Eureka Seven AO: Jungfrau no Hanabana-tachi – OVA

「エウレカセブンAO -ユングフラウの花々たち-」 (Jungfrau no Hanabana-tachi)
“Eureka Seven AO: The Flowers of Jungfrau”

Any way you look at it the lead story in the Astral Ocean OVA is Ao in a dress, but there are actually a couple of semi-serious moments along the way.

Eureka Seven AO – 20

「ベター・デイズ・アヘッド/last message」 (Betā Deizu Aheddo)
“Better Days Ahead”

I’ve never been more of a BONES fan than I am with this show, because it took real guts for them to do something truly different with AO rather than take the path of least resistance and make a pale imitation of the beloved original.

Eureka Seven AO – 16

「ガーディアンズ・ハンマー/next phase」 (Gādianzu Hanmā)
“Guardians Hammer”

If I could have picked any series to go on a two-week hiatus, AO definitely wouldn’t have been it. But it’s surprising how quickly everything came flooding back once the episode started. I still have no idea what’s happening, but at least I know what I have no idea about.