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「プールとYシャツと⇔宿題」 (Puuru to Y-Syatsu to Syukudai)
“Pool and Y-Shirt and ⇔ Homework”

When summer rolls around and there’s talk about the pool, we all know what it’s time for right? If you were thinking swimsuits, beaches, and lots of fanserviceyou’re completely wrong!

Amazingly, this week’s episode managed to avoid all the pitfalls that usually come with an episode involving girls and water. Besides the usual bashing that both Mayoi and Sakaki take, it was a nice surprise to watch Io finally end up on the receiving end of a few jokes. While I can’t fault him for losing it when Mayoi blatantly flashed Tsumiki’s bra, I whole heartily believe he deserved the beating he got from Hime and Tsumiki’s combo attack. Since what fun is it when the perfect person always has the world on their side?

On a side note, every time I watch an episode of anything showing students cleaning the school pool, it never fails to amaze me just how much work goes into keeping the darn thing clean. Besides being deep and full of crevices for all sorts of things to hide in, it boggles my mind how some people manage to clean pools by themselves. Luckily, Acchi Kocchi gives us some great examples of how to keep things lively should the situation ever arise — between playing makeshift hockey and inventing tricks to clean faster, I almost wish I had a pool to try it in. Almost.

Getting back on track, the skit that really stuck out for me during the episode was definitely the last one with Tsumiki and Io in the rain. Because not only did it feel like the writer’s were reading my mind and giving me something I’ve been wanting since episode one but doesn’t it seem like Tsumiki’s been getting bolder with Io? Seeing how her cool and calm demeanor is more frequently losing out to the tsundere inside of her, I hope it’s only a matter of time until she pops the big question that we all want her to ask.

But even if she doesn’t, I’m content with all the crazy things that tend to happen in this show. From umbrellas launching off of their handles to a version of Google translate that I really wish existed, I believe I can safely say that this marks another good episode for Acchi Kocchi.



May 15, 2012 at 1:24 am