It’s been said that life is full of firsts—both good and bad ones. Sadly, today falls under one of the latter ones, as I will officially be dropping weekly coverage of Coppelion with this episode.

Coming into the season, Coppelion was one of those series I had quite high hopes for, but after the second and fourth episodes, I have to say that my hopes may have been misplaced. Because while the series still holds some promise—it does superbly with its depiction of a post nuclear wasteland for instance—it is a series whose development and direction leaves plenty to be desired. And whether or not it’s all due to GoHands or in part due to the mangaka, the fact remains that I no longer find much pleasure in blogging a series whose developments are essentially being bulldozed through for one reason or another. One revelation instantly goes to the next, and things are just rushed through so fast that some of the explanations and conclusions the characters have arrived at are practically impossible given what they’ve seen so far. The character development has suffered in particular as a result, and instead of quality, emotional moments, what we’ve gotten instead are forced developments that have left a sour aftertaste. Combine that with various inconsistencies in regards to the military aspects this series revolves around—especially in regards to B-2 functionality—and it’s a series that’s left me with more facepalms than actual enjoyment.

Ultimately, Coppelion is a series I have tried very hard to love. As the resident Sci-Fi writer at Random Curiosity (and a very lenient viewer of anime in general), it pains me to drop this series, but sadly things are at a point where I do not feel continuing coverage of the series would be a good idea—both from a practical standpoint and in regards to the quality of any would-be future posts. With that said, I will leave things here with an apology to those viewers who have been following the series up until now and/or may be feeling differently about the series than I am, and hope that you will continue following coverage of other series here on Random Curiosity.

As an aside, I may pick up an alternative show (either Tokyo Ravens or Strike the Blood) in Coppelion’s stead, so keep an eye out on the schedule for some potential changes in the coming days.


    1. It’s definitely been a smooth ride so far, and it’s arguably the series I’m more likely to pick up just because it fits better in my schedule. Tokyo Ravens has been equally as good though… tough choices.

      1. IMO Strike the Blood is pretty much a very generic anime w/ some random fanservices put in it(many may argue with this). Tokyo Ravens on the other hand have somewhat surprises me a little, especially the one in the latest episode(well there some hints but who would have thought?). I was kinda sad that Cherrie didn’t want to blog it but with your announcement I may put my hopes up.

        So yeah +100 for Tokyo Ravens!

      2. It’s a shame about dropping Coppelion, it really isn’t that bad. But that’s your freedom. However, Strike is as generic as they come, to the point of it being sickening. You’d really be better off blogging something else, IMHO.

    1. Honestly, while I haven’t read a lot of the manga, I’m of the feeling a lot of the issues have stemmed from how the staff has decided to adapt this series. It just looks like they’re rushing to try and get to a certain point before it’s all said and done, and it’s really affecting the ultimate quality of this series. Because from what I read initially for my preview and what I’ve heard, the manga isn’t bad at all.

    1. Yeah. And it’s like, it takes a lot for someone like me—I mean, I haven’t dropped a single series I’ve covered in my year+ here, I rarely drop shows in general, and I’m a diehard sci-fi fan—to drop coverage of a series, but ack. -_-

  1. No point in blogging something you don’t find enjoyable (unless your an “M type”). I can’t say I find this too surprising since I probably have a bruise on my forehead from the excessive face palming EP 04 caused. Seriously, someone get this show a knowledgeable military adviser. Though I decided to drop the show after EP 04 as well, I do agree it’s a shame the anime didn’t turn out better because there is potential within the underlying premise.

    If you have the time and want to pick up another show, FWIW, my vote is for Strike the Blood or Unbreakable Machine Doll.

    1. Lmao, theoretically all of us here are “M” as per unofficial requirement, but even I’m not M enough to continue this time around, especially when you consider how good of a season this has been so far and how there’s a lotta decent/good shows not being covered.

    2. The characterisation is the weaker spot and the drama is on the excessive sie: I can forgive the military inaccuracies, since it’s fiction, but good characterisation is independent of accuracy. For the present, I’m going to hold out and see whether or not things improve, though.

      1. Well that wasn’t meant to be an “all-inclusive” lists of complaints about the show. I agree entirely that there are more problems than simply military hardware inaccuracies. Posted as much already. It was everything combined – all the things Zephyr mentioned which caused me to drop the show. It’s just that the military hardware issues came to mind first since they were so apparent/egregious in EP 04.

        That being said, fiction or not, I highly value “setting consistency” or “in-universe credibility”. The more issues you have with that sort of thing, the harder it is, at least for me, to become immersed in the story – especially for a show like this one which has a fairly serious tone. So while maybe “not enough of a reason” to drop the show, I see no reason to give such mistakes a free pass either (to be clear, not just “military”, but any relevant item). Plenty of shows have gotten that stuff right (or close enough). It’s simply a matter of effort and attention to detail.

    1. Action is hardly the problem. It’s the pacing, and to me, the characters. They make no sense. Why would you create school-girl super soldiers? They break down emotionally all the time, they cry at the drop of a hat, and are dumb. THAT’S A BOMBER YOU MORONS!!!

  2. Still working through the first episodes of all the shows this season, and this show showed a lot of promise. I haven’t gotten around to catching up with the next episodes so I find it really surprising to hear it has fallen so quickly. I may drop it from my view list as well.

    Perhaps do a review of the latest Hanasaku Iroha movie?

  3. The story and writing is just awful. They are like super upset, OMG DON’T LET THE CITY DIE! The city is dead. Humans don’t belong there, you just said so yourself 1 episode ago. The fact that it IS gorgeous is the only reason to watch it, the story and characters just frankly suck.

  4. This reminds me a little too much of Guilty Crown, first episode shows so much promise then everything from there just slides down the slope fast and hard, until it’s at rock bottom.

  5. I’d definitely love to see Strike the Blood picked up. I’m really enjoying it so far and I’d love to hear your impressions on it in blog form(keep up the good work in general).

  6. Don’t worry about it, Zephyr. I can’t really blame you. The post-apocalyptic setting is great, and the 1st episode showed a lot of potential, but it’s just been disappointing since then.

  7. Well, Zephyr I’m glad you’re just honest about your opinions, because its your decision to if you want to blog it.Plus, I can understand those kind of reasons, since Coppelion hasn’t gotten to exciting me in the story department and I think Coppelion is the kind of story where it focuses on the actions of the characters rather than the main context of the story(though maybe I’ll continue watching it to see how it ends). Anyhow, I am curious what you’re going to blog as an alternative because I love both Tokyo Ravens and Strike the Blood and I can’t wait to discuss about either one of them.

  8. Indeed. Strike the blood would be my preference if you picked up anything. Certainly it has been a good series so far. Nothing unique but something that has a good execution that will Attract viewers.
    As for copellion I agree. I’m not feeling it. I cannot get immersed in the series. Which is a big thing for me. But I didn’t notice nor really cared too much about the technological inconsistencies.

  9. Yeah, the issue I had with this show was that the “emotional scenes” were so forced, I mean the waterworks were always turned on at full blast in random moments, along with them cramming so much in an episode (they’re already at the point where the translated manga is at in the next ep). If they actual slowed things down then things would be more enjoyable and we would get the missing information. Though I do think that people went into this show with TOO huge of expectations (which is a bad thing), I mean some expected action in this while this series isn’t action-based. One thing I do find amusing how many people are joining the “Flamming the series” bandwagon as soon as Zephyr states he’s dropping it (not just with this, really if any reviewer decides to openly drop a series everyone else just goes along with), so I’ll just say that I still somewhat enjoy the show and continue to watch it, and I’m hoping that you pick up Strike the Blood.

    1. the flaming didnt started when Zephir decided to drop this. It started since that horrible horrible episode 2.. read the comments a lot of people disappointed.. including me D:.. as you say.. that forced cry scenes and bad episode overall and that ANNOYING girl (dont remember the name of the “kawaii one” of the trio) were enough for me to start thinking to drop it.. i gave the series one more chance with the episode 3 thought but didnt liked either D:

      1. Yeah, I already noticed that. I meant to articulate that the flaming went full blast when we found out the series was going to be dropped. Its kind of like when he gave his final opinion everyone else basically went for it and dropped there’s (just surprised that literally almost everyone didn’t enjoy it here to the extent of it being tolerable).

  10. Coppelion is a good series, and I hope its better later on, but it seems to be too fast (or the translation of the manga is too slow) and I think they are skipping a few points in the anime that made like the manga.

  11. This seems to be the episode that broke a lot of people. I gave this a chance even beyond the normal 3-episode rule, however they just let me down too many times. The story’s boring, the characters are either bland as paper, dull, or just really over dramatic, there is complete idiocy when it comes to the B2 bomber scene and the stupid timeclock scene. I just…I have better things to do with my time and better shows to concentrate on.

  12. I haven’t watched episode 4 yet but my interest in Coppelion has been dropping.

    However, I disagree that you should cover Strike The Blood. It’s just another cliche shounen with forced ecchi. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I don’t feel it would be that much better than Coppelion.

    I don’t know much about Tokyo Ravens so I can’t say anything about it.

    Honestly, I don’t think you should bother wasting time on either of them.

    If you do choose to blog something, you’re my favorite writer on Randomc so I know I’ll enjoy reading your opinions on whatever you choose.

  13. Maybe Guilty Crown lowered my standards so much that I no longer have a sense of taste… but Coppelion doesn’t seem THAT bad. Not as bad as Infinite Stratos anyway?

    Then again, I came into the series with zero expectations and somehow managed to miss most of the hype.

    1. Saying that any kind of half-serious series is ‘worse than IS’ would be damnation far beyond anything in this post, frankly. 😛 It would be like calling someone less lively than a week-old corpse.

      I can’t say the Coppelion anime doesn’t deserve most of the criticism it’s gotten – the direction is wooden, the seiyuu are unconvincing, the storyboarding is a complete mess. I actually had to literally go back and check the manga to make sure I hadn’t just been remembering the whole thing wrongly and that it really was that bad. Granted, I think some of the focus of said criticism has been a bit silly – there’ve been worse abuses of military technology in fiction than what they did with a B2 here, and non-Americans (those that aren’t currently being bombed, anyway) are liable to not know terribly much about a B2 anyway – but in general this adaptation definitely leaves much to be desired.

  14. Another vote for Tokyo Ravens. I’m really digging it, and I didn’t think I would. All hail the 3-episode rule. After watching the first ep, I checked out the manga, and I like what I see, plot-wise. *Fingers crossed.*

    As for Coppelion… it’s sad to see a good property get mishandled like that, but it’s not like it’s the first or last time it’s happened.

    “Just repeat to yourself it’s just a show, I should really just relax…”

  15. It’s definitely meh, but i’ll stick with it. As others have mentioned the problem is both in military plausibility and character development. Episode 4 actually provides a plausible explanation for why a B-2 is being used (waste disposal unknown to the Japanese government) and how it was acquired (being used by a foreign (American) government), except it then blows it by having the strategic bomber function as a ground attack plane, not to mention the inaccurate use of the Stinger GTA rocket launcher.

    The problem with the MCs of Coppelion is the forced dramatization. Instead of going the route of having the girls gradually come to the realization that they are nothing more than tools, this point is blown off, only to be randomly thrown in during choice moments where emotion is supposedly meant to be felt. Rescuing the remaining people is fine, but there is no reason to have a tear jerker moment for virtually every single one (combined with choppy back-stories). I haven’t seen so many “sad” scenes since watching Fairy Tail. It really says something when the physicist who built the original nuclear plant has more emotional depth and is more believable than all 3 MCs combined.

    I haven’t read the manga for Coppelion so i’m unsure what point they’re trying to reach, but at this stage the only reason to watch the rest seems to be the post-apocalyptic imagery and hopes of an improvement later in the season.

    1. @Pankcakes: “Episode 4 actually provides a plausible explanation for why a B-2 is being used (waste disposal unknown to the Japanese government) and how it was acquired (being used by a foreign (American) government)…”

      Personally, I have hard time following that rationale. According to the subs I watched (Anime-Koi), the dumping was done by a “back-end company called Yellow Cake in Japan” who “charged exorbitant fees to collect highly-radioactive waste worldwide” – not the “American Government”. How “Yellow Cake” got hold of a B2 bomber is far from clearly resolved.

      While this set in the future, clearly the stealth technology still works so it’s not a matter of the US Airforce having some sort of garage sale on technologically outdated aircraft. At least make some attempt to explain how the apparently Japanese based company got the plane and take 20 seconds to explain it. EX: “They must have gotten the plane on the black-market after the American Government was forced to sell much of it’s top secret military hardware to avoid catastrophic bankruptcy xyz years ago”. While that may not be entirely convincing, it’s better than what the show gave us – nothing.

      I have not read any of the source material so perhaps this issue is adequately addressed there. If so, then the anime should have included said material. TBH, the whole “Yellow Cake” scene was an LOL moment for me. Top secret, illegal toxic waste dumping “mission” which requires a billion dollar aircraft just to pull off… and they leave company logo stickers lying around!? >_<

      I could go on with this issue alone (to be clear, I do NOT mean "military hardware inaccuracies" either), but I don't think it's productive to do so. If this issue isn't a big deal for you, that's fine. However, I believe what we saw in EP 04 does provide for valid criticism of the show on a number of levels.

    2. What I meant by it was an American funding of a private organization (ie. Yellow Cake) to get rid of their waste. Provide them with the means (B-2) and monetary profit, eliminate direct involvement and thus risk of getting caught. I agree it’s highly unlikely that a foreign government would engage in these actions directly, but indirect plans such as these occur all the time in the international community. Plus it makes more sense the Americans holding onto the B-2s; even in bankruptcy, they are not about to part with strategic weaponry capable of wiping out an entire seaboard undetected.

      It’s not to say there aren’t other holes in the plot (like the stickers randomly floating around), just that at least there’s something here which could make sense, if elaborated upon correctly. Sadly, I doubt it will be the case in the end.

      1. Fair enough. My example was admittedly not the most credible explanation by any means. Just a quick idea to illustrate my point that it would have been better to address the issue in some manner rather than dodging it completely. Frankly, I have a hard time thinking of any truly credible scenario for using a B2 Bomber to dispose of toxic waste (part of what I left unsaid).

        At any rate, I get the feeling that we both would agree that the show has underlying potential, and that potential is not currently being met. Just to be clear, if the only issues I had with the show solely pertained to the “B2 bomber/toxic waste mini-arc”, I’d still watch because that’s over. Even as is, I would not suggest that the show is completely devoid of any merit and/or the worst show of the season. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have bothered watching one let alone four episodes.

  16. I was looking forward to see people’s reaction for Coppelion, but with this kind of disappointment I guess I won’t pick it up. This season is already too crowded for me, afterall.

    Anyway, OOT : Months ago I remember that you was reading G-Senjou no Maou, Zephyr. I’m still curious about your impressions, at least a short paragraph would be fine :p (and it’s been a while after the last VN coverage in RC hohoho)

    About anime coverage, this season is really packed. STB and TR is not a bad series, but I feel that they’re just kinda pale to the competition this season. I personally still waiting to see Kyousogiga or White Album 2 covered in RC (I guess you don’t watch them, though), but I guess I should be grateful that at least Enzo already cover them in his blog.

    1. +1 on G-Senjou no Mao.I’ve only played a few translated VNs and I’m not nearly into them as much as I’m into anime but that one was beyond awesome.Also depends if he liked it as much though.I’m personally a big fan of mafia/”underworld” stuff(heck,one of my favorite animes was Phantom Requiem for the Phantom) so this VN was right up my alley.As such I might think too much of it but still,it’d be interesting to hear Zephyr’s opinion about it 🙂

    2. Darn it guys, I was supposed to be doing less posts not more! Lol. But yeah, if ya guys want it, then I’ll see. Likely won’t have much free time anytime soon, but I’ll at least put it on my shortlist of potential posts to do.

  17. “Coming into the season, Coppelion was one of those series I had quite high hopes for, but after the second and fourth episodes, I have to say that my hopes may have been misplaced.”

    A.k.a. – “I had high hopes for this series, but it get worse and worse every episode.”

  18. IMO Tokyo Ravens tops Strike the Blood as a “Metro/Urban Fantasy” anime. But both suffers from being a bit generic, it gives the same feel as AoEx.

    What makes Tokyo Ravens a lot better are the characters, who acts more realistic(but you can translate realistic as predictable here too) than the characters in Strike the Blood.

    Do note, however, that while I did say “generic”, I’m a bit more “desensitized” to the fantasy genre than most people.

    1. What makes Tokyo Ravens a lot better are the characters, who acts more realistic(but you can translate realistic as predictable here too) than the characters in Strike the Blood.

      That’s definitely something Tokyo Ravens has over Strike the Blood but at it also has a bad side that the later doesn’t: that damn CGI…I’d like Tokyo Ravens more too if it wasn’t for that but as it stands,I’ll consider them equal.Whoever doesn’t mind or can get used to the bad use of CG will probably like Tokyo Ravens more though 😛

  19. Dont even know what Tokyo Ravens is about due to the uninteresting design of the advertisements for the series.

    Series inroduction also failed in my opinion, because the beginning of new animes need to be eye catching sometimes.

    And already the picture of Strike the blood of the series inroduction was an eye-catch.

    1. Tokyo Raves is one of those anime that you really need 3 episodes to get the right experience. All 3 together create full arc, so give them a try. And ep1 in the light of latter ones made a good introduction, let us feel the characters well.

  20. i also feel like the content is being rushed ( losing character development )
    its a shame because i fell in love with the manga.

    I don’t know about the inconsistencies about the airplane. i’m not well informed about the specs of a stealth bomber. what is the facepalm moment in that ?

    Have fun doing other things 😉

  21. Too bad for Coppelion, but you’re right about the flaws that show has. It’s quiet a list. On the other hand, Tokyo Ravens and Strike the Blood are both good picks. They both have the whole supernatural omnyo theme going on too.

    My recommendation goes to Tokyo Ravens though. I found the characters pretty endearing and the world interesting. The CGI fight scenes where done pretty well too and I like the usage of shikigami, especially the twist with Hokuto. The main character starts off pretty lame but he changes quickly which is nice. Also that Hanakana voice on Natsume <3. Having the best OP this season is a huge plus for it too.

  22. honestly, I understand your decision.
    I find it that the anime can’t fully convey the manga’s feeling. it feel more like they are just recite the script…so I understand your feeling.
    Although I did expect your posts about coppelion, if you dont feel like it (and it makes sense), then picking another series is good idea.

    Kyousogiga will be my ultimate recommendation instead coppelion.
    tokyo ravens is an option as well. though I’d recommend to wait for ep04, ’cause so far the 3eps were more of an..introduction or porlouge. I wonder more how they’re gonna enter deeper to the plot, epsecially when it’s gonna be 2cour.
    after that I’d love to see gingitsune, one of the season interesting and simply fun and funny animes. peaceful yet intriguing anime.
    if you like machine-doll that’s an option as well. I found it nice and funny to watch.
    finally, well I am huge fan of sports anime. don’t go to the established hajime no ippo or kurobasket, yowamushi pedal and/or DnA are simply great, even for someone who isn’t that much watching sports anime.

    Thanks for blogging coppelion, it was nice to read your posts of it. even dropping it, I hope we’ll still get final review post (:

  23. Strike the blood definitely deserves a chance from what I’ve seen so far. It is not on par with very similar Kyoukai no Kanata, but still good.
    And yeah, Coppelion 4th ep was awful, just awful – from B-2 matching speed with crows and jeep (and using non-existant canons like A-10!), to the over dramatic arbitrary 10 minutes life countdown (down to split-seconds!), to girls bawwing like pre-schoolers, to anvilicious anti-nuclear waste advertising with a dumping scheme that made no sense (why use costly stealth plane when you can definitely find loads of places in the 3rd world that have governments so cash strapped they would accept anything to be stored on their territory for a fragment of price of acquiring a B-2), to over dramatised role of the vice-pricipal (does he ALWAYS carry that LARGE pic of his deceased family with him?). This was at level of Captain Planete, or worse because of high expectations I had.

    1. it was supposed to aired in spring 2011, but due to Fukushima nuclear was forced to be put on-hold..any kind of that stuff(nuclear/radioactivity) was under gag order on TV and media, sadly that included anime at that time (actually it makes sense to hold it at time like this).
      but this time-gap allow many things, mosly a larger budget. and we can see the result in the visuals and animation.

  24. Tokyo Ravens is a good show for blogging as it can surprisingly reveal secrets so +1 vote for Tokyo Ravens for fall season. (I also read the translation of the light novels and it was surprisingly good…)

    Cross Encounter
  25. Tokyo Ravens or Strike the Blood
    Not bad not bad
    Much better if you can add kyousougiga on your choices

    BTW if I were you I will go w/ Tokyo Ravens(bec. of the loli fox!! lol) ……

  26. Come here to read why you’re dropping Copellion (is it bad? what’s bad in it?), instead there’s 4Kb of “With regred we’re sadly regretting to inform you that we regretfully will be dropping the regretful show.” Guys, just deliver your point! “Copellion sucks, not enough lolis. Sorry everyone, won’t be blogging this.”

  27. Some shows this seasons keep getting better, like golden time, outbreak company and kyoukai no katana. And then there’s shows like Coppelion…don’t feel too bad about it!

    The Shizard
  28. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised by your decision to drop this but I am a bit surprised that it’s you,of all people,who’s dropping a series Zeph.I mean like,your reviews are probably the most positive ones on RC with barely any criticism in them 😛

    That being said I(and by the looks of it many others) will be very happy if you’d pick up either Tokyo Ravens or Strike the Blood instead.They might not end up being anything special but they’ll probably be mediocre at worst,with the chance to be something more.As long as one doesn’t expect too much out of them,they can be quite an enjoyable watch.

    As for Coppelion itself,well…that was just a show that could’ve been either good or bad.There was never a middle ground for it.

    Now let’s see…continue watching Coppelion or use those 24 mins for an extra short game of LoL.Right,LoL wins – I’m sure these extra mins will help me get diamond before S4!(if only…)

  29. Still amusing how people are assuming that this show won’t ever become better and just will spiral downhill. I’ll reserve judgment until they introduce the other characters, because honestly I think the Ozu sisters (those crazy girls) appearance is going to save this, just think that people are overreacting and over-analyzing things in this show too much, I mean other shows are doing worse or have worst logic than this one and yet its still “all the hype” or people have continued to review it.
    At least Zephyr said he was going to drop it instead of not saying anything (still mad at the person who dropped Boku wa H ga Dekinai without saying anything, but its redeeming value was in the last 2 eps where we actually got to see true love come out, which is a rare thing to see in ecchi harems…though like i said before, apparently shows like DxD can pass with tolerance for god knows why while Dekinai gets bashed on here)

    1. The list of grievances got too big while they tried to go for a hard sci-fi feel. I was a bit more forgiving in the first two episodes, but once episode 3 came around with them pulling out a Hand Arrow against a B-2, I knew it was time to drop the series. There is a lack of in-universe consistency, and the unrealistic depiction of military hardware is the most glaring but not the sole example of that. It becomes all the more obvious of how disjointed everything is once they started using more real world references. In other words, they really need to consult a radiation expert and a military expert. You don’t use these widely known things and COMPLETELY misrepresent them for the sake of enjoyment. I know that it’s a fine balancing act when trying to employ suspension of disbelief, but GOOD GRIEF, WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?

  30. That’s too bad. Kind of dissapointing how in a season with so many good shows, one of the most hyped turnned out this bad.
    However, as I said, there are still other good shows. To be honest, it’s kind of hard choosing between strike the blood and TOkyo Ravens, since they are similar in terms of quality and they both could go either way after episode 3. Strike the Blood’s episode 3 was surprising, and could turn out to be really good from here on, but I doubt it. On the other hand, while Tokyo Ravens has been very predictable until know, it has been a bit better than Strike the Blood (if only they could stop with the horrible CG).
    There’s also Unbreakable Machine-Doll, though, which has been an enjoyable experience so far.

    1. Love Unbreakable Machine-doll! Definitely a surprise hit for me this season and I love that it’s a Monday show lol =P Yaya is adorable (usually characters like that annoy me so I’m surprised how much I love her) and the plot actually keeps me very intrigued for what’s to come.

  31. Would be nice of someone would cover White Album 2. This series has huge potential to be best romance/drama. It’s been quite a while to have something like this since True Tears.

    Thank you!

  32. I think I’m done too. I had considered since last week but when Ibara cried (yet again) which caused everyone else to cry (yet again), I found it overly dramatic but emotionally cold at the time.

    Also, both of the other girls call out “Ibara-SENPAIII!” constantly. For some reason I found it really grating.

    Last thing, what was up with the stealth bomber? First it’s somehow chasing the jeep, which is driving over rough terrain going 60-70mph max, and barely catching up. Then there are a flock of crows flying alongside it; crows that can fly around 25 mph.

    I’m not an aeronautics engineer, but I don’t think a massive plane like that can generate enough lift going 25 mph – hell, a hang glider needs winds speeds of 15-20 mph before it generates the required lift. :sigh

  33. I understand completely. I read what became the first episode of Coppelion prior to Coppelion airing and I thought FOR SURE this would be a great series, but the storytelling was wretched and I dropped it almost right away. The backgrounds were insanely beautiful though so I was sad to let it go. But, I did like you mentioned wanting to do and picked up Strike the Blood which I think was a much better trade off. I haven’t seen any of Tokyo Ravens yet though. I may have to check that out. 🙂


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