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Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu – 01

「志願兵ハ居ナイノカッ!」 (Shigan-hei Ha i Nainoka~tsu!)
“Is There No Prospective Soldier!?”

The characters are vibrant and lively, the setting is beautiful, and the combat is damn fun to watch. If you want something that’s lighthearted while still keeping all the excitement of an action show, this is for you. I for one very much enjoyed this first episode.

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Rozen Maiden – 01

「TALE 1」

I’ve been blogging on RC for 1.5 years and there’s never been a series I’ve been more adamant to blog than Rozen Maiden. So… will it be a remake or is it a sequel?

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Free! – 01

「再会のスターティングブロック 」 (Saikai no Sutātingu Burokku!)
“Starting Block of Reunions!”

Let the insanity begin – Free! at last!

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Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku – 01

(Kitaku-bu Nyuubu Kibou / Inochi Mijikashi Kaereyo Otome / Hagidzuki-ryuu Shutsubotsu Chuui / Rouhi Shita Seishun…Puraisu Resu)
“Goinging Home Club Applicants / Life is Short; Go Home, Young Lady / Beware of Hagizuki-ryuu Practitioners / Extravagant Youth…Priceless”

If you like tsukkomis, you might like this show.

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One Piece 713 – Is that a Meteor? Fujitora the Badass!

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Magical☆Star Kanon 100% – OVA

「マジカル☆スター かのん100%」 (Majikaru☆Sutaa Kanon 100%)
“Magical☆Star Kanon 100%”

In case you couldn’t quite whet your appetite waiting for Megami-hen, it’s Kanon-chan and Elsie to the rescue!

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