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RC is on a roll these days with all the introductory posts! Just wanted to thank all the writers for their hard work and all the readers for joining the fun. This season has really kicked it off with some great shows and I’m going to add Unbreakable Machine-Doll to that “To Watch” list of mine. I don’t want to be labeled as the person that blogs about dolls, but Rozen Maiden and Unbreakable Machine-Doll are completely different genres and stories so I’m excited to introduce this one. It was a series that I was skeptical about going into but I’m going to take that all back now… and hopefully convince one or two more people to give it a shot.

The story starts with what resembles a theatric entrance. There’s a train that can’t brake, the main characters happen to be on that train and bam! They use their powers to stop the train just before it collides with the last stop. This is not without some collateral damage but who cares when Yaya is awesome and cute. Our main protagonist is a Japanese student who happens to be on that train on his way to the Royal Academy. Akabane Raishin (Shimono Hiro) is accompanied by his “doll” named Yaya (Harada Hitomi) and together they enroll at the Royal Academy… but not before Raishin is ranked amongst his students. Meet Rank #1235! That doesn’t stop Raishin from challenging the Charlotte to a duel though. Blue Charlotte (Takamoto Megumi) and her puppet, Sigmund (Nakata Jouji) are a serious force to be reckoned with – it’s just unfortunate that Charlotte also has no friends because of it. Then who is ranked #1 you might ask? I’m willing to bet my pennies on our mysterious one-eyed stranger at the end. He seems like a foe that even Charlotte doesn’t want to mess with.

Now why do the ranks matter…?
This is actually what interests me the most in this series because I can’t help but love a good tournament and competition. The ranks matter because the top 100 students actually get to compete against one another in a tournament for a chance to win the title, “Wiseman”. This seems to be the ultimate goal for Raishin, but for the time being, he can’t even compete until he’s taken someone’s place (thus why he challenged Charlotte to a duel). This sounds like a story of how runt of the litter emerges to the top, but I think Raishin has a lot more potential than just the average protagonist. He also a lot of self-confidence and doesn’t seem that interested in Yaya’s advances on him which makes me wonder what IS on his mind then… possibly his tragic past?

Besides the amazing start to the episode, I thought the dynamics between Raishin and Yaya were truly some of the best moments to this episode. The fight between the students was amusing and a great intro to the cast, but not as interesting as our main duo. They’re not a romantically involved pair, and they’re not necessarily as segregated as “puppet” and “puppeteer”. In fact, nothing about Yaya resembles a puppet. She acts, breathes and behaves like a human would and she’s very attached to Raishin. What I think makes me so intrigued by their relationship is that Raishin isn’t some “average” guy who happens to have this harem of girls falling for him. He already has a girl that refers to herself as “the Wife” and he still’s concerned about other things. As a result, he comes off very cold and distant, but that’s why I love the fact that despite all that, Yaya is so devoted to him and keeps him focused. You can say that that’s because she’s a puppet, but I’d like to believe otherwise.

Anyway, so far the first episode has given a great cast of characters that I think have a lot of potential to be unique and memorable. Charlotte is one that will probably gain a lot of fans and I see her playing “the Other Girl” role. The plot itself is quite generic with the tournament in play, but there can be some surprises and twists with Raishin’s past hinted at. As someone who hasn’t read any of the original material, I think the anime has done a terrific job at keeping me engaged while setting up the story for future episodes. I can’t say that there are any plot holes and the pacing doesn’t bother me given that there was so much information in this premiere. Here’s hoping that comment doesn’t come to bite me in the butt later! Definitely a show that I plan to keep following this season and one that I have high expectations for now. I seem to be following a lot of 1-cour series this year so I only pray that this is not going to be another cliffhanger ending!

TL;DR – @RCCherrie: So am I “that” person that blogs about dolls now? #dollfetish? O_o lots of potential in Unbreakable Machine-Doll though and the MC doesn’t annoy me! Yaya is too adorable for words and quite suggestive but that’s OK ^^ Unbreakable Machine-Doll has kept up the trend of great anime this season.

Please Note: The ending this week is actually the opening for this series. We’ll get to see a new ED next week!

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ED Sequence

ED: 「Anicca」 by 原田 ひとみ (Hitomi Harada)


  1. I love when faithful adaptations come out. I already want a season 2, mainly because there haven’t been any new translated chapters and I can’t tell if the manga is on hiatus or what.

    The animation was almost perfect till they reused a fight scene during the big brawl with Sigmund versus alot of punks.

      1. I have never found a translated light novel, ever lol. If I did, first one I’d look for is Chrome Shelled Regios because while I liked the anime, it left me unsatisfied, I wanted more ;/.

      2. FYI – Unbreakable Machine Doll LN translation can be found here. It’s also listed on Baka-Tsuki, but there’s no TL – just links for to the site I linked on per chapter basis. For the Halibut (group scanning the manga) last UMD manga release was in mid-August, but the group still has the series on its “ongoing series” list and has not made any mention of dropping it whatsoever.

        @Cherrie – Definitely agree that anime is based on the LN – not on in terms of story, but character designs as well. Yaya’s design in the manga (IMO) isn’t quite so young/loli as the LN and anime design.

        @Kizuna – LOL.

      3. So many translated LNs O.O, I’m gonna be reading for weeks lol. Between the random manga, the 31 anime I’m interested in trying out, alongside Sleepy Hollow. Agents of Shield, and the Walking Dead later on….now all of these LNs are thrown into the mix T-T

    1. I thought the same thing about how it looked like the scene was re-used. That could have been a hiccup, but then I realized that the first time around everything was sort of glowy and the second it wasn’t. Perhaps the first was his visualization of the battle prior to committing to it. Or even a prediction ability perhaps to know what he should do next in the battle?

      Just a guess.

      1. I think it’s part of his ability to foreshadow a turn of events once he plans something out? I’m not too sure about that. If any of you have watched Sherlock Holmes – like the Hollywood movie with Roberty Downey Jr., this reminded me of that ^^

  2. Ugh, this thing. Dropped the manga after just a few chapters. It has better art than a lot of mangas and is more well-executed than average but the actual content is just so generic and mundane…I’m getting jaded in my old age…XP

  3. Adaptation : Check
    Character Design : Check
    Yaya’s Cuteness : Check
    Char’s Cuteness : Check

    CGI : Too heavy and horrible.

    Will still follow because it’s too early to say it sucks, plus I loved both the novel and the manga.

  4. Will this turn into a harem, or will this actually have a solid story about revenge and whatnot? I think this will dictate whether a lot of us stay or go. Or… this show could be like a Zero no Tsukaima where we have the harem and an actual story. I wonder.

  5. it was really nice. even good.
    the battles were decent enough for me, it’s good. and I really like the story, mysterious yet with the touch of someone who aim to be #1 and to get revenge, and not afraid to say that out loud that he is using any means.
    we could really see the dynamic of the characters merged well into the story to creat enjoyable atmosphere with battles and comic relief.
    the relationship between Raishin and Yaha reminded that of Haiyore Nyruko-san. it was so funny. Raishin voice-actor is the one who did Keima in Kaminoi(TWGOK), he is so perfect for this. he really got into the character.

    I’ll continue with machine-doll!

    Cherrie – actually Charlotte isn’t rank #2. they didn’t say that. they only said she’s a second-year. nothing more. cause from what I have been told Show Spoiler ▼

    P.s 2
    so much posts for fall season first impression. from day to day it is…endless. so much new anime. this season gonna be really good, and occuipied as well.
    I must say..great job RC’s staff for all the efforts you’re doing of blogging so much shows.

    1. Oh good catch! Thanks, I fixed it 😉
      I don’t think any of the writers are picking up new shows, we’re still sticking with 1-2 shows each. However we still intro many of this season’s shows to see if we’re interested enough to pick it up… or try and entice others to watch ^^ (even if we don’t blog)

  6. I like this. No, I like this a LOT. I expected some good action and UMD certainly delivered on that almost right at the start, but what I didn’t expect was the amount of comedy. Yaya’s antics are HILARIOUS with Raishin not only playing the straight man role perfectly, but is also an easily likeable male lead – something that IMO can’t be taken for granted these days. This is certainly not a one-dimensional show by any means.

    Overall, I thought the show had excellent direction even with perhaps a misstep here and there with the CGI integration. Comedy and action were well balanced, pacing was good, and I found the underlying story and UMD world setting interesting. What can I say? I’m impressed. No need for any three episode trial here. Unbreakable Machine Doll goes straight to my official season watch list.

    It’s unfortunate that this show isn’t scheduled for full season blogging on RC because IMO, it really deserves it.

  7. Checked this out on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. The premise was interesting and I’d like to learn more about the alt-world. It wasn’t clear why industrial magic would lead to international “war colleges” as opposed to nation states trying to build up their own military/industrial complex as they did the real world, or where the academy was. I really liked the feel of Raishin being the “backwards foreigner” going to a western university. It’s different from the typical “Dai Nippon” Japanwanks that make my inner historian cringe, and something that a lot of foreign students could relate to.

    The characters were well above average for this type of show, and the man/machine dynamic between Raishin and Yaha was an interesting twist on the usual fare. Hopefully Yaha’s exact nature will be explained in more detail and we’ll learn why puppets have so much personality. I can’t help but suspect that she was made from the corpse of someone close to Raishin, which would explain his attitude towards her. All in all, a good opening, though the CG was a little too excessive at times.

  8. I’m happy with the first episode of the anime. Not perfect, but from my point of view it is necessary to engage fans with this first chapter. I hope to slow down next week for this story to show his true potential.

    He character design is not bad. Yaya, Charlotte and the other girls are very cute. The automata of the other students are great, my favorite is the maid with spike-ball. The voices are perfect for Yaya and Sigmund.

    Yaya is a cute crazy, jealous and mischievous doll lol XD. That’s why I love her. Jouji Nakata’s voice gives a great personality to Sigmund :). At the moment all seems well worked, I hope that history can be well adapted, have a lot of material.

    It’s great that you’ve written about the premiere of Machine-doll, Cherrie-sama. Your way of writing is perfect for anime 🙂

    1. I write similarly to how I talk in person… some people may or may not like that style but thank you! =) I enjoy reading your comments too.

      It’s hard to gauge an anime by it’s first episode because most premieres try to capture the audience from the get go and play all their cards (high animation budget, all the action and cute girls etc.). That’s why I find that most anime take a “dip” in the middle of the series and then pick up again for the finale =S it’s a cycle that I’ve seen many times. I much rather watch an anime that starts off kind of mediocre and builds it’s way to an epic finale…! But those anime are hard to come by T_T

  9. While this show is not without its fair share of flaws (cheap animation, generic plot) I was rather entertained by it. Maybe I’m just a sucker for these tournament type setups, but the steampunkish/magic world, the different familiars (or dolls, same thing) and lively characters were also interesting enough to make me want to follow this.

    I doubt this’ll grow into anything more than popcorn entertainment, but hey, there’s a time and place for that too.

  10. Raishin was so-so,definitely not annoying but nothing to write home about either for now – has the potential to be more interesting though.Yaya was pretty fun & awesome,my favorite character so far.Charlotte kind of annoyed me,looked like a very generic ojou-sama tsundere with a heavier dose of tsun(I don’t hate tsunderes mind you,but the tsun & dere have to be well-balanced).

    I’m okay with the character designs but not really fond of the CG used here.Almost looked to me like some creatures from Yu-Gi-Oh were battling,which I was never really a fan of.

    I’ll most likely be sticking with this one until the end since it was entertaining enough but not gonna expect anything great.

    Also,I can’t help but wonder why does MAL have this labeled as a seinen series when no matter how you look at this premiere,it was shounen all the way.

  11. Yaya is ADORABLE. Some folks elsewhere were complaining about her being annoying, but I loved her every moment in the episode. It makes me feel bad for her, because I get the impression that she really has no chance of actually winning Raishin’s love in return… 🙁

  12. I love this show, mostly because of the adorable Yaya. I mean, you can’t beat a beginning where the female protagonist is trying to brainwash you into not only thinking she is the cutest in the world but that you want to marry her as well.

    1. The anime is following the LN character styles (Yaya example) rather than the the mangas. The biggest difference between the manga and LN/anime designs that I’ve noticed so far is that Yaya’s manga design (IMO) is a little less loli (personally, I like the manga version better, but the LN/anime style is fine as well)

  13. I can’t say that there are any plot holes

    Well, at least there was one physics hole: when Yaya tries to stop the train with the brakes, Raishin was thrown back (instead of forward) which would only happen in case of acceleration.

    Like Wanderer, I enjoyed every bit of Yaya.

  14. Couple of random thoughts :

    -Upon leaping through the tunnel, Yaya told Raishin that they won’t make it to the car and clearly there was nothing below them, yet somehow few carts came into existence as the place they landed upon. Must be magic
    -Ranked second from below yet for some reason capable of kicking some students asses. Hidden badass?
    -The CG dragon makes me fear for my life. This grotesque monstrosity and it’s surreal, perfectly smooth roar will haunt my dreams
    -Oh I see. Sad backstory with sad BGM. So this is going to be one of those somber and contemplative shows that dealing with puppets?
    -You’ve knocked down those dolls once and crushed them to smithereen, yet why they did suddenly come back in one piece only for you to knock down again?
    -A doll admitted herself as your waifu and constantly trying to get into your bed. What’s your reactions? Deem her as tool for revenge. It’s funny, in a strange way

  15. Oh come on, what’s with the all shitty CGI this season? At least it’s not as bad as Arpeggio.
    I also don’t really like the character art. Everyone is kind of bright and blurry or something.

    1. I’m just here for the Unbreakable Fan-Service and Yaya!!! I’m surprised Raishin doesn’t have dark bags under his eyes everyday from Yaya interrupting his sleep every night.

  16. I have been a fan of Unbreakable Machine Doll for a fair bit of time now, so when the anime was released, i was ecstatic. However… when i watched the first episode, i was like….



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