Eureka Seven AO – 10

「リリース・ユア・セルフ/the pied piper of Hamelin」 (Rirīsu Yua Serufu)
“Release Yourself”

This episode was illustrative of why I think Ao works so well as a MC. He’s 12 – he’s scared, he’s reckless and he exercises poor judgment. But courage isn’t never being afraid – that’s stupidity – but in being afraid and doing what has to be done anyway.

Eureka Seven AO – 05

「タイトゥン・アップ/génération bleu」 (Taitun Appu)
“Tighten Up”

This marks the second in the collaboration between Zephyr and Myself to provide two perspectives on two of the season’s best shows – E7:Astral Ocean and Jormungand. I hope you’ve enjoyed our little experiment – if you’ve had half as much fun reading these posts as we did writing them, then we enjoyed them twice as much as you.