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My on-and-off relationship with anime began as early as 1992 and much of the story can be traced back to my love for manga as a young boy. As a kid, I’ve never constrained myself to certain genres and that principle certainly rings true to this day. I’m willing to give pretty much everything a shot, whether it’s action-packed adventures, brainless comedies, heartfelt dramas or even plot-less erotic fantasies. It’s also worth mentioning I consider One Piece to be the pinnacle of shounen writing, which is why I’m covering the manga here on a weekly basis.
Outside of Random Curiosity, I’m a workaholic who spends at least 70 hours in the office every week. I travel around the globe frequently, both for work and leisure, and one of my favorite destinations is, of course, Japan. I’m really honored to be writing for Random Curiosity, but what gets me really excited is the chance to hear from all of you. If you have any feedbacks or simply wish to have a chat, feel free to email me at Seishun@randomc.net, send a tweet @SeishunRC or ping me on IRC.


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