical assistance from Black Knights to develop their 神虎 (Shenhu)Knightmare. Shenhu’s test pilot is most likely to be Li as well.

  83. “Not only is he hated by the Japanese, he is also hated by us, the audience. But give him credit when credit is due” – L

    My god, I am having a deja vu moment. Anyone else relate this to Itachi in the Naruto manga? Dun dun dun!

    Anyways, am I the only curious about the Kanon guy? Could he be another Knight of Rounds? Or just some nobody who’s going to end up as fodder?

    Good ep nonetheless, can’t wait to see what happens next (in two weeks though, dammit!)

  84. @yo
    “I wonder if Lelouch knew Sayoko was there or not.”

    Well, if you watch that part again you’ll see he is looking in her direction after he takes off his mask, so…

    Anyway, there’s no way Ms. Romeyer (or whatever her name is) can be Cornelia, unless the Emperor rewrote A LOT of her memories (a lot more than Lelouch’s), in which case she is no longer Cornelia at all. Not only the real Cornelia would’ve been much better prepared, but also there’s no way Guilford would not recognize his precious princess. And I find it hard to believe the two of them have not yet met.

  85. She had like less than 5 lines throughout Season 1, I believe. She needs more screen-time!
    And she is like permanently in a maid outfit! Even when she was on the ship transporting the Zeroes, she was still in maid-mode. Hope she will somehow turn out to be Lelouch’s trump card in swinging Nunnally over to his side! Sunrise needs to develop her character more as well, seriously. Or give her a Black Knight uniform.

  86. I still cannot buy it, and my guess is you’ve read too much beetween the lines…
    First, how did you get from “I think Zero is selfish”, to “Zero is at Fault for creating a path for the Japanese”? That’s really Kangaesugi…
    Since Mao wrote that comment, I still say it.
    Zero is moving away, because he’s thinking/acting as Lelouche, not for genuine necessity on behalf of Japan or to win the war.
    Zero is being selfish, because he leaves for personal motives. The “contract” beetween him and the Japanese/OoBK goes; We need you to free us, and we fight for you to bring Britannia down. And then Zero’s little sister comes into the ecuation. That’s why it is unfair to the Japanese who knows nothing of it, and are to leave their homeland for that.

    Given reasons to the OoBK? Unknown, and then, we go to discuss if Toudou and the rest have been convinced of leaving, as for the best of Japan. I can say the discussion on “Being forced to leave Japan” that turned into “Being forced to join the OoBK”, is just going too much to the basics. I use the word “forced” because I wanted to put the stress on the fact that they’ve been ORDERED unfairly to LEAVE. Being wrong for giving an option is sth else I also disagree.

    Cordelia not being so because she would not understimate Zero? Again thinking too much. You may be right, perhaps she’s not Cornelia, but I don’t find it as a good reason/clue.
    My bet is Cornelia would also try to shot at the very moment. And I mentioned Cordelia and Villeta last time not as potencial shoters, but as actual disobeying Brits who ignored Suzaku’s judge not caring at all about having the balls or anything, and if not for Suzaku PHYSICLY preventing the shot, or Ougi touching Villeta’s heart, we wouldn’t have gotten to see that Nice Boat leaving the island.
    Oh sorry if I can’t reply so soon as you.

    B. Prince
  87. @Ungas is possible though i ope not because lelouch as hais hands full already! Also regarding the Gino and Anya situation after the obvious tellig o anya and Gino’s Story who do we think will die between the two (or atleast get severely hospitalised)

    WingZero zxt
  88. @Shadowblack This is code geass we are talking about im still convinced that she is cornelia you know how it is in anime Suzaku and CO. still cant tell/dont want to beleive lelouch is still Zero even though his voice hasnt changed at all. Even if it was put through a synth the end result would be different if it were a different person speaking [although thats obviously not 100% proof its still wort THOROUGHLY checking out!!! And think about it this way Cornelia is possibly being kept in the dark by the Emperor and Lord Vader (suzaku) and therefore as part of her investigation into lelouchs mothers death has gone under cover! Its possible guilford knows and is being ignorant deliberately or quite simply cant see through her disguise (MOAAAAAAAAAAAALE! lol Austin Powers 😛 ) and hair dye
    Then again my reasoning does reverse apply and its possible thar her looking and sounding like cornelia is just to distract us from somthing else… OOOOH idea if you want to know the odds of it being her someone should check who her Seiyu/Voice actor (prob not spelt right soz) is ill do it now…… Show Spoiler ▼

    WingZero zxt
  89. @B.Prince

    All right, I shall try my hardest to understand what you are saying. You are saying that Zero is being selfish for not fulfilling his part of the tacit contract, and ‘forcing’ (whatever ‘force’ means to you)the Japanese to leave their country. I might be anal here, but shouldn’t you define what ‘force’ mean to you before making your point? ‘Force’ should be regarded as making someone doing something against his will. Give me a different definition if you can. Now in the light of this definition, how are these million Japanese forced to leave Japan? You say they are forced because they are ‘ordered unfairly to leave’. But they could always refuse the order, couldn’t they? Then you point to the fact that they couldn’t refuse because upon doing so, they would have to leave the Order and hence not be free from the clutches of Britannia(since Zero is the only one capable of freeing them). But aren’t you hence implying here that by giving them a path of freedom, i.e. an offer that is too irresistible to be refused, Zero is at fault for ‘forcing’ them, since they have no other alternative? But is it Zero’s fault they have no other alternative? And are they doing what they are doing against their will? If you are saying Zero is selfish, I suppose you are saying he is at fault. Therefore I try to show how he is not at fault, and therefore not selfish. Shouldn’t you give more substantial claims to your position rather than to accuse me of ‘reading too much between the lines’?

    You speak of Zero being selfish because he is doing something for his own personal reasons, at the expense of the million Japanese leaving with him. Again, you are implying that Zero is unfairly imposing himself on these million, with them having no alternative whatsoever but to follow him. But as I have stated it clearly above, they do have an alternative. Don’t join him! You are also assuming that the Japanese who leave are doing so at the detriment of their own welfare. The possibility of that is at best 50/50- for all you know they might want to leave, not that I am saying they do. You speak of a tacit contract. Tacit being it being pretty much unsaid with no real terms whatsoever, but how it is understood between the parties. Why don’t you see the contract as, ‘You liberate Japan for us, we help you do what you want- defeat Britannia AND ensuring the safety of your sister as well’? It is tacit, isn’t it? How can you accuse Zero of being selfish, or equivalently of violating the terms of this tacit contract, when you have not even acknowledged the lack of concrete terms in this contract?

    I have made this point in previous posts, and I will make it again, seeing how you have missed it. No one has been ordered unfairly to do anything. Because they have the choice to refuse the order. Tell me if they don’t. Zero did not use Geass, he did not use violent persuasion. He simply gave them an irresistible offer of liberation. If it is going to be true that they cannot refuse the order given to them, is it always going to be the fact that the order was too good, and not because they are doing so against their wishes. In the light of this, how do you explain that they are being ordered unfairly to leave, and therefore ‘forced’ by Zero?

    You speak of me reading too much in interpreting mole-face as not being Cornelia. But at least I gave a substantial claim to back up my interpretation. You say it is not a good reason. How about explaining why? On the other hand, where is your evidence to your claim that she is Cornelia? And before doing that, how could you shamelessly call her Cornelia, like it has already been confirmed?

    “Being wrong for giving an option is sth else I also disagree.”
    >>Explain what you are saying here, please. Are you disagreeing with the fact that giving an option is wrong, or are you disagreeing with the fact that there is nothing wrong with giving an option?

    Finally, the mole-face and Villetta matter. On this I have no response, because it is not an opinion but a fact you gave, which was right, and nothing to be disagreed upon.

  90. @L and everyone else taking the type to crap out bricks of text.

    You must really like this show, am I right? Like, to the point of fanaticism? Who even takes the time to type that much?!

    I’m serious, you guys are arguing over a (pretty damn good) cartoon like a bunch of zit-faced, fatassed Star Trek trivia masters! Can’t we all just get along? Sweet christ…

    Also, I hope they change the intro soon, it’s so freaking god-awful. “Look at me! I’m sad, with my big shimmering eyeballs!” and “Look at me! I’m Lelouch and I’m trying too hard to look stoic, but at the same time sad! Watch how I cover my eye! Aren’t I tragic looking?” It’s like they’re trying to get fat chicks to coo and fantasize about stupid Person x Person scenarios. Way too dramatic. Period.

  91. Alas! I have incorrectly worded my opening part! What I had meant to say was “Taking the TIME to crap out bricks of text” Now my overseen grammar error shall serve as a point of humiliation! Curses!

  92. So, that the living hell for Suzaku eh? No one will thank him for what he did. Sigh, there is one who thanked him but then, that is his enemy.

    This story is getting more and more interesting. 🙂


  93. Something makes me feel weird after having watched this episode a second time. The short scene between Schneizel and Nina might become much more important later in R2 if they do develop an atomic bomb. Maybe Britannia will bomb japan, like the USA in World War 2.

  94. @BaphometClass Regardless of the social implications of your comment is it really neccessary to question the way others post on this blog. (ofcourse having said that i have proved my point that its needless and annoying and proved myself a hypocrite… OMG NO i wont become lie Suzaku NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….

    WingZero zxt
  95. @ L
    I’m sorry, “Being wrong for giving an option is sth else I also disagree” is the answer to
    “Zero offers you a chance to be free. Therefore you choose to join him. Or else, you will be under the rule of Britannia. So now it is Zero’s fault for giving you a path of freedom and forcing you to choose it, eh? Looks like you are the naive one.”

    and it means I totally agree with the fact Zero cannot be at fault for giving the Japanese an option. I should have said it better.

    And for the definitions.
    I used the word force, and now you bring a definition which not only I agree, but also would like to add another meaning to, but now as an adjective, and “forced” means Not sincere; not the result of genuine emotions.
    So, I agree with “You have the actual option to leave the order if you want” -not that I missed this point-, and also with the fact that even if one woudn’t want to leave, but anyway chooses to follow Zero, and therefore has to go, that would mean it is a sincere judge and leaving is a volunteer action.
    But the comment was intended to emphasize Nunnally’s thing that caused the unfair situation the Japanese had to face.

    So now going into the unfairness point which you say it is not, beacuse of the actual implicit conditions in which the contract has been made.
    I say it is precisely this ambiguous nature the contract has, that Zero shoudn’t be doing such things.
    The Japanese do as Zero orders, but thinking of him as their savior/hope/libertor, and Lelouche knows it well, like it not. And they follow him under the idea Zero acts for the best of Japan, although it may be for Britannia’s fall, or for Justice, like the time of OoBK’s debut, where they said being Seigi no Mikata/Allies of Justice suppousedly, or for whatever reason good for them anyway, but they would never think of Zero as he’s acting for personal reasons, even if it would be reasonable(I mean, is his sister we’re talking about) or as if he would do sth that could cause any harm to the Japanese or to detriment of them.
    And ok, leaving Japan may not be bad for them in the very end, but let’s regard the fact of leaving homeland as an unfortunate event.
    But if Lelouche knows it and does it anyway, then he’s no so innocent after all, and in the very end he’s still using the Japanese. It’s ok in terms of the implicit contract, but he’s betraying the trust the Japanese have on him (in both, acting for personal reasons and causing them “unfortune”). So I think he’s acting selfishly here, even if the result is the best for both parties in the end.
    So I think they would probably like to stay home if Zero asked them if they support him on leaving because of his sis. Therefore they don’t really want to leave, and then “forced” by Zero. This is possibly badly said, and that’s why I changed it to “Unfairly ordered to leave”.

    And for Cordelia, -I now I call her like that shamelessly, but it is so because my bet is that-. I think that, provided that Cornelia knows Zero’s identity, from all places, she is at the best place to see everything.
    She wanted to be to Nunnally’s side because of Euphie’s similarities with her, she’d be near Zero supervising directly Nunnally’s actions regarding this matter, she seemed to act ambiguously towards Zero in the private meeting because she wanted to know his intentions by leaving the country, but at the same time she didn’t liked be played fool and tried to shoot the japanese, and finally the similar drawing to Cornelia. So it’s all refering to last season, and I lose nothing by calling her like that anyway, since she resembles her too much. Maybe a lost sister? No.

    I aprecciate the hard efforts you’re making to understand what I say, and to write these bricks that are for fun in the end.

    B. Prince
  96. I’ve got a hunch that in the end the king of britannia will hand over the throne to Lelouch, since by then he will be the living example of Britannia’s ideals through all of the treachery involved in getting to that point. Dang, long run on.

    Samurai Pumpkin
  97. @B. Prince

    It is great to see you substantiate your claims properly this time round. Although we are never to agree on certain points, at least it was a detailed discussion, and it was heartening to see others treating the show as seriously as I do. My apologies for involving you in this which had the ill-fortune of some immature poster labeling us as ‘zit-faced, fatassed Star Trek trivia masters’, but with that said, comments with no positive input to neither any poster nor the show should be taken as a needless rant.

    Personally, I would hope to see more intellectual posts on thus blog, since CG, like any other anime, can be considered as a piece of art- and would therefore invoke a large range of possibly contradictory responses. What better place to hear these responses than here? It is always nice to hear what others feel. But, that would also a mean a decline of posters with no sensitivity to other posters and to the producers of the show. Code Geass should not be treated like any other piece of joke. At least if it is one to you, you would do well to not impose your own unappealing jovial instincts on others, who seek to enjoy it in much more cultural fashion.

    Thanks, B. Prince for all your input anyway.

  98. Wow… way to rationalize and defend wasting your time arguing over a television show, kudos L.

    By the way, I wasn’t calling you a bunch of “zit-faced, fatassed, Star-trek trivia masters,” I was merely comparing you to them, as this community shares an unnerving similarity. Perceiving a comparison as an label is actually a significant emotional blunder, and I shudder to think what kind of reaction people like you would have over questioning your fandom in real life. Weeaboo much?

    I don’t actually have any significant beef against CG, nor the people who really seem to enjoy holding pointless arguments over the deeper meanings of a fictional character’s actions. I was really just calling into question the practicality of hosting such large debates, the focus of which would be eventually revealed by the shows developers. If I have offended anyone, rest assured that it was not my intention.

    Over-sensitive fans aside, you have a damned fine blog Omni. Eagerly awaiting number 9!

  99. Nevermind too far off topic ^!

    Has anyone else dound this week to be almost completely boring with nothing to look forward to anime wise now or is it just me… And will anyone answer the question (Who do you think will die between Gino or Anya?????

    WingZero zxt
  100. @ L

    Glad to see my treatment to this series moved you. Maybe not my first intentions, but it’s ok anyway.
    I would’ve liked to know what were the last points we still don’t agree, but maybe next time then, since this one’s taken a bit.

    Oh you don’t have to apologize for other posters’ opinions, I think we all know very well that cliché, permanently present to the otaku culture anything related, so even if their intentions were for the best, we already know what we’re doing here.

    Anyway thanks to you L for your serious replies and clear judgment. It was good while it lasted, and know that it isn’t that I tried to impose my own “jovial insticts?”, but to express my opinion and see what others think, and if by any chance you enjoyed it in a cultural way, it’d be better then.

    B. Prince
  101. @ BaphometClass

    Ok, you’re forgiven son of mine. Just let it not repeat any other time. LOL.

    @ WingZero zxt

    In case anyone were to die, I say it’d be Gino, I’d preffer Anya, I dislike her lazy “tsumaranai…” (personality I mean).

    B. Prince
  102. Sigh BaphometClass I thought you could stoop no lower. Told you not to impose your unappealing jovial instinct on others, who sought to enjoy the show in more cultural fashion- turns out my advice was pretty much unheeded, eh?

  103. Dude, chill out. Are you so deprived of a sense of humor that you can’t even laugh at yourself? You are aware telling me not to “impose” my “jovial instinct” on others basically translates to “Stop poking fun at Code Geass! I don’t like it, so stop! Do as I say before I get upset!” Right? Would it make you feel better to know that I am actually a fan of the show? That I just happen to be able to laugh at myself and find it funny when I read over-dramatized and obviously intentional satire of a show I happen to enjoy?
    You’re acting like I wrote the bloody thing, when I merely provided a link.

    Besides, what the hell are you on when you mean “Cultural fashion?!” Do you mean that people should sit around in a big group discussing the finer points of a character’s motivations, whilst sipping fine wine? That straying too far from the prescribed topic is some sort of sin? Sweet effing Jesus guy, quit being a humorless basement-dweller and accept the fact that it’s OK to make fun of the things people enjoy! It’s all in good fun. That’s it.

    One more thing, get off of your high horse, seriously. It makes you look like a dick. Kay?

  104. I think zero will die, maybe that’s the contract in the end.
    To make a better place he must die?

    Then again the emperor will die so I dunno who’s going to rule. (Not the Prince, since he may die)


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