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Fate/Zero – 25 (END)

「運命ゼロ」 (Unmei zero)

I don’t think I could have asked for a better conclusion to a series as special as this one.

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Fate/Zero – 24

「最後の令呪」 (Saigo no Reijyuu)
“The Last Command Seal”

The Grail is a lie…

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June 18, 2012 at 2:52 am Comments (136)

Fate/Zero – 23

「最果ての海」 (Saihate no Umi)
“The Sea at the World’s Edge”

The banquet of kings concluded with a feast for our eyes and an emptiness in our hearts. We all knew it was going to happen, but the expectation did not diminish the epicness of the moment.

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June 11, 2012 at 3:11 am Comments (139)

Fate/Zero – 22

「この世全ての悪」 (Konoyo Subete no Aku)
“All Evil in this World”

There’s never a dull episode in Fate/Zero, even when most of it revolves around character interactions on the eve of the final battle.

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Fate Zero – 21

「双輪の騎士」 (Sourin no Kishi)
“Knight on Two Wheels”

The word tragedy might not be sufficiently depressing enough to describe this series.

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Fate/Zero – 20

「暗殺者の帰還」 (Ansatsusha no Kikan)
“Return of the Assassin”

If I weren’t dead inside, I would have shed many a tear watching this episode, as it’s a hard dose of reality for everyone in Fate/Zero this week with each character coming face-to-face with what they really are, and the role they must play in the Fourth Holy Grail War. The episode also contains a great dichotomy – a doll masquerading as a human being, and a human being that calls itself a machine. However, nothing makes saying goodbye any easier.

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Fate/Zero – 19

「正義の在処」 (Seigi no Arika)
“Where Justice is Found”

Fate/Zero is a series where one set of opinions doesn’t suffice, and so just like ZephEnzo™ did for Jormangand and Eureka Seven AO, BakaMochi and I have collaborated on this post to try and give more insight to a show that deserves every single word of it.

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Fate/Zero – 18

「遠い記憶」 (Toui Kioku)
“Distant Memories”

Sometimes… it is the things that we lose, not the things that we gain, that shape us into who are, and who we become.

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Fate/Zero – 17

「第八の契約」 (Daihachi no Keiyaku)
“The Eighth Contract”

And so the apprentice becomes the master.

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Fate/Zero – 16

「栄誉の果て」 (Eiyo no Hate)
“The End of Honor”

One of the most emotional episodes to date, this sixteenth episode was also one of the most thought-provoking as well.

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Fate/Zero – 15

「黄金の輝き」 (Ougon no Kagayaki)
“Golden Radiance”

Thy name is… Excalibur!

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Fate/Zero – 14

「未遠川血戦」 (Miongawa Kessen)
“The Bloody Battle in Mion River”

The long wait for the return of Fate/Zero was more than worth it.

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Fate/Zero – 13

「禁断の狂宴」 (Kindan no Kyouen)
“The Forbidden Banquet of Insanity”

Considering how Fate/Zero was originally slated for a contiguous six-month run, I wasn’t expecting the midpoint break to coincide with some finale-worthy material. However, I wasn’t expecting ufotable to leave off on a highly suspenseful cliffhanger either, which is downright cruel.

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Fate/Zero – 12

「聖杯の招き」 (Seihai no Maneki)
“The Holy Grail’s Invitation”

This week’s episode may not have exuded the same “epicness” as the last one, but the dialogue between Kirei and Archer was just as good as the three kings’ debate. It was a lot less ambiguous with the foreshadowing, not only with the Holy Grail’s invitation but with Archer’s not-so-subtle proposition as well.

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Fate/Zero – 11

「聖杯問答」 (Seihai Mondou)
“Holy Grail Dialogue”

For the better part of half of this episode, I was pretty set on how my impressions in this post would go — that Urobuchi Gen writes some exquisite dialogue that’s truly worthy of kings — but then the second half rolled around after Rider lectured Saber on what it means to be a king and I just had to tackle it from a different angle — Fate/Zero is too epic for words.

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