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OP: 「AVENGE WORLD」 by 鈴木このみ (Suzuki Konomi)

“Pandora Returns”

Freezing has always held a special place in my esteem – it’s almost as if Im sensei has read my mind right down to the very last detail, and expressly made his work to flatter all of my deepest and darkest cravings! I hardly know where to begin in trying to describe how much I love this series – Freezing is both a fanservice powerhouse, and an all-in-one package of sci-fi battle-royal goodies. It is the very quintessence of my crazed relish – an illustrious science fiction, brimming with big-busted onee sama’s who are, more often than not, stripped down to the very last stitch! Yes, I love Freezing from the bottom of my heart, and this should in no way come as a shocker to any one of you who have followed my coverage of High School DxD and Hyakka Ryouran. The assembly of female leads is, by and large, defined by their voluptuous sensuality and the one spearheading the series is none other than Satellizer L. Bridgette (Noto Mamiko) – a blond beauty, who is characterized by both her seeming reticence and the unrivaled glories of her buxomness! Satella is one of Earth’s elite genetically-modified female soldiers, who are constantly at war with an invading alien race – the prevailing strife, one that pits the human Pandoras against their hostile Nova intruders, has certainly brought forth a whole slew of adrenaline-pumping action-packed thrills! Satella is, without question, right at the forefront of this ravaging effort and her formidability as a combatant is surely beyond doubt. But that’s not all there is to West Genetic’s “Untouchable Queen” – Satellizer also boasts a rather fascinating persona to match all of her badasseries. She is a fascinating package of contrasts – determined and ruthless on one hand, but meek and reserved on the other. Satella’s personality flip-flop can be quite a handful to say the least and the many relationship entanglements that ensued have proven to be more than intriguing – this is especially so when it comes to the various inter-Pandora politics which are, in many instances, chockfull of cattiness, fervor and sentimentalities!

Evidently, Satellizer is the very impetus that drives the show forward – but she’s not the only one who has made her mark in the series. Aoi Kazuya (Ichiki Mitsuhiro) is also at the very crux of the big-picture narratives – he is Satella’s partner of choice, a male Limiter who employs a support ability known as Freezing. Despite his young age, Kazuya is more level-headed than his baby face would suggest – the adolescent boy has displayed both grit and backbone in the face of adversity, and he is also especially candid about his romantic feelings for Satella. Then there’s the feisty Rana Linchen (Hanazawa Kana) who exists as one of the most riveting personalities in the mix, and she is an indisputable rival to the “Untouchable Queen”. Rana personifies the complete opposite of Satella’s characterization – the happy-go-lucky Tibetan is a bona fide nymphomaniac, artfully impish and seemingly dauntless. Rana constantly vies for Kazuya’s affection – and her many shameless attempts to sex up the young boy are nothing short of conspicuous! There’s so much more about the main trio that we have yet to figure out and I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of the romcom theatrics that emerged every now and then. But as we head into the second season – it increasingly looks like the top-two Pandoras of West Genetics, Chiffon Fairchild (Inoue Marina) and Elizabeth Mably (Kaida Yuuko), are set to receive a fair share of the spotlight as well. Both of them continue to be somewhat of an enigma – but there are bits and pieces of their character disposition that are slowly but surely transpiring. Interestingly enough, Elizabeth – one of the main perpetrators of Satella’s brutal hazing back at Season One – has shown an honorable and considerate side to her charisma, a frame of mind that was not particularly apparent at first glance. Chiffon, for all of her free-minded demeanor, is also more than just her smiley façade – the “Unmatched Monster” presumably knows more than she’s letting on and her mystifying semblance is bound to pique the curious minds of many out there!

The second season of Freezing starts off with a compelling brand new mystery – the E-Pandora Project! It is a research experiment which aims to artificially increase the number of Pandoras in service – extending the current Pandora program to those who have limited Stigmata compatibility. While everything seems fine and dandy on paper, there is also a genuine sense of incertitude to all of this. The very question of human experimentation has never been too far away from the surface – Aoi Gengo (Ono Atsushi), Kazuya’s grandfather and the developer of the original Pandora, is apparently opposed to this research project, and I’m sure there’s more to the dilemma than meets the eyes! The overall impression of its premiere was certainly pleasing and what we saw this week was no more than simple preface to its stage-setting. I should make clear that I am in no way a manga purist and as such, I’m not especially disconcerted by the minor tweaks and calibrations that we have witnessed thus far – the anime series has, for sure, taken some form of liberties to refashion parts of the original material, skipping over a few plot points and condensing the most crucial context into a 12-episode format. For the many like-minded perverts, you should be thrilled to learn that there’s no lack of ecchi goodness in the premiere of Freezing Vibration – from ear-teasing and boob-groping to steamy showers and swimsuit glories, and right down to a magnificent display of skinny-dipping, the series is clearly taking a backseat to no one when it comes to fanservice! No question, the expansion of its all-star female cast has proven to be a great boon to its ecchi effort, and it sure as hell doesn’t look like we’re anywhere near a saturation point just yet. All of the world’s top five Pandoras – Chiffon Fairchild, Cassie Lockheart (Kugimiya Rie), Roxanne Elipton (Terakawa Aimi), Julia Munberk (Toujou Hisako) and Charles Bonaparte (Yamaguchi Rikako) – have finally make their formal appearances, and you can be sure there’s going to be a confrontation of grand scale at the imminence. Roxanne and some of the E-Pandoras – Amelia Evan (Mimori Suzuko), Gina Papleton (Kitta Izumi) and Rattle (Kuwabara Yuki) – have already gotten off on the wrong foot and this probably marks the beginning of an elaborate string of internecine struggles. A slew of uproars that can only lead to more character dramas, contentions and badasseries – hardly the kind of narratives that you would expect from an ecchi genre!

Random tidbits:

  • An embarrassed Satella desperately trying to hide her boobs, and a glorious skinny-dipping by Eli ojou sama – Those luscious titties and that million-dollar ass! The blond beauties owned the show this week.
  • Nothing soothe your soul like a steamy hot shower! – Did Rattle leave something behind in the bathroom or was just a shameless excuse to make her flash her boobies? Probably the latter and I ain’t complaining.
  • Gotta give Julia some Seishun Points for being such a champ – Groping Cassie’s boobs must have felt pretty damn good, a patent display of her exquisite boobie texture!
  • As much as I like Satella, I really do think she needs to ditch those grandma pantsu – She could use a few fashion tips from Rana or Roxanne. Satella would totally rock that red pantsu and her thighs has gotta be just as delectable as Rana’s!
  • It’s yuri for the win! Chiffon’s hanging out with her lover, Ticy Phenyl (Uchida Aya), by the pool – Satella will always be my number-one girl and Ticy is probably my close second! Why isn’t Ticy in a swimsuit? And speaking of swimsuits, it looks like we’ll be getting a Swimsuit Episode next week! Hubba Hubba…
  • Lee Su Na, the strongest active Pandora on duty, made a cameo appearance over here! There was a shout-out to Holly Rose form Genetics England as well. I wonder if we’ll get to see more of Holly’s storyline – bring on the rage, bluster and sadism!
  • The top-two Pandoras of West Genetics are kicking some serious ass – I can’t wait to see all of Chiffon’s badassery in its animated glory. I wonder how far the anime will go with the depiction of Eli’s various plights.
  • “Who’s your favorite High School DxD girl?” – The poll is now closed! Can you guess who came up on top? Unfortunately, I don’t think I can make time to pick up a second series this season – but if I do make a snapshot impression for Freezing Vibration’s finale, you could probably expect a poll for it as well. I’ll be making an intro post for Kuroko no Basuke 2 – so look forward to that in the next 24 hours!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – Freezing Vibration 01: Nothing kicks off a second season like a compelling brand new mystery – complete with steamy showers, swimsuit glories, skinny-dipping, ear-teasing, boob-groping, and a whole slew of badasseries! And you wonder why I love Freezing… #Anime
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  1. No shocker indeed coming from you. I knew you’d be covering this, heh. Haven’t caught the first season, will give it a try because of you. 🙂

    Delicious screencaps as always.

  2. Well, I look forward to the next season of Freezing, if only because E-Pandora project seems so suspicious… Nothing like grand intrigue to mess up already messy war. And the skinny dipping. Not that properly revealing swimsuits are something bad…

  3. This is another heavy fanservice show I’m gonna have to pass on,and it’s mainly because I’ve read the manga to almost recent chapters.I’m kind of annoyed that there’s always some new girls bickering & looking for fight with the old or new characters and while it can work a few times,it’s too much that it makes trained pandoras look very unprofessional.

    That being said,I still check out the manga from time to time though.Also,I believe they’d need more than 2 cours to animate what’s out so far.

  4. As always, Satela’s sense of shame make people want to “molest” her. Too bad that the studios decided not to animate the “Sicko Half-Brother” arc in which explains the reasons for her “Untouchable” title, her granny panties and unwilling to put shameful clothing (her uniform change to a longer skirt is a good example), except when Kazuya is involved. Speaking of this arc, it would take at least 24 episodes to fully grasp the entire E-Pandora arc. I find it very ridiculously stupid that the studios decide to butcher the manga adaptation into a 12-episode series. However, we get to see more tits flinging around until December.

      1. True, some studios have a bad schedule practices; almost all of them are in it for money making disregarding the quality of the adaptation. High-School DxD & New were good exceptions, mostly followed the LN with several changes that some I considered great.

      2. nah, its not that A1 Pictures ruins every adaptation..
        A1 Pictures is better with comedies.
        Eg Working, Servant x Service, Gin no Saji.
        Though I think they would have done better with Oreimo had they had more episodes,
        or if the source material had a different ending..

      3. Well let’s see, in the beginning of the anime of Fairy Tail, we had magic circles whenever someone used magic, Natsu doesn’t freaking have magic circles when he fights A-1!!! Let’s not forget that the animation seemed off and the anime was rushed with none of the good fillers :/

        Don’t get me started on Magi, from episode 1 it skipped the actual beginning, Aladdin didn’t meet Alibaba so quickly. Rushed bullshit is what that was. They rushed a lot of things, the animation quality wasn’t consistent. Anime original ending, Alibaba falling into depravity, and the biggest offender?

        They ruined Mor’s dance!!!!!!! Screw A-1, I hope they don’t get another anime adaptation. Let Season 2 of Magi be the last adaptation they ever do.

    1. I find it very ridiculously stupid that the studios decide to butcher the manga adaptation into a 12-episode series.

      Sadly, you’re not overstating the issue in the slightest. Manga manga volume 09 is the start of the E-Pandora arc and it doesn’t end until about 1/3 into volume 14 – that’s over FIVE manga volumes. While there’s a lot of action for sure, there’s also a lot of dialog/character interaction/drama stuff as well. If they really plan to cover the entire arc, “butchering” is the right word.

      What makes it worse IMO, is that despite having 1/2 the time needed to do the E-Pandora arc right, the director/producer/studio (whoever) decided to waste an essentially an entire episode on new/anime only material (FYI – the arc starts with them stepping off the plane and entering the Alaska base).

      Really a shame, because like HS DxD, Freezing has a plot/story to tell along with all the ecchi scenes. Sadly, unlike HS DxD, which has pretty good pacing at 2 LN volumes per cour, Freezing doesn’t get the same respectful treatment. There’s a number of shows slated for 2-cour runs this season. Is that that much of a travesty for an ecchi show with substance like Freezing to get a 2-cour run as well?

  5. Dunno why but the art for the end card feels a bit familiar: reminds me of a certain Hentai anime actually.

    Anyway Freezing is back. There probably will be lots of suffering this season too like in the first one, so I’ll probably enjoy this.

    1. @GP, Mago and Getch

      So the artist for the End card IS Satoshi Urushihara(I can’t read Japanese… yet)? Nice! That’s why it reminds me of Another Lady Innocent. Wow, that was, like, years ago, good times.

    1. Seishun’s IRL activities doesn’t give him the time he needs to review Freezing Vibration, unless you wish to cover Freezing on his behalf.
      Speaking of Freezing, why did the studios decided to put the name Vibrations on the title? I have a theory, but it’s an erotic nature so I will keep it to myself.

      1. I know he has no time… I have been following his posts quite a lot. It was more of a friendly nudge to him, because I am pretty sure he would love to cover this if he had the time…

  6. I’ve read the manga and trust me the only thing that lies ahead is NTR and disappointment. But for the anime adaption they’ll probably make it all ecchi and some bones dry story in the background.

    1. I read the manga as well and I didn’t see any real NTR. Not exactly sure what you mean by “disappointment”, but there certainly are some grim-dark/sad moments. Freezing isn’t a light-hearted comedy like HS DxD for sure, but I still like it.

  7. I almost feel like randomc should have a top ten anime girls every year with all the ecchi anime coming out.

    Still, Bridget L. Satellizer is super cute as always. Though, I wonder if they will change the plot up or will they stick to the source material since I heard that the plot/story was pretty disappointing overall.

  8. So they are just ignoring I dont know how much storylines and goes straight through to the E-Pandora-Project? Well I didnt like the story with Satellizers brother anyway and seeing Amelia animated is great enough ^^

  9. I won’t lie, I’m mainly watching this for Roxanne <3<3<3, lol.

    Manga-wise, she quickly got my attention much like Arnett did, so now I'm conflicted, lol. Alongside her looks (like all Pandora have ^^), I also love her friendly and outgoing personality, and, manga-wise, she quickly takes root as much more of a main character. (Won't spoil specifics.)

    I am saddened that they're apparently skipping the Louis Arc as that was a HUGE development point for Satella and Kazuya.


    …and those Chiffin and Rana legs!!! *drool* <3<3<3

  10. some time has past since s1 now satey, rana, & kazuya on plane ride give rana going so “freezing” in the plane trying grab kazuya til “nova” appear so jump off plane to battle it.

    give seem to easy then attack again then chiff & eliz arrive then turned out the “nova” is a robot copy that we’re being test project for female researcher & 3 females to watch the testing.

    so now boat give in alaska cause whole e-pandora research of dr.ohara give mention on news give history of pandora making with e-version being next stage give in protest on it was dr.gendo not liking e-pandora project.

    now arrive in e-pandora base get scan & oh meet other pandora from other places in the world such as rox the immortal zombie, charles the tempt, cassie, & julia the maverick with add in chiff combine aka top 5 pandora.

    yet also notice someone missing asking where holly rose give eliz fought her before then after putting on alaska dress code outfit then all gather meet dr.ohara give explain on e-pandora project.

    give rox going mention whole dr.gendo’s protest on e-pandora then ta-da meet 3 e-pandora project themselves.

    (more YES indeed Funi already got pick-up on it so dub version coming soon to watch)

    1. Sadly, Freezing was one of the shows we only had time to introduce the first episode for, and it is now too late into the season for anyone to pick up a new show.

      **Just a note for future reference though, when a show has “snapshots” under its post, it means that we’re only previewing it. If a show gets picked up, the snapshot tag will be removed.

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