「#01 FALL」

LIDEN FILMS, with Aiura and Senyuu. behind them, have a reasonably good track record when it comes to adapting short anime. In fact, as they are one of the few who actually make short anime of such quality, they are slowly becoming a recognized studio which fills a certain niche–short (properly animated) comedies.

Miss Monochrome is no real exception to their trend–it has that air of randomness and absurdity that has pervaded their past two works. Despite being an advertisement of Horie Yui’s creation of Miss Monochrome, it brings some absurd surprises that exceed what was sure majority contempt and fairly low expectations.

Now, this show isn’t breaking any barriers, but it does give us the kind of flavor we come to expect from LINDEN. The random Roomba as a servant, the sudden loss of a fortune because of a sudden about-face of one of the first characters introduced, and of course the wordplay on ‘manager’, all of it gives current short comedy fans what they’ve been getting (wait did I just summarize the plot?) these past few seasons and keeps people on their toes.

If you’ve lowered your expectations of this show close to the ground, but have a slight curiosity to watch, I’d give today’s episode a try. Though it’s no Senyuu., and while the voice acting and animation aren’t anything of wow quality, the unpredictability of where this show is going, if you’re looking for another production from LINDEN, then check this out–this short series isn’t so bad for what it is.


ED Sequence

ED: 「ポーカフェイス」 (Poker Face) by Miss Monochrome


  1. It’s no Teekyu either, which has also done a decent job not constantly being a ‘LOL, RANDUM XD’ show.

    Miss Monochrome isn’t groundbreaking or amazing, but it’s also not unwatchable. I’ll give it enother episode or two and see if it’s going to get funny or stay as plain looking as her name implies.

    …I need to stop with the jokes.

  2. Still don’t know if I’ll ever dare to watch the next episode, but I don’t regret trying that out. I think the show would be even better if the jokes were a bit more absurd.

  3. You know, after attending Danny Choo’s Culture Japan Convention in Penang, Malaysia, I recently started having an interest in figurines, figmas, nendoroids, vocaloids, etc..
    That concert-like ED sequence gets a thumbs up for cementing my interest to watch this series till its end. :3

    Hmm, with Miss Monochrome’s non-angry personality & that robot vacuum, was anyone reminded of Hanekawa Tsubasa from Monogatari? I know I was.

    Btw, this link here should be Miss Monochrome’s debut appearance at a concert, that led to the creation of this anime..
    Poster is the legit KingRecords, so its a good vid 🙂


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