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Bleach 519 – Badass

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Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai – 10

「聖母の…弁当箱(パンドラズ・ボックス)」 (Seibo no … Bentoubako ( Pandorazu . Bokkusu ))
“Pandora’s Lunchbox…of the Holy Mother”

Since I first saw the promos for this show, I thought it had a lot of potential. Potential to be cute, potential to be funny, and to have that certain kind of ridiculous levity that I enjoy so much. What it lacked – and has continued to lack for most of its run – is drama in any meaningful amount. Until now.

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Jormungand: Perfect Order – 09

「New World phase.2」

The path toward Koko’s new world continues and it’s one paved with people wanting their own piece of the pie. And if this episode illustrates anything, it’s that we’re in for a darn awesome ride.

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「あとは、沈黙」 (Ato wa, Chinmoku)
“The Rest, Is Silence”

While this series is set in a fascinating dystopian society just begging to be explored, it is also populated with equally fascinating psychopathic inhabitants who deserve just as much focus, if not more. Much can be learned about a society from the people who are most affected by it.

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Naruto 612 – The Ultimate Jutsu

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