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Just a heads-up for everyone, Fall 2013 will mark the final season of my “blog-ployment”. I’ve recently taken up a directorship at a humanitarian aid foundation – between a full-time profession, having a life and now a second job, I don’t think I’ll be able to make time for anime-blogging at this juncture. I’ll stay on as a writer and complete my coverage of Kakumeiki Valvrave, but my manga coverage of both One Piece and Fairy Tail will unfortunately have to come to an end with immediate effect (this post will be the last). I’ve had an absolute blast blogging both the mangas – I hold Oda sensei’s masterpiece in the highest esteem and Mashima sensei’s beautiful art (and fanservice) has proven to be more than a great joy. Thank you readers for putting up with my rambling and thank you commenters for taking the time to share your thoughts!

Chapter 355 to 356:

The last-man-standing of the Balam Alliance has certainly made quite an entrance – a lone member of its Kyuukimon Brigade was powerful enough to wipe out the entire Magic Council!  Jackal was quick to the draw in wreaking havoc – none of the senators was able to put up a fight, and they were all doomed to succumb to his “explosion” of carnage right from the get-go. It’s not completely clear if anyone other than Doranbolt has made it out alive – I suspect there’s a slight hope that Lahar could live to fight another day, but all of the nine key members of the senate have almost certainly perished. Those who sit at the top of the Magic Council should be pretty formidable opponents in their own rights – yet they were all assassinated with such ease! Tartarus is truly force to be reckoned with and the latest turn of events speaks volumes to the unparalleled menace that they bring. As it turns out, members of Tartarus comprise of demons from the Book of Zeref – E.N.D is the strongest one out of the bunch, and the individual in question is also the head honcho of Tartarus. E.N.D is apparently fearsome enough to incite dread and terror in the likes of Igneel – presumably, Tatarus shares a certain history with the mystical creatures, and the many mysteries that surround the dragon’s disappearance could well come into light very soon. The incoming clash might evolve into a three-way showdown – one that pits the dragons, demons and humans against each other. The humans were not able to so much as make a dent in their previous dragonish encounter – it remains to be seen how they’ll stack up against their demonic counterpart, but the most recent happening certainly does not inspire us with much confidence!

While Chapter 356 was marked by a gripping sense of nerve-rack, Chapter 355 was almost the complete opposite – it was tranquil, somewhat comical and best of all, chockfull of ecchi goodness! Yes, Mashima sensei has, indeed, surpassed himself once again – Fairy Tail’s most recent trip to the onsen was his grandest endeavor yet and it made all of the previous fanservice seems like petty child’s play! The exquisiteness of their naked bodies, both male and female, was quite a spectacle to say the least and I’m not going to lie – my eyes were quick to scan for any nip-slips and while nothing of X-rating could be spotted (unfortunately), Mashima sensei’s superb artwork was still nothing short of a heavenly treat! Erza is the very best of what an onee sama has to offer – she was especially comfortable in her bare skin, flaunting her peerless beauty with both spunk and finesse. Natsu was certainly one hell of a lucky bastard – Titania was kind enough to offer her precious otouto a boobie “backrub” and you can be sure that must have felt pretty damn good! “We’ve seen your naked bodies many times, the novelty has worn off a long time ago” – clearly, Mashima sensei is taking a jab at his indisputable shamelessness and you have got to give the man props for both his fanservice effort and great candor! It’s very unfortunate that Fairy Tail’s coverage will be discontinued – I love the manga wholeheartedly and it looks like the current story arc is going to be quite a rollercoaster ride. The big wheels and a whole slew of familiar faces – Cobra  and Oración Seis or even Zeref himself – could have a role to play in the incoming showdown and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of what’s coming next. Fairy Tail is a shounen epic that embodies the very essence of pure happiness – I had a great time covering the manga here at Random Curiosity and I hope your experience is just as joyous as mine!

Random tidbits:

  • “We’ve seen your naked bodies many times, the novelty has worn off a long time ago” – Props to Mashima sensei for his shameless candor! Can’t say I agree though – I’ll take all of Erza’s naked glories with open arms and there can never be enough.
  • “I used to get into the baths with Natsu and Gray all the time!” – Lucky bastards! I’ll do anything to get into a naked-bath with Erza. How is possible that they can contain their hard-ons when such glorious nudity is upon their sights?
  • “It’s my turn, now do me!” – Damn you Natsu… damn you! It looks like Erza has a clean bikini area.
  • Million-dollar ass or a face of raging terror? – Which one is Natsu staring at? I’m sticking with the former.
  • “It’s embarrassing, kyaaaaa!” – Why is Wendy all flustered up? She has nothing to hide!
  • “Why the hell are you in a female bath?” – I’ve been a konyoku onsen (mixed bath) and trust me, it’s really not as ecchi as it seems. The obaa chan and their saggy goodness can be quite a turn-off!
  • “I call it the Gray Bread and here are some Juvia Bread” – It’s too bad Juvia didn’t get to join their onsen escapade! I would have loved to see some of her naked goodies.
  • “Since you went to all this trouble, I’ll try one” – Gray sama is being such a tsundere! He wouldn’t have stayed a virgin if Juvia was present during their trip to the onsen.

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 355 to 356: Thank you for the fanservice! I have an announcement to make… #Manga


    1. I’ll stay on as a writer and complete my coverage of Kakumeiki Valvrave, but my manga coverage of both One Piece and Fairy Tail will unfortunately have to come to an end with immediate effect (this post will be the last).

      Yes I will, expect a double-post in the next few days. Have been caught up in real-life priorities in the past two weeks, sorry about the delay =3

  1. Sad this the last post for the manga & anime,as for fairy tail thing are getting interesting as well as Valrave.

    Thank you for the info & to all your anime/manga blogs in the past, best of wishes!^^

  2. Have a good Life Seishun, if I were your boss I would have made you blog-ployee of the year because you did your thing amazingly, but before you go please tell me if there is going to be a replacement because randomc will not be the same without you and will definitely never be the same without the manga coverage of Fairy Tail or One Piece.

    K C M
  3. I’ve been following you since day one and read all your coverage up to date. You’re one of my favourite bloggers for the past year and more. Cheers to your new endeavor. Props and much thanks for your exquisite screenshots and amazing descriptions of things you and I know we love.

    Thumbs up, Seishun. Take your time writing the ones left for you to cover this season. 🙂


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