「二天龍、激突!」 (Ni Tenryū, Gekitotsu!)
“Two Heavenly Dragon, Collide!”

Burn this into your heads, boys and girls – you can deride and disparage Issei all you want, but don’t you even think about lifting a finger against his precious oppai! Yes, the stormy wrath of the Red Dragon Emperor has been unleashed, and trust me when I say this – you better be absolutely sure you don’t get on his wrong side! Issei’s bluster of rage can be quite a terror, and it’s certainly unlike any other fury that I’ve witnessed before – so imposing in its sheer force, but the very logic that instigated such vehemence might just turn out to be the darnest, if not the most pathetic! That’s the Issei which we all love and admire – a self-proclaimed wannabe Harem King, and probably the greatest and the most endearing baka of all time! We have known right from the get-go that Issei is not your typical mega-hentai and his fervent obsession with the prized boobies is perhaps second to none! Clearly, Issei is a hyperbolized version of an oversexed male – but speaking as someone who also prefers the larger cup size, there are certain aspects of his fixation that I can somehow sympathize with. The exquisite notion of “oppai” means the world to Issei – it’s hardly just a lump of fat, they represent both the embodiment of a feminine charm and the very impetus of his erotic interest. You know where Issei’s inspiration lies when the mere threat of halving Rias’ bust size has sent him wildly ablaze – an animosity so overwhelming that it has boosted his powers a millionfold! Issei is a pervert who is extremely honest and aboveboard with his prurient desires, and you can almost always figure out what he is thinking. Rias’ piercing buxomness is, without question, his absolute favorite, but you can be sure Issei has the rest of the girls firmly in his mind as well – all shapes and sizes, and yes, that includes Koneko’s loli oppai, which would cease to exist should it be reduced further in size!

Issei might be a bona fide pervert – but he is, no doubt, a pervert who has a heart of gold. His penis probably speaks louder than his pea brain, but he does genuinely care for the well-being of both his friends and families – especially when it comes to his beloved buchou! Issei is adamant in protecting his comrades from harm – and that includes going up against Vali Lucifer who, as it turns out, is both the host of the Vanishing Dragon and a descendant of the original Satan himself. The Two Heavenly Dragons, Issei and Vali, are polar opposites and from a fictionist’s perspective, that would make them the perfect archrivals for each other! Vali is a powerhouse of raw talent – obsessed with power, mightily handsome and inherently belligerent. Issei, on the other hand, is a textbook case of an underdog – happy-go-lucky, foolish but diligent and completely engrossed in lust. But there are also certain similarities between those two that are not especially apparent at first glance – for starters, both of them are batshit crazy, and they will go to extreme lengths, sometimes in a rather paradoxical manner, to get their own ways. Evidently, Vali’s presence is the very definition of a war hawk, but he doesn’t seem to be at all interested in either world-domination or even petty revenge. The Hakuryuukou appears to be somewhat more amused by the thrills and ecstasy of his fated showdown – throwing blatant jeers and mockeries at Issei, presumably in an effort to draw out his rival’s latent potential! Issei’s grand display of bravura was quite a spectacle to say the least – while he’s probably no match for Vali in a straight-out confrontation, the wannabe Harem King has certainly made his mark in the battlefield, and I can assure you Vali’s not the only one who was decidedly impressed!

“If a fool is foolish enough, he’ll achieve the impossible” – for sure, Issei is a prodigious baka, but there are times when he can be quite a smart cookie as well. He held his own against Vali in a surprisingly admirable fashion, putting his brain to work not just once but twice – and both of which have brought forth severe damage to Vali’s Scale Mail. Fitting for a grand finale, the clash between the Nitenryuu is best characterized by an overwhelm of wackiness, flamboyance and badassery – it was every bit as gratifying as I have hoped for, a superb effort with just the right amount of goodies to keep us both contented and eager for more! But as badass as the Two Heavenly Dragons are, there is also a sense of juvenility to their brief scuffle and make no mistake about it – their charisma doesn’t even come close to the one and only true badass of the series. Azazel is quickly turning out to be a godsend for High School DxD – his suave magnetic charm is simply irresistible and the fact that he is voiced by the legendary Koyama Rikiya (Fate/Zero’s Kiritsugu) only makes him all the more captivating! Azazel is a seasoned veteran of the previous war and he brings a rather intriguing perspective to the conflicts at hand – both as the sanest head in the room and now the official advisor to the Occult Kenkyuu-bu. The head honcho of the Fallen Angel has a fascinating array of gadgetries in his arsenal – and just like the Nitenryuu, he also has access to a dragonish Scale Mail, a golden armor that is somewhat reminiscent of Vali’s Divine Dividing! Clearly, Vali and Azazel share quite an intricate history. The exact lowdown of their relationship hasn’t been made clear, but it does seem like a rather amicable one – that is until the unraveling of Vali’s treachery. The second season has been nothing short of an exquisite blast and it has picked the perfect spot to lay down a comma. A whole bevy of beautiful girls has just moved into the Hyoudou residence and you can be sure no one is more delighted than our wannabe Harem King himself. Issei has undeniably come a very long way and his grand aspiration is, in fact, closer to reality than he’s willing to admit – the stars are all aligned for a gala of extravaganzas, a riot that has, for the time being, been put on hold until a third season comes by!

Random tidbits:

  • Oppai, beautiful glorious oppai, everywhere, in all shapes and sizes – You can’t end the season without first giving us a galore of exquisite boobies! Bravo and well done, High School DxD!
  • “This is for the loli oppai that’ll cease to exist if you halve them!” – The best line of the entire episode! Issei likes them big, but he’s cool enough to give Koneko a shout-out too.
  • No shout-outs for Gasper’s trap titties? Why didn’t Gasper move into the Hyoudou Residence? – he’s a girl, I swear!
  • “I want to be a true otoko, just like Issei sempai!” – Gasper said all that while he’s dressed up like a cute little girl. He’s not fooling anyone – nope, not the slightest!
  • “I don’t want to die just yet, I haven’t taken buchou’s virginity” – Rias is, without question, Issei’s number-one girl! The wannabe Harem King has some pretty fine taste.
  • “Thank you, my Lord. Amen!” – Ouch… the joke never seems to get old! Baka Xenovia will be sharing a room for baka Asia – a new yuri ship in the making?
  • Cutting off an arm? No big deal! – Every badass needs a multi-purpose robotic arm. Azazel’s badassery doesn’t stop at a mere Scale Mail. I’m having the biggest mancrush on this guy!
  • I think I might have just done the impossible! I’ve barely made any mention of the girls in this finale post – it’s all about the dudes and an overload of badassery… Gosh, that doesn’t feel right at all! I’ll make it up to you guys in the Final Impression, starting off with a good dose of boobilicious goodness!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – High School #DxD NEW 12: “I don’t want to die just yet, I haven’t taken buchou’s virginity” – going out with a bang, an overwhelm of badassery and a galore of exquisite boobies. Bravo and well done, High School DxD! #Anime
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Season Two Impression:

Oppai” – Issei started the second season waking up to a pair glorious titties, and you can be sure that’s only the beginning of what’s coming ahead. True to its reputation as the very quintessence of ecchi, there was certainly no lack of boobie merits in High School DxD – the series is extremely unapologetic when it comes to the delicate notion of fanservice and I have no intention to sugar-coat this in any way. High School DxD has featured more than its fair share of eye-candies, suffice to satisfy all of our deepest and darkest cravings. The beautiful girls are frequently stripped naked and I assure you their nude figures, both boobs and ass, are nothing less than exquisite – coming in all shapes and sizes, textures and genders! Not surprisingly, the cock-tease has also manifested itself in a rather fascinating manner – from finger-sucking and boobs-bumping to steamy saunas and boobie backrubs, right down to a full-on “let’s make a baby”! The series knows very damn well that a great fanservice is not just about shoving a boob in your face – it should act as enhancement for the dramatics and its comical effects, not as a party pooper that obstructs the flow of its story-telling. There’s a fine balance between mixing the right amount of sensual allure to that of showmanship – keeping its eroticism classy, stylish and not especially ostentatious. High School DxD has, for sure, succeeded marvelously in this respect and it has taken a genuinely innovative approach for its erotica galore. Every nip-slip and every boob-jiggling – all of them were meticulously thought out and carefully inserted in the exact right moment. What we saw in these twelve episodes is precisely the type of fanservice that sets an eminent ecchi apart from a straight-up hentai – it is a grand effort that is easier said than done, and I applaud both Ishibumi sensei and the anime creators for their profound achievements.

Speaking of Ishibumi sensei, I am now positively certain he’s just as batshit crazy as Hyoudou Issei himself! The fervent obsession with “oppai” is very much front and center in High School DxD – I don’t think anyone in the right mind would even attempt to pull off such a wacky premise, much less succeeding with both flair and excellence! The series is more than just a shameless excuse for fanservice and we ought to give credit where credit is due – the breadth and scope of its story are nothing less than impressive, chockfull of dramatics, mythological discourse and action-packed thrills! It’s hardly an exaggeration to say there are many questions that remained unresolved – the ongoing Light Novel is nowhere near an imminent full stop, and the greatness of its story certainly lends itself to further exploration.  For starters, there’s so much more about the main cast, both the existing and the new ones, that we have yet to figure out. Akeno san’s beleaguered past is merely one of the mysteries that remained up in the air – and clearly, there’s more to her backstory than meets the eyes, whether it’s her mother’s unfortunate passing or the estranged relationship that she shares with her father. The formal introduction of a number of new characters has also brought forth buzzes of new inspiration, and it does seem like there’s room for Issei’s harem to expand further. Xenovia and Gasper have proven to be a great addition to the cast – the former fits the archetype of an ultra-cool subzero stunner, while the latter is a legitimate ensnaring trap, a feminine boy who speaks, moans and dresses up like cute little girl. But don’t let their first impression fool you – while there might be certain stereotypes that are anchored to their characters, those two are nothing like a your cookie-cutter replications. Xenovia may be a saucy tomboy, but she is also the baka of all baka’s – completely obsessed with safe sex and lacking the most basics of your everyday common sense! Gasper may be an overload of moe moe kyun, but he is also a trap who wants to grow up to be a real man – not only boasting a Sacred Gear of his very own, but also displaying both grit and backbone in the face of adversity!

Character expositions are very much at the core of this series – but the big-picture narratives are no less notable. Season two has brought many of its mythoi to the forefront – starting with an incessant cold war between the big-three mythical factions and ending with the grand entrance of Bikou (Yasumura Makoto), a direct descendant of Son Goku himself! The head honchos of the big-three factions have all struck quite an impression, and Azazel, in particular, was a clear standout. The leader of the Grigori is both an enigma and a flurry of thrills, and he has quickly emerged as one of my favorite characters in High School DxD. His role could be more instrumental than it appears at first glance – Azazel, a proud collectomaniac himself, is an expert on the subject of Sacred Gears, and he is also the one character who shares a personal connection with that of both Issei and Vali. Ishibumi sensei has crafted quite an elaborate story to say the least – the possibilities are endless and what we saw in the first two seasons is merely the tip of the iceberg! High School DxD is great series and this is the one recommendation that I can make without any qualms! The series has a multi-faceted appeal and it will have no trouble catering to a wide range of audience – action buffs, comedy fans, fantasy enthusiasts, men, women, perverts and even fujoshi’s! From the standpoint of an ecchi devotee, High School DxD is, without question, one of the very bests – no other series has perfected the fine art of cock-tease with such grace and finesse! Rias sempai will always be my number-one girl, while Akeno san will remain a very close second – the crimson haired princess is the “saikou” of my eyes and I’m so glad Issei has come to be of the same mind as well! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a third season and if an anime continuation is indeed in the cards, I’ll be more than happy to cover the series here at Random Curiosity. I love High School DxD as much as I love Rias sempai and it’s been an absolute pleasure blogging this series. I thank all of you for bearing with my long-winded posts, and I hope everyone has enjoyed the series as much as I have!

Random tidbits:

  • Hello from Tokyo, everyone! I’m still on the road at the moment. I apologize for the delay in putting up this post – work (and Japanese onee sama’s) has been quite a distraction in the past few days.
  • It’s been a pleasure blogging High School DxDthank you readers for putting up with my rambling and thank you commenters for taking the time to share your thoughts. You guys have been absolutely amazing and I would like to thank all of you again for bearing with my occasional tardiness. I promise I’ll do a better job in the coming season – and trust me when I say this, I would have loved to make time for Freezing Vibration if I could.
  • Most memorable lines from the second season – (1) “I’m helping a guy suckle! I When I did I fall so low?”, (2) “You’re gonna die so I can suck buchou‘s titties”, (3) “I’m dying to know what it feels like to have a younger man inside of me”, (4) “He was only trying to plant his seed inside of me!”, (5) “I hereby swear to protect you no matter what happens”, (6) “Would you like to oil my mune?”, (7) “You can use my lap as a hizamakura instead of buchou’s”,  (8) “This is for the loli oppai that’ll cease to exist if you halve them!”.
  • Fun fact – I’ve published a total of 298 full-length images for High School DxD NEW and that doesn’t even include the forty-six which I made for the OVAs!
  • Best ED of the year, hands down! – Giving it one last shout-out before I sign off. It’s all about the kimono, those luscious ravishing kimonos!
  • “Who’s your favorite High School DxD girl?” – The poll is now open! Do the right thing and vote for the best girl. I’m rooting very hard for Rias, but I have a feeling Akeno is going to come up on top.


Eyecatch & End Card


    1. Thanks dytianquin, I’m glad you like my work =3
      It’s going to be a very close race between Rias and Akeno – those two are indeed the best girls, the RandomC community has excellent taste in woman!

  1. I can’t believe just how they managed to pull off making a supremely awesome moment so funny at the same time. Issei getting super powered up in balance breaker all because Azasel implanted the idea that Vali was gonna cut Rias’s breasts size by half! LOL. I really love this series, and even more so since i’ve read the novels all the way till its latest translation.

    Which makes me wish they would do a 3rd season. One reason being that I definitely want to see more of Rias, Issei and the entire Gremory group. The second being that if they continue the format of 6 episodes per volume, we’d get one of the most awesome moments in the DxD series at in volume 6….
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Though I would definitely love it if they make it all the way till volume 10 because volume 10 contains probably the best moments in the DxD series as well….
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Lets hope the blu-ray sales achieve good results so they’d seriously consider a 3rd season 😀

      1. You gotta remember, the commercial appeal of anime is still rather niche and a sales figure of 9,000 copies is a very solid achievement. Anime studios usually require ~3000 to break even, and a decent sales for them is usually around 4,000-5,000 copies. Occasionally, we do get the likes of Mahou Shoujo Madoka (~70,000) or Shingeki no Kyoujin (~55,000) which can do tens of thousands but those are somewhat rare.

  2. I dont know what it is about Rias that i like so much; sure she follows some of the tropes anchored to her character but at the same time she deviates from a lot of them in subtle ways that makes her more likeable. There’s a certain Aura to her character that ive come to like over the two seasons (not to mention Jamie Marchi’s take on her in the eng dub helped sell me on her character). It’s pretty clear to me Rias will be the victor to Issei’s heart; at least that’s where i feel the story is going with the romance

    1. Excellent choice, my good Sir! It’s her compassion and her elegance that make Rias stand out. I wouldn’t say she’s the prettiest girl out there, but there’s just something very special about Rias that makes her so irresistible =3

      1. What are u saying Seishun. Rias is definitely one of the, if not THE prettiest girls out there XD. I’d rate her easily among my top 3 personally!

        I definitely do agree though, there is something just special about Rias. Be it her personality or looks (she does classify as the hottest red-heads in the anime-verse out there… and those eyes….). And it is my belief that having Hikasa Yoko voice her was a supreme master-stroke.

  3. I just finished the novels and followed up on the anime, together with reading this.
    We really need all these animated seriously. More oppai !!!
    For me, it’s always Akeno first. Although I really like Rias too. 🙂

    1. I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see a third season – High School DxD is perhaps the most successful ecchi franchise since Queen’s Blade and TNK is cashing in pretty well on this project =3

  4. hmmm… lets see here… it seem’s our badasses from ttgl have truly pierced the heavens, afterall..

    -red armor
    -green glowing power which get stronger based on the users emotions (spiral power lol)
    -dat pose, seriously I was waiting for a drill to just pop out of his hand when issei did that pose
    and start giga drill breaking everything

    -dat hair colour
    -yellow armor
    -wearing black leather outfit

    lord genome where?

  5. @Seishun: Appreciate the poll, but pick just one!? With HS DxD for me that’s asking the impossible XD. Firmly behind Ise and the harem route here. Maybe top three is possible… maybe ;). Seriously though, thanks for blogging the show. Sorry to see you won’t be covering Freezing next season (understandable since you cover manga as well + RL), but if you end up with extra time, I hope you consider covering it.

    My guess is that there will be a 3rd season (and 4th, 5th, etc.), but stranger things have happened. I don’t seem to have much luck when it comes to 2nd (3rd) seasons for shows I like. *sigh* Hopefully we’ll get a Season 3 soon since as others have pointed out, things really start to get moving, both in terms of plot and action, starting in LN vol 05 (one of my favorites).

    I definitely encourage fans of the anime to read the LN – something not always available for those who are not fluent in Japanese (or Chinese). The anime was good, but there is quite a bit of material which helps to fill in the gaps.

    For LN Fans, volume 16 (regular edition) comes out Oct 19th! Just a guess on my part, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was translated before the end of November. Read some spoilers on it and it looks GOOD!

    1. Thanks for your kind words daikama.
      Trust me, I did contemplate the possibility of allowing more than one pick, but I’ve decided to stick with just the one! It gives us a better sense of who’s the most popular girl =3

    1. Thanks for saying such nice things, you guys are making me blush >.< Anon, you should totally watch High School DxD, it's a very good series, especially so if you like comedy, action and boobie goodness =3

  6. Oh boy, I was laughing my ass off during Issei’s ‘this is for [insert name]’s boobs’ rant, kicking Vali’s ass all the while.
    Threaten his parents? Issei will get angry.
    Threaten his friends? He’ll get pissed.
    Threaten breasts? He’ll go batshit berserk and open the biggest can of whoop ass on you. As Azazel said it, ‘is he for real?’ Hell yes he is, and that’s why we love him!

    weird d
  7. Yes, Azazel IS the Big BadAss Man of Highschool DxD follow by Vali. Did anybody realized that when Issei beat the crap out off Vali the images of his female members that were shown had almost the same pose as in the cover of the light novels but stark naked? I did. Thank God that no Gyasuke was shown. I will miss this series, unless the studio head honchos decide to put a third season right away with no deleted scenes!!!
    Like I said before, never stand between a man and his (Oppai) obsession.

    Rias: Vol 1
    Akeno: Vol 4
    Asia: Vol 3
    Xenovia: Vol 6
    Koneko: Vol 5

  8. About the “Juggernaut Drive” at the end: Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

    All in all, I’d say Issei has come quite a long way. This season was pretty good, and though it felt a little rushed (especially at the final episode), it was still very enjoyable to see it animated.

  9. Issei finally takes on Vali in this thrilling conclusion to Hight School DxD New!

    Vali stands revealed as not only the traitor aiding Katerea’s group, but as the true descendant of Lucifer and the closest thing this arc has to a Big Bad. His motivations and desires are also brought into the light, a desire for power and the ultimate fight, making him a true battle nut. His immense love of fighting seems to have warped his morality to such a degree that he’ll do anything if it gets him a good challenge. Concepts such as good and evil are completely irrelevant to him, with his interest lying purely on gaining power and battling strong opponents. And he has more than enough power to attain those desires, especially considering how much he lucked out in the abilities department… the blood of the original Satan, a Sacred Gear with the White Dragon Emperor and with a mastery over his Balance Breaker to boot. Azazel was most likely not exaggerating by calling him the strongest of Albion’s hosts. All this makes Vali a very effective and interesting antagonist, and a perfect foil for our hero Issei.

    Issei vs. Vali was just awesome. TNK may not be the cream of the crop when it comes to animation studios, but they really delivered here for a fight that’s ten times better than Issei’s fight with Raiser. Seeing Issei finally pummel Vali, to the latter’s shock and joy, was extremely satisfying. After having numerous characters bring up, often condescendingly, how Issei is the weakest of Ddraig’s hosts, it was very nice to see Issei earn his title as the Red Dragon Emperor and achieve something that his predecessors likely never even dreamed possible… a fusion of the Welsh and Dividing Dragons. Because while there’s always a place for common sense, it’s only idiots who will willingly challenge the impossible and win! And while Issei may not yet be at Vali’s level, he’s proven in this episode that he can surpass him, and that’s enough. And he now wholeheartedly has Ddraig’s respect, which I doubt is an easy feat for someone whose had centuries of multiple hosts.

    Azazel got to show off a lot in the finale, in more ways than one. Not only does he get his own neat armor, but he decidedly proves to be an honorable and nice enough guy by agreeing to be the advisor for the Occult Club in order to help develop their Sacred Gears. He doesn’t have to help them, especially when he’s already the leader of the Fallen Angels and likely extremely busy, but he does it anyway to atone for what the Fallen Angles have done to both Issei and Asia. And there are far more personal reasons involved as well, such as his immense interest in studying and understanding Sacred Gears. But somehow I have a feeling that, despite having connections to both Dragon Emperors, that Azazel prefers our little perverted harem king and is very interested in seeing how he personally develops.

    Good on Issei to try and help out Asia and Xenovia by asking Michael if they can still pray to God. Sure, having our little church duo pray and get shocked has been quite humorous, but I feel that, devil or not, they have every right to believe in their religion of choice and shouldn’t be punished for it.

    The Khaos Brigade eh? Likely future antagonists for the Gremory Group to contend with, especially with Vali and a mysterious Dragon leader in their roster.

    Now for a check off on the current status of the harem: the lovely Rias is getting more possessive and daring with Issei, with extreme bouts of jealousy inbetween, while also having the cute reactions of a girl in love. Sweet little Asia is also getting more daring, but getting crushed by the competition. Akeno is the first real addition this season, and is extremely cute when she’s hopelessly in love and not being a sadist. Not very much development with Koneko, but now that she’s living together with Issei something is bound to happen. Xenovia just wants to have sex with Issei, though his going out of his way to help her in this episode may have earned him some nice love points. I may as well just add Kiba and Gasper to the harem as well. And with the girls of the Occult Club now living in Issei’s house, his dream of becoming a harem king is getting closer by the day, though I’m expecting some great harem hijinks along the way.

    All in all, High School DxD New has been a blast and some great fun this anime season. Watching Issei be Issei is always a treat, and I can’t wait to see his future adventures with the Occult Club. And with what I’ve heard about Blu-Ray sales, there’s a good hope for getting a season 3 and I’ll anxiously anticipating its announcement! After all, who wouldn’t want more of a show with a great cast, an intriguing story, nice action, and incredible fanservice? Great job with your passionate and eloquent posts Seishun! And while I’m at it, I may as well close out this post the same way Issei would “OPPAI!”

  10. OK, this is mightiest Berserk Button (T!)I’ve seen in long time… threatening friends of Issei is bad enough, but threatening his girl’s OPPAI… Making them smaller, to be precise… BOOSTO!BOOSTO!BOOSTO!
    Also, kudos to Azazel-sama for framing the situation that way. He definitely knows how to pull strings on Issei – and is a badass in his own right. I expect much of him as the advisor to the club in the future…
    Thanks Seishun for the coverage!

  11. Akeno FTW

    haha that “boost” spam scene.. lol i was Lol’g all along .. so lucky i was alone in tha room ahha

    PS: “It’s a trap” ..lol’d

    PS2: PLEASE someone tell me there is gonna be a season 3!!!!!

  12. So like has this anime set the record for most hybrids ever? Seriously just about every character in this show is half something half another xD.

    It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Michael fight he was the one i was looking forward to seeing the most in action :(.

    I’m glad for once though that not all angels in this show are portrayed as arrogant corrupt dicks like a certain OTHER show this season did distastefully (cough Devils and Realist) and so many others before it. Michael’s super chill ^_^

  13. …what? …It’s over…already…? No more Akeno…? Rias? Xenovia? Asia? Koneko? Souna? Tsubaki? Serafall? Grayfia? Oppai?


    *sits in a corner catatonically*

  14. That epic Issei rant towards Vali halving everyone’s boobs had me rolling on the floor laughing. Azazel sure knows how to motivate the guy lol.

    And poor Koneko, “halve it and there’ll be nothing left!”.

  15. Though choice, but Rias is best girl for me!
    Great ending to the season, even though it’s a bit too fast paced.
    Still, love all the crazy fighting moments and shout outs too all of Issei’s favorite oppais ^__^!

    REALLY REALLY REALLY hope there will be a season 3,4,6…… heck keep the season coming! That way, I get to see more of my favorite LN get animated (Vol 10-12 is my absolute favorite), plus we get to see more of Seishun blog more about oppai! ^_^

    Btw, thanks a million for covering this series Seishun!

  16. The things is… nearly ALL Issei’s moment of awesome are also moment when you can help but laugh. This is the ONLY series that manage to make me laugh, cry, be impressed and be heartwarmed at the same time with Show Spoiler ▼

  17. While Rias was definitely my favorite in the 1st season(with Akeno being a close 2nd),Akeno pretty much took the lead in this one(likewise,with Rias being a close 2nd).I’m looking forward to seeing more of her backstory as well,if possible – hopefully she’s popular enough in japan to catch the producers’s attention.

    As for the male side,Azazel definitely takes the cake in my eyes and now he became the superviser of their club?That’s just,beyond awesome!I don’t think I’m wrong in expecting great things from him in the (ABSOLUTE MUST)3rd season.Maybe fallen angels are just awesome?:P

    Specials mentions to our resident cool baka,Xenovia – I’m sure she’ll keep her 3rd place in the poll.Asia didn’t really do much this season.As for Koneko,I noticed she’s pretty funny when she interracts with Gasper,although maybe a bit annoying when with Issei so if she’s to get more screentime in the future season,I hope it’s with the former.I also wouldn’t mind seeing more of Irina,the girl’s got a fun personalit and can’t say that she doesn’t have a good figure as well.

    At any rate,it seems like this something like Issei’s mind -not being able to make up his mind between Rias & Akeno- although in his case,Rias would probably be on top.It might take a while but hang in there until S3 Issei,you future harem-king you!We are too.

  18. Now Seishun, I don’t want to tell you how to run a poll, but you made a very big mistake. Seriously, earth-shattering. It may very well destroy humanity as we know it… We can only make one choice!! XD With this series, that is literally impossible. All these girls are too insanely awesome to pick just one!!

    As someone who has read the LNs, my list reflects what happens in later arcs: 1)Akeno 2)Rias 3)Koneko 4)Asia 5)Xenovia 6)Ravel 7)Irina 8)Rossweisse 9)Souna Show Spoiler ▼

  19. Thanks a ton Seishun, reading your posts which are effusing manner has left me with an infectious reaction. Rias and Akane oh how I will miss them both. The finale was awesome on so many levels. Clearly a lot of mind and effort has been put to write this but of course with the topic at hand being your field it should be a ball in the park. Anyway thanks again.

    Now to the next ecchi anime Seishun will cover.// 🙂

  20. I just hope they keep continuing this series until at least they animate volume 10. (My fav volume of the series) Although I won’t mind seeing Volume 11-12 being animated as well.

  21. I’m surprised that any of the Light Novel readers have fulfilled Ishibumi’s request (is in the afterword of Vol 13) of mentioning a certain phrase when Azazel summoned the golden armor.

    Oh well, let me be the one to mention it:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Lancaster Charles
  22. Thus was created the church trio. The world would never be the same.

    I have to refrain from voting because I can’t pick one girl over the others, though I have to admit Akeno is awesome because of her willingness (and perhaps even preference) to be a mistress.

  23. Compared to the first season, this one was quite a let down. The whole thing was overly messy, introducing two new characters every episode certainly didn’t help things.

    With the exception of Kiba, the club members took a sit in the background, Asia was useless filler, Koneko had a line every two episodes, Rias was simply standing around being insecure while everyone around was singing songs about how great she is for being herself and Akeno falls in love with Issei because the plot said so. Xenovia was without a doubt the best part of the season, Gasper and Vali did fine too.

  24. I don’t comment that often, but I want to say good job, Seishun. This is a very good review and thank you for blogging this show. I’ve never even considered watching fanservice shows until you started blogging here.


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