• It’s with great reluctance that I’ve had to make the decision to drop Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. It’s absolutely nothing against the series – which I’ve enjoyed quite a bit – but rather due to my new job keeping me from being able to spare the time. Unfortunately, I had to cut something, and this was it.
  • I put up the current Kanokon poll because of the news yesterday that streaming site GyaO will no longer be showing Kanokon due to ethical regulations. You’d think that they’d have gotten a clue after the hardcore spanking in episode three, but maybe it was the practically exposed breasts in episode seven that led to this. Or perhaps whatever is in the hot springs for episode eight is even more outrageous than anything else so far. Either way, some are speculating that this has to do with Kanokon being #1 a couple of weeks ago on GyaO’s rankings for both the elementary school boys and girls demographics.
  • In CODE GEASS news, episode nine has reportedly been delayed a week. Episode eight will still air this weekend, but episode nine will NOT be airing on June 1st as it had originally been scheduled. Instead there will be some sort of emergency filler show. I haven’t found an official reason, but others have speculated that it’s because of the Chinese earthquake tragedy, and that’d make sense since episode nine involves the Chinese Federation.
  • Finally, and perhaps the most important item in this post: I am currently seeking an editorialist for Random Curiosity. Ideally, such a person would be able to present opinion on the news topic of the day (such as the Kanokon and Geass items mentioned above) or on whatever other current topics they think are relevant to the anime community/industry/etc. This does not require any Japanese language ability, but it does require good English and good writing ability. If you’re interested, please send me an email and include two sample writings, the first addressing the question of “Should anime adaptations strictly follow the manga?” and, the other is any topic of your choice. You could talk about ankles for all I care – the more creative the better, as long as there’s some relation to anime/manga/culture.
  • Image at left courtesy of ism on pixiv (account needed to access). It has nothing to do with anything in this post, but I’m a sucker for good art.


    1. We Respect your decision for ever single anime blogging. You are doing this for us and even wasting ur spare time for this… i hope ur blog will stay on forever =P.. and if i was famillair wif japanese abit more i would loved to help you with some anime blogs.. but currently my level of japanese understanding is just understanding what they said.. soo yea.. >.<“

    2. lol kanokon was the epitome of axe-able.

      thanks for the general updates Omni and best of luck with your new job.

      and as always, thankyou for continuing to keep this blog alive.

      xoxo =]

    3. Good luck on your new job & thanks for all your blogging efforts, Omni!^_^

      I can’t wait for Macross F to air!!
      ahh..off topic. Not actually, it’s because of that picture of Alto..

      Last time in Geass we had to wait an extra week for episode 9 too, for the 8.5 episode. For now, I’m glad that it’s still only a weeks wait. I do hope this doesn’t push Turn 25’s air date to who knows when though.

    4. A pity for Kyouran Kazoku, as aside from Aroduc from Tenka Seiha only Omni was blogging the show with any regularity, but real life takes precedence over hobbies. Kind of wish for another show to have taken the hit though, but in the end it’s the blog-owner’s decision.

      Myssa Rei
    5. The delay in episode 9 of Code Geass R2 reminds me of the premere of Full Metal Panic was delayed due to 9/11 or the the delay of the final episode of School Days.

      I hope this episode of Code Geass isnt delayed due the episode containing similar incidents to world events. Plus Zero already used a seismic quake to his advantage in episode 10 so im probably the producers would use different tactics for the storyline.

    6. I didn’t know Kanokon is THIS perverted. I do know bit of the manga (what has been scanlated so far). But SO extreme – I can understand GyaO (whatever that is..) to stop broadcasting it. A pity you have to drop Kyouran (about the reasons we don’t talk as they are fully understandable) but it can’t be helped. Wonder why they delayed Geass episode 9, the Chinese thing seems logical to me though. Japan and China – that’s a hot relation in every aspect, putting oil in the fire wouldn’t be wise..

    7. Damn it!
      I can understand the reason why episode nine will be delayed, but what big difference would do anyway; I mean, it would be understandable if episode 7 were delayed last week since the EQ was on May 12, but June 1th is far apart from that day, and only seven days of difference from June 8th is just absurd. Well, I’ll take it like an excuse to make another recap episode for all those idiots who couldn’t watch the show until now.
      Anyway, for me is good news, because June 1st is my birthday, so I can go out without worries.

      Syaoran Li
    8. The people who supported Kanokon in your poll are pervs for saying it’s NOT sexually explicit enough. I can’t believe it was airing every morning where elementary kids can see it with all its glory. Kanokon is such a ridiculous show. Good riddance they dropped it. -_-

    9. @Ben:
      Eek! I was worried someone would suggest me picking up the slack, but I’ve already been more swamped than Omni to begin with. While he’s only starting to work now, I’ve been blogging and working this entire time. This is why my weekday write-ups don’t show up until much later. i.e. after I get off work, commute home, get a chance to watch the episode, then put something together (…much like today).

      Also, keep in mind that Omni is only watching the 8 shows he’s blogging, whereas I’m watching the 7 I’m blogging, the 8 he’s blogging, and 5 more (20 total). >_> In addition to real-life priorities, I’ve also been watching a lot of Jdramas lately…

      With my current schedule, I could pick up Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, since I’m only blogging Kanokon on Saturdays; however, I’m going away on vacation next month for the entire month (heading to Japan, woohoo!), which will make the shows I’m already covering kind of sporadic. I’m going to try to have some sort of coverage while in Japan, but that all depends on how time permits.

      I’ll have more info on what I plan to do in the coming week.

      Just to clear up any confusion, Kanokon and To LOVE-Ru are two series being covered by me, not Omni.

      Omni’s current coverage (in the order that they air):
      1.) CODE GEASS R2
      2.) Soul Eater
      3.) Vampire Knight
      4.) Bleach
      5.) Macross Frontier
      6.) The Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of URUK~
      7.) D.C.II @.S. ~Da Capo II Second Season~
      8.) Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

      My (divine’s) current coverage (in the order that they air):
      1.) Wagaya no Oinari-sama.
      2.) Nabari no Ou
      3.) S.A ~Special A~
      4.) Allison & Lillia
      5.) To LOVE-Ru
      6.) kurenai
      7.) Kanokon

      As you can see, the lack of separation in my shows makes things a bit hectic, but I always try to get a post up on the same day that they air. However, having 3 shows on 2 separate days is a bit much at times (especially on a weekday), so I may leave a post until the following day.

    10. As extremely ecchi and sexually suggestive as Kanokon is, they never cross the line into hentai. This isn’t a problem for most mature shows except that Kanokon doesn’t have any substance beyond the fanservice, so it’s quite clear what people are watching it for. Maybe if they had an actual plot they wouldn’t cause as much trouble. But I really don’t see the recent buzz over it since episode 3’s erotic spanking still rates worse than 7’s nipple stickers or body rubbing.

      Elementary kids watching kanokon doesn’t bother me as much as adults watching Moetan.

    11. Honestly, Kanokon either goes too far or not far enough. If it wants to be H, it should be H. I have trouble articulating how lowly I think of this show. I mean, really, the only thing this show offers is sexual innuendo. It’s like trying to watch Cinemax at 2 AM on the off chance you might catch some tits (because for some reason you don’t know what the internet is.) The character interaction is stale, and the plot is all but non-existent. The fact that it ranks highly with elementary school children definitely bothers me.

    12. @Whim:
      Kanokon was never really about substantial plot to begin with, but I’m sure they’ll work something out in the remaining five episodes if episode seven was an indication of anything.

      For shows such as this, I feel they’re meant to amuse, but evidently, its type of humour won’t appeal to everyone. I think that goes the same for all types of humour though.

    13. Kanokon is about fanservice and I like the artwork. I don’t see ecchi as being a bad thing. In today’s society here in America it’s okay to see someone kill or get killed on public TV. No problems there. However its strictly forbidden to show a bit of *animated* ecchiness.

      Also, you hear much worse when you are at school. I learned about the many sexual favors when in elementary school so it is not like they are unfamiliar with the concept. As time goes by this just gets more widespread in today’s society.

      Now here, is another thing to remember. Being in the military and going through “Infantry School” (Basic/AIT) . They actually encourage you not to take prisoners (you have to feed them and stuff, they are just inconvenient) and brainwash you into a killing machine as young as the tender age of 17.

      So with that being said I don’t see the harm in a little bit of animated mischief. They hear worse at school anyways.

      Samurai Pumpkin
    14. “Elementary kids watching kanokon doesn’t bother me as much as adults watching Moetan.”

      There is something wrong with this sentence. 😐 Adults can do whatever the heck they want for all I care, but leave the minors out of it. It’s so disturbing just imagining a seven year old watching anything that’s borderline hentai. They shouldn’t even be watching mild ecchi in the first place. Kanokon is going way over the top. Anyone who wants to defend this show needs to be scolded.

    15. sucks about geass. it’s the second most addicting show this season 🙁

      Kanokon is still airing, it’s just that a couple of official websites aren’t streaming the eps now.

    16. On some general level, I tend to agree with Samurai Pumpkin’s assertion that animated lewdness isn’t a Big Deal. That is, for the average RandomC frequenter, material like this is not surprising, and might even be the expected. However, I’m quite a bit disconcerted to learn Kanokon had a morning time slot w/ such high ratings among children. Considering the whole point of the show is to sell sex, Kanokon doesn’t immediately strike the mind as “mindless morning fun”.

      Not enough Japanese Sesame Street or superheroes to go around? Yeah, American television is objectively violent and such, but I think the serious programming is concentrated in the evening and late night. At that time, kids can only watch what their parents view.

      The whole problem of comparing child vs. adult audiences is that kids Are Impressionable. What mature viewers (like us) might just laugh off and not think about too much, kids are soaking in and learning from. They imitate the people around them, whether it be parents and teachers, friends and older kids, or TV. What do the little sisters learn about their body image and how to get the boy’s attention? What do the little brothers learn about what to expect from girls? It doesn’t matter what they learn from the kids at school, watching Kanokon isn’t helping.

      Seriously, aren’t Japanese parents the least bit uncomfortable answering such curious questions as, “What are they doing to Kouta-kun?”

    17. ahem, while I pity the earthquake victims, I would rather see the real episode 9 of Geass even if I have to get it in dvd because I assume they’re going to change the script around a little bit for that.
      On Kanokon, I have become immune to the fanservice it throws at me everyweek since the manga was just as peverted.*yawn*

    18. Well anyway, thanks for the news, it gives us reasons to discuss some interesting topics beyond simply reacting to the weekly shows or wildly speculating what will happen in our favorite shows.

      Regarding dropping a show: I always thought you guys worked way too hard. Even if Omni did only one show a day, and one or two helpers added their two or three favorites a week, I would be extremely satisfied. Really, you guys’ have amazing work ethic to post every day/next day and still dedicate the time to offer such a high level of quality in every topic.

      I might not personally enjoy every last anime you’ve blogged, but your passion is apparent and undeniable.

    19. I would rather have you do two great posts per week on great series than 40 trillion posts about series that… really don’t matter. Yeah… I agree with dropping Nikki, but I also think you should drop Bleach (why are you still watching that thing, btw?)

    20. i also wanted to review the series kanokon but it became flat to me due to the overload of
      sexual material. It even exceed last season’s holder which is Rosario+Vampire anime.
      AW dropping KKN? I cant say much since after all your doing an awesome job in each of your
      reviews. I do hope something could be done…
      lastly the delay on EP 9 for CG-R2?
      news indeed to me.

    21. Congrats on the new job, Omni. Too bad to hear about KKN, this was one of the only blogs I found that tracked it. As someone posted above, why not drop Bleach instead? That show’s been running way too long, hasn’t it gone stale already? ~_~

    22. After hearing divine describe the viewing schedules that he and Omni keep, well, I kind of understand their decision of dropping shows the follow on the blog. I’m still a little sad that it had to be Kyouran, since it was REALLY one of the delightful surprises this season, and with the exception of Aroduc from Tenka Seiha, no other blogger is following the series seriously.

      Myssa Rei
    23. Agreeing with Kadian1364 about everything ^^

      I have only read the first chapter of Kanokon, but having skipped through two episodes last week, I got the full exposure of fanservice gone wild. Personally, I want a story with the ecchi stuff and Kanokon provides only the ecchi part, it seems. I did grin when I read about it being popular with the youngest of kids, which I thought was quite amusing. Not appropriate though. Kids should just stick to things their age. They have plenty of time later on in life to explore the perverted side of anime. I stand with Kadian1364 on his viewpoint of this 😉 I wonder if there aren’t any parents who see glimpses of the mature things of Kanokon when their kids watch it. I’d like to think that they would not approve of their kids watching it.

      Geass is my latest fix of bliss. Now that I have time to watch it, they decide to skip a week. Still, thumbs up to the review team, who add daily and almost daily articles and reviews here.

    24. that’s too bad for Code Geass that it won’t be showing on June 1st….probably the staff want to pay their respects on the victims of those who died in the earthquake…though i must say that some Chinese never forget their WW II experience since Japan attacked them in WWII and still some chinese, just like some koreans, have anger issues on Japan most especially on the issue of comfort women in WWII which the former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe said that it didn’t occur….

    25. Gr… As much as I do like this website, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki is my favorite anime this season.

      hmm… In that case, perhaps I’ll be back next season.

      Good luck until then!


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