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OP2: 「ブレイブルー」 (Blazblue) by FLOW
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「スターファイアー/another truth」 (Sutāfaiā)

There’s a part of me that’s convinced BONES is just screwing with my head now because they can…

Yes, my brain hurts – but it’s a good kind of pain. I haven’t been this unsure of a story since… Well, probably since Eureka Seven. Or maybe it was Rahxephon? There’s one very obvious commonality between those two shows and this one, of course, and it’s the glorious BONES mindscrew – which has been sadly missing from most of their work for the last few years. While AO continues to surprise and confound me at every turn, I’d still argue that while the original E7 too often felt random and disjointed, AO has a more ordered and logical feel to it. The progression of events holds up to scrutiny, and most of the revelations actually make sense in hindsight, and that wasn’t always the case with E7 and to a lesser extent, Rahxephon. Of course, Aikawa Shou and Kyouda-sensei still have the biggest challenge in front of them, crafting an ending that maintains this structural integrity.

In addition to the cornucopia of information we received in the episode, we also have an OP and ED to dissect this week. Setting aside the artistic merits of each (OP: a homage to the original E7, ED: light and breezy with dark subtext) here are a couple of things that stood out:

  • OP: Most obviously, the presence of a character who should most likely be Renton. His back is to us so it can’t be confirmed (his clothes look more like Dominic’s) but he’s framed with Eureka and Ao, so… We also have a shot of what looks like a retrofitted Gekko-Go.
  • ED: We got a montage of scenes of Ao, Fleur and Elena on what appears to be the beach from the E7 ending (we know Elena has seen it in flashback already) and Eureka and Renton’s moon makes a cameo in the ep itself.

There’s really too much here to try and make sense of all of it and still leave time for impressions of the episode itself, so I’ll stick to the highlights for the most part. To me the most obvious question is the one that sprang forth from Eureka’s smiling “My baby is a girl!”. That shakes up the world (both for poor Ao and ourselves) pretty good. I can see three theories springing to mind here – Eureka’s baby is Naru, Eureka’s baby is Elena, or this Eureka is from a different timeline altogether – and one where she had a girl instead of Ao. My problems with the Naru theory are many, but the most immediate is age – as Naru and Ao are both 13, that would either imply a very quick turnaround or that the two of them are twins. Possible, but we’ve seen no foreshadowing of that as far as I can tell. It’s possible this could be a different Eureka altogether and not Ao’s mom, but if that’s so, we just don’t have the information at our disposal to say one way or the other.

That leaves us with “Elena is Ao’s older sister’ – and IMO this one passes the Occam’s Razor test of being the least unlikely option we know of. It would explain Elena’s “otherness”, her hostility towards Eureka (abandonment issues – “Are you leaving again? You’re not getting away this time!”), her memories of being with Eureka as a little girl, and there’s nothing in the existing timeline that precludes it. Elena might reasonably be said to have shown a “sisterly” attitude towards Ao too, though that’s a bit soft and fuzzy to nail down and she probably wouldn’t have known the truth in any case. If anything the possibility that this is a straightforward time-travel scenario seems more likely to me than it did after last week’s episode, and the Elena theory fits neatly with the time travel theory.

The information was thicker than trapar in the air this week, though some of it – like that spouted by war-hungry Nakamura – can’t be trusted on its face. He suggests that the Coralians are mankind’s enemy, the true “aliens”, and that The Secrets are actually the equivalent of our reality’s white blood cells. He uses this information to confuse the world powers long enough to make a power play on Iwato Island, capturing Ao and Naru and forcing the scuttling of the Gekko-Go by GenBleu. Some information seems rock-solid – like Fukai-sensei telling Ao that Eureka said Renton was “fighting for her and her child”. Equally solid is the data (supplied by a traitorous doctor) showing that Naru is indeed part scub coral, and the implication here is that all of the children who fly IFOs have Coralian in their system – and that’s what allows them to do so in the first place.

With each answer, more questions – and with each theory solidifying, another solid theory is put to the test. After last week the general assumption was that Truthie was a humanoid secret (the subtitle of next week’s episode) but in fact, he’s very much allied with Naru – and it seems all but certain that she’s a human-coralian hybrid. So either The Truth not a Secret at all despite the visual evidence of episode 13, or the Secrets and Coralians aren’t (necessarily) enemies. I vote the latter – and Naru’s role in the story has never seemed more in flux than it does right now. It seems as if Truthie and Eureka are pulling her in different directions, and I found her comment to Ao – “I wanted to fly with you, not just be embraced by you” – an interesting one. Some will likely see her as rejecting Ao but I don’t see that – rather, I think she sees herself as doing everything she does to try and help him, in her own way. Naru is trying to push Ao to see the truth of the world as she now sees it, but until he gets their on his own their paths will take them in different directions. Likewise interesting was Truth’s “Why do you hate me so much?” to Eureka – again, the implication being that he’s frustrated at those he sees as logical allies not seeing the same reality he does.

For our main character, we’re left in what seems a fairly dark place. He sees Eureka return to her world in what appears to be the RA272 Nirvash that he himself pilots (the one presumably built by Renton). Although he shows great maturity in helping her leave despite it breaking his heart (as pointed out by Pippo) Ao has effectively lost his mother for the second time. And he seems to have lost Naru, too, as she chooses The Truth’s path for now – and though I think their paths will intersect in the end, he can’t possibly know that now. For all his maturity and courage in and out of battle Ao is still (barely) 13, and he’s experiencing an awful lot of heartbreak for a boy so young. Ao remains one of the best combinations of realistic childlike vulnerability and uncommon courage and integrity I’ve seen in a child character, and one of the best things about Astral Ocean – and it’s easy to empathize with Ivica when the reality of the lives his kids are forced to lead creates so much angst in him.


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ED2: 「アイオライト」 (Iolite) by joy
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    1. I wouldn’t be so sure,

      While I don’t want to say anything yet as even now its still too soon to make a call,
      But I do believe Naru and Ao will at least end with a “complete” feeling to it.

    2. Technically my bets still on Naru. Long story short Ao is probably gonna bring Naru back to her senses and they’ll both reunite at some point. This whole incident may not even last that long maybe 5 or 6 eps at most until Naru is back in her right mind and with AO again. I can just see Bones taking this route.

      “The world is not beautiful, therefore it is”
      Just felt like throwing that out there for thought.

      Allen Walker
  1. errr Enzo, that spaceship was already there 2 weeks episodes ago, docked to the space station (there’s no cap on the station itself on RC, but its there.)

    Anyway, looks like Truth twisted the truth on things again (sry), and now we see a “brainwashed” Naru going to fight against Ao…
    …or we’re just seeing more misunderstanding of what Eureka have said last week.

  2. Eureka Seven: Ao is on a roll again, and is spreading revelations like confetti. Elena being Ao’s sister seems the most likely explanation for me too, though Elena’s darker skin would confuse me in that regard. Regardless, there is enough evidence for it.

    Also, I don’t think Truth’s ‘why do you hate me so much’ line was spouted at Eureka; seeing as it was after the Nirvash went haywire and went speeding after Truth, I think he was speaking to the Coralian within. I don’t he knows about how the Nirvash is really built, hell, I don’t think he knows as much as he thinks he does and is working on false assumptions. Naru’s backtalking to him only underlines that; they may be allies now because Truth thinks working with her will further his goals, but I doubt she’s really chosen his side (also going with your theory that she is technically trying to help Ao). Naru’s role in the story is different than I expected anyway, so who knows what she’s up to.

    Also, that Japanese guy is probably going to play the role of some proto-Dewey here, misleading the people to further his own goals and trying to destroy the Coralians. He’s full of it anyway, and I wonder if some calamity will happen because he had the bright idea to take that secret with him (since you do see a secret like that in the opening).

    Now for nitpicking time; I do felt that the pacing was a wee bit too fast and I hope it isn’t an indication that they’re going to start rushing later (as I was already afraid of earlier). Also, is it me or is the animation a little off? Some of Truth’s faces were kinda goofy, for one.

    Well, anyway, the show has picked up the pace and is keeping us guessing and theorizing left and right, which is a good thing. After the stagnation of the earlier episodes this is a breath of fresh air and it keeps me excited for what’s to come.

  3. I’d just like to point out that the red and white ship pointed out as the “retrofitted Gekko-Go” looks like it might actually be the red and white ship of Team Harlequin that’s docked at the space station early in Ep 12.

  4. AO keeps getting better and better. I really liked the scene where Naru called Ao out for making her the damsel in distress. She didn’t want to be rescued by him, she wanted to be viewed as an equal by him. Ao, Total Eclipse and Lagrange Season 2 are restoring my faith in storytelling with mecha anime, especially after how Evol turned out to be.

    Mike F.
    1. Naru almost displeasure with Ao right now actually reminded me of how Eureka reacted to Renton at the start of their journey as well. Naru feels like she’s on a mission her to expose the truth of the world as well.

      1. It’s much more interesting than the standard “Boy must save damsel in distress” type of story we get nowadays. And you’re totally right. At the start, Eureka had much more experience than Renton but he still tried to play knight in shining armor.

        Mike F.
  5. Gosh, this episode! As much as I’m enjoying this series so far, I’m kind of looking forward to it ending, if only so I can rewatch it and (hopefully) understand things.

  6. God they go through so much in one episode its hard to keep up but damn it was good.

    The idea mention that Eureka was going to have a girl completely threw me off or a second but then she looks much younger here then she did when she apparently had AO so that makes sense. I agree it seems most likely Elena is Ao’s sister but with the way they’re throwing out plot twists I’m not convinced I want to trust that atm.

    Fantastic show, best thing I’ve watched in years.

  7. Brain hurts in such a good way since the possibilities and theories that pop up as a result of this episode as well as the glimpse of what’s shown in the op. Show Spoiler ▼

    (wasn’t sure if that would spoil, better to be safe than sorry) ^_^
    and with this time traveling business who knows where this will lead. so many possibilities! Thankyou Bones for making my head hurt in such a good way!

    Mr C
  8. There is one important screenshot you totally missed in the OP!
    Enzo, the OP shows Nirvash typeZERO Spec V!!!
    The Spec V from the movie Pocketful of Rainbows. This means that the movie is canon and will intervene with the AO and Eureka universe.

    You guys should check the OP again if you missed it.

      1. Yeah, I noticed that.
        I actually think it’s Nirvash typeZERO Spec IV (4) or something. It has the staff and the flying things like Spec V. Also you can see that green cross on the body. However, the body is of Spec3!!

        I compared it closer, the arms are exactly the Spec3. If you look at the lines closely, you find that the black lines are in the same position as Spec3’s green lines on the arms. Also, the orb lies in the place of the green circle which shoot out beams.

        I think this Nirvash will explain what happened to the Spec3. I believe that the Eureka universe merged with the Pocketful of Rainbows universe. That in turn combined Spec3 and SpecV together. It carries the traits from BOTH of those Nirvash.

        I might be wrong, but it’s fun to come up with a theory sometimes~

    1. Rather than the Nirvash typeZERO spec V shown in the OP, I’d be more confused about how the Nirvash typeZERO spec 2 has homing lasers. It doesn’t have it in the original E7 but it does in the movie. Maybe that Nirvash was the one from the movie and the one that got pulled down with Truth to the ocean was the TV series version? So for now it seems that every single E7 is related with each other?

  9. I haven’t felt this cringy about a cliffhanger since FMA:Brotherhood.

    And that goes for every single previous ep. E7AO does something that no other follow-up to an original story has done, And by God am I enjoying every single second of it.

    Just when I thought having the original Nirvash and Gekko-go in this was a mindfuck on its own…

    Everyone’s thinking, I’m just saying it; “What sort of role will Renton play?”

  10. Gotta hand it to you, Enzo. Although many people(including myself) doubted Ao for awhile, you were right; it’s truly shaping up to be something promising.

    Eureka Seven is my favorite anime and this sequel is finally turning into what I’ve been waiting and hoping for. It’s certainly a different take on Eureka Seven but not a negative one. I think I was just getting impatient.

    1. Also did anyone else notice the scene where Ao caught Eureka when she fell out of the Nirvash was a direct homage to when Renton caught Eureka in the Nirvash when she was falling from the sky in the first series?

  11. Unlike the original show, AO employs purposeful misdirection of audience multiple times only to hit them over their head with HAHA DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING DID YOU.
    This is not good storytelling.
    Nakamura’s book by Johanson might as well be him reading the script.
    Secrets not being enemies makes absolutely no sense as they happily massacred humans all the time before that. And “Oh they just happened to be in the way” excuse doesn’t work because of episode 10.

    I’m sorry, it’s just for me no crazy otherworldly concepts and mysteries are interesting without good personalities to carry them along and AO does not do that for me.
    Here’s hoping Fleur becomes relevant again. She’s the only one likeable person that remains, not having twisted her own character or picked on Ao or Eureka for :reasons:.

    1. I’m pretty sure nakamura was using this particular theory more for misdirection of the political parties in order to capture ao / naru /nirvash for his own ends. it seems like truthie is playing naka even more so.

      So far i don’t feel like anything we’ve been shown has been unimportant. Things seem to be coalescing about as smoothly as you could expect with an eccentric timetraveling alien mecha paradox!

      It is a pretty hectic ride, but i am so enjoying it!

    2. Actually going off of episode 10. The Secret don’t seem to attack humans unless they get shot at first. As for the disasters and loss of life, one could attribute that to collateral damage of the Secrets trying to deal with the Coral. That doesn’t stop the Secrets from posing a threat to humans but that makes their damage more indirect and not the “Oh they want to end humanity” sort of threat they came across as.

  12. The last few episodes seriously kick ass, a roller coaster-like plot development which – while confusing – also feels like it leads somewhere, and even small things matter.

    For instance, whoever the baby girl may be, it removes the time paradox of 2 Ao’s being there at the same time. Brilliant!

    Guess I will have to marathon it when it ends 🙂

  13. Maybe Renton’s behind everything. Some of the characters are aware that this world isn’t quite right. If they bring the movie world into it too then there’s another version. Perhaps Renton is trying to fix everything and restore it to a single reality. Could also kind of explain his transformation into a “Doc” Brown type of appearance.

  14. Please listen/ I agree with this “There’s a part of me that’s convinced BONES is just screwing with my head now because they can…
    ” , I feel the same way.
    ! 1 I dont think Eureka agree with Renton choice of hair stytle color, the 1stOp show clearly show and tell reference for this is blood C. Remenber how Saya adventure in that make-up town and just get to the point was not receive very well it being very dry that were Eureka Seven Ao root come the show and tell.

    @ 2 is the next can be acting what the anime show and tell what why?/? Remenber that everyone is going to ACT based on there Belief.

    # 3 Remenber I dont think Eureka approved of MadScientist Persona Renton? displaying.

    $ 4 Sadly if Naru start to kill in the same matter as Truth there no going back to old new life. I mean there good chance she may get an bad ending. Also I think she die from her infected I elaboted later.

    % 5 Fleur is clearly very very special not just because she the President Dauther but she also was once an infected victim from the Coral Contamination. Remenber when Elena said there was accident her and mother were involved did she and mother enter the Contamination Zone her mother either gravely injured but was not Contamination and her dauther was Contamination. Her mother gain away her organ to live because there discovery that you die from overgrown from the Scual Coral.
    How I can answer this is based on one clear fact Elena from Eureka not there, she when to zone with Eureka (same as Anomeno when was driven to ride the “THe eND’ because her comsume level of the Zone. Remenber that in Renton world either you have a “CoMPaCT DRiVe” or has a stong connection to the Coralian.
    Also the Research Lab when the President Found Elena there were many left children bacause all were infected expect for Elena
    . Elena is connected the same way as Anomere but few keys difference points. Also i think all those children dies, which lead me to believe that Naru is heading to the same road.

    ^ 6 Elena has love hates relainship with Eureka. I think Elena immenesed in love with Eureka as a mother figure and also Eureka felt a deep bond with Elena, / Coralian-Human bond/ And Eureka leaving at some point Lead to Eleana must felt rip from this bond.

    & Also Fleur is falling for AO- to this when he smile she smile / the ed to this show / Eureka Seven REFENCE

    Sorry for the bad spell word

    Lao Ivan
  15. My goodness, just when we think we have the answers starting to coalesce, Bones just takes that away from us and drags us back to square one! I have to say, I’m also leaning to the “Elena is Ao’s sister” theory; from the beginning Elena shows some interesting body language towards Ao when he’s in danger, it showed a lot more concern than Fleur’s reactions. I would be very surprised if she, theoretically, didn’t recognize him as her brother since he looks just like how she would remember her mother. She also seems to have a lot of unexplained anger toward Eureka, and if we recall episode 11, Elena was found in a facility for research of children with affinity to the trapar. It’s possible she spent a good deal of her life in such a facility, being experimented on. It’s possible she’s been surgically altered like Anemone was in the original, which might explain her not looking like her parents. I wouldn’t be surprised if her hair was dyed; she’s an otaku and excepting Ao, she’s the only one with a ridiculous hair color. Generally, the other characters have believable hair colors, seeing as Ao’s blue hair is considered strange. Perhaps it’s really brown or blue? In any case, that’s all speculation, but it’s the only explanation I can think of at the moment to justify the inclusion of a sister. I really doubt Naru is Ao’s sister because they’d have to be twins, and while it’s possible Ao is the parallel world version of Eureka’s daughter, we don’t know enough for that.

  16. I hope the crew of the Gekko with Renton and Eurkea make appearance or it would be cool to see Ao get sent to the future for a episode and then get sent back by the truth or something since Eurkea can go in between time so I dont see why Ao cant either.

    I still think that Doctor u raised him knows alot more then he lets on I mean he got mad when he found out he saw Eurkea that is somewhat odd.

  17. “There’s one very obvious commonality between those two shows and this one, of course, and it’s the glorious BONES mindscrew – which has been sadly missing from most of their work for the last few years.”

    The anime in recent years that I feel BONES could have and should have done this in is Star Driver. They really missed an opportunity to go wild there.

  18. It’s interesting how Naru pilots the older version of the Nirvash (separate cockpits), whereas Eureka pilots the upgraded one (single cockpit). This leads me to speculate the existence of more than 1 alternate timelines.

    Also, is it me, or does Ao look slightly off-model this episode? This shot is especially jarring.

  19. Fuck the ED. There, I said it. I hate it, and I don’t care who disagrees with me. It just doesn’t fit with what Eureka 7 is all about.

    I like the music and the artstyle is okay, but a fanservice-laden beach scene? Bones, I know you better than that.


    A Disgruntled Fan
    1. Honestly I hate it too. While I know that E7 had fanservice, it’s always slightly disappointing to see so much of it in AO; it just feels unnecessary. But what can you do? I enjoy everything else about the series though.

      1. Eureka 7 didn’t ever really have that much fanservice. The closest you can really get as far as EDs go is Tip Taps and even then it’s not much; Eureka standing in a shower…in a dress.

        Even throughout the series there wasn’t a lot of fanservice, and even when it was there, it wasn’t played straight for the purpose of fanservice. By contrast, AO has tons of fanservice, and it’s really blatant when they show it.

        Just proves to me how far Bones has fallen…

        A Disgruntled Fan
  20. The whole time I was like, Ahh, Fleur Love. And then I was like god damn it Truth!!! And then, god damn it Naru!!! It was like a roller coaster ride all over again. Seriously, i never had this much frustration and fun from an anime since FMA. God, I love E7:AO.

  21. What about the shot where there is an Eureka like girl (well turquoise hair and feminine eh-hem features) sleeping in sub-coral? She could be Ao’s sister and Eureka’s first born…

    One thing that really stands out to me is EUREKA’s HAIR PINS!!!! Bones is almost slapping us in the face (in a nice way really) to figure this out but I feel like they leave us a giant clue. The pregnant Eureka that just floated away this episode has been drawn different from the Eureka “Ao’s mom” phantasm. Pregnant Eureka has 2 distinct hair pins while Ao’s Mom Eureka Phantasm has the original E7 hair pin (flower thing). There is something super obvious about this careful distinction but at the same time I have not the foggiest what to think about it… lol

    I love this series though!!!! Thanks for all of the posts!!!!!

    1. The girl in the Scub Coral is Eureka before she was discovered by scientists in the original Eureka Seven. That scene shows in the 3rd season when Renton hears about her being dug up. Naru saw something like a condensed version of the world’s history with the Scub Coral.

    1. Or rather…The Secrets are coming.

      If this is all one timeline, all that coming back in time from Eureka must be altering the future. Or not, since everything is part of the same cycle. Or maybe Eureka has the Reading Steiner.

  22. Just finished re-watching the original series, so references to 10,000 years ago abound, had me thinking a lot of AO. (but then there’s the whole weirdness with ep 50 and.. … yeah >>;;;. )

    SO. Uhm, anywho, I’m confused o3o… After last week was /freaking awesome/ this week gave us a season’s worth of questions to answer. So Hop to it >P!

  23. Mind = blown. And I’m not sure it’s a good thing.

    First off, the new OP and ED are nice, but tbh I didn’t like them much. They’ll probably grow on me like most do, but the songs are meh for now. It was nice to hear some Flow again, and the ED reminded me of the 3rd ED from the original Eureka Seven. Also, I hope they don’t make Renton into the stereotypical, hair-is-all-long-and-flowing, likes-to-wear-“cool-yet-unpractical”-clothes kind of hero. I’d be pissed.

    Now. How could one episode so completely screw my expectations for this series? I thought episodes 12 and 13 were huge game changers, but this is ridiculous. I no longer know what to expect. First, Naru’s personality completely changed after the opening segment of her consciousness. I welcomed her change in appearance, especially those two things protruding out her hair, but her cold demeanor totally turns me off. Don’t get me wrong: having a heroine actually express individuality and all that feminist stuff is a nice change in atmosphere, but Naru’s hostility and secretive attitude towards Ao just makes me want to slap her good. Second, Ao has a sister! Unexpected twist, and yet, strangely fitting, considering his relationship with Naru (!) and Elena’s questionable past (though her hair wouldn’t quite fit). Third, Elena displays an apparent vendetta against Eureka for reasons yet unknown, and now I’m even more excited for episode 15. Finally, minute revelations on Johansson’s book about “the truth” and the intents that the Secrets harbor are more than enough to make me want to tear out my hair in frustration. The next episode could not come any sooner.

    Tl;dr, this episode made my day (despite me seeing The Dark Knight Rises today as well), the new opening and ending don’t quite live up to my expectations, and I’m hella impressed–and worried–with the way Bones screwed with my head.

    1. Oh, right. Forgot to mention that another theory–and one that’s quite likely “in reality,” though Bones probably wouldn’t do this–is that perhaps Eureka already gave birth to a daughter before returning to this Earth and giving birth to Ao.

  24. I’m not sure why everyone’s so quick to label Naru as an ‘evil person!!!” when personally, we can’t judge her (just like we can’t judge Ao) for her position in the matter? I think the problem with Naru is her character, but her writing. She was stuck at the back of the show for a good half and then she comes back and she’s some super powered Scub Coral Queen (if there’s one flaw in AO right now it’s that the antagonists are WAY too super powered) who is fine with killing people at sight. I don’t know how we got from tsundere Naru to that sort of Naru, but that’s a writing problem, not a character problem. Personally, I find her reaction to Ao’s “Let me save you!!” refreshing (you go and trample that damsel in distress trope, girl) and being able to pilot an IFO (lol how though is beyond me) is nice too. The problem is that everyone seriously lacks good communication skills in this show, and she obviously didn’t do a good job of explaining to Ao (like everyone) what’s going on. It’s the same theme that was presented in the original Eureka Seven between Renton and Eureka so I find it okay to tolerate because it creates this question of who really is right and wrong in this show, if we can label people in those terms (which we can’t because this entire situation is grey grey grey) but it also continues to keep us in the dark. I can get mad at the fact that she pointed a boomerang at Ao so threateningly (writing problems once again) and went off without really giving any sort of definitive conclusion as to what she was trying to say.

    TL;DR- we can’t blame Naru for her actions, since we know so very little of her POV. Truth on the other hand though? Is really starting to get on my nerves….

  25. The real human-coralian hybrid in this series is Ao. Naru is first and foremost a human that got infected with scub coral. While it first was like a parasite that made Naru weak, her interactions with Truth and the corals allow her to form a symbiosis that benefits her health.

  26. Eureka’s baby girl is what’s inside the new Nirvash. Eureka said something “like her” was inside the Nirvash she was piloting so taking that theroy and applying it to mine makes the most sense to me. But hey what do I know.

    Rios III
  27. Here’s a mad idea… Truth damages nirvash typeZERO (quite clearly too, the camera zooming in on the damage), then it’s not seen again until the end of the episode, where it appears as good as new PLUS homing lasers which is did not have in E7…

    HOWEVER Nirvash DID get Homing Lasers in Pocket Full of Rainbows, and that does look like spec V in the opening, so that’s where spec V comes into it.

    Either truth repaired it and transported it from under the noses of several different forces and lots of people, fixed it and upgraded it. Or, there are two different Nirvashes, from the two different universes. this then raises the question, which universe is Ao’s Eureka from?

    And Personally I don’t think it’s a time travel plot, just because a world looks like the past doesn’t mean it’s the same universe. Hell this is the only way time travel could feasibly work (without paradoxes i mean).

      1. sorry I wasn’t talking about Nirvash Mk I but Nirvash typeZERO from E7, after it throws eureka out, it attacks truth, who tears some metal off it’s feet and shoulder. It then crashes into the sea. Then it inexplicably turns up at the end of the episode, completely fixed, with homing lasers, that it didn’t seem to have before. I think this is Movie!Nirvash and not E7!Nirvash.

  28. I never saw the E7 movie, given how many bad reviews there were about it. With all these clues that it might make an appearance in the plot here, should I go and watch it now?

    1. Well, it is 2 hours so you won’t lose anything.

      But, if you saw the first anime series then expect a lot of rehashed scenes from the anime. The plot wasn’t bad but the fact that the Nirvash typeZERO was a cute creature turned many people off. Don’t remember if Nirvash theEND was a cute creature too.

  29. la piel oscura de elena se debe al bronceado ya que en un episodio se observa como disfruta del sol. y bueno del opening 2 de esta serie me asombro la presencia de ese persona misterioso pues tiene un parecido a renton es lo mas probable, por que si fuera dominic no tendria relacione con eureka y aun en ese parte de la imagen apareceria en la siguiente secuencia solo.

  30. Um, why is it that I felt that Fukai was telling us that Naru is Ao’s sister? relatively, she looks very similar to Renton (eyes hair skin) and still has alien part of her, not to mention she CAN PILOT THE NIRVASH O.o. Elena, I have no clue though 🙁

  31. Well, here’s one way of looking at it that incorporated both the original TV series and Pocketful of Rainbows:

    1. The Eureka that gave birth to Ao is from the TV anime.
    2. The Eureka carrying the baby girl is from Pocketful of Rainbows. If you recall, the glimpse they have of the original E7 universe in the movie reveals the moon from the finale of the anime, implying the movie took place after the anime – if time is even relative with dimensional transportation.
    3. That would, at the very least, explain why this Eureka was younger, because Pocketful took place an undisclosed amount of time after the TV anime. It would also explain the number of Nirvashs going around. However, this doesn’t explain why the Eureka in the past would already know Ivica, so this theory could very well be debunked as well.

    Another theory, but I guess we’ll have to see.

    1. Actually, I just realized I didn’t consider the state of Eureka’s mind at the end of the movie (she also didn’t have the gem), though I guess that could have been rectified in between the end and AO.

  32. I finally feel like there is direction, and Enzo pointed out the high tension in the series similar to the original, and that makes me happy that they have hit some marks. I wish they would have spent more time on the character bonding like the original E7. It was more engaging to see friends trying to survive the madness together and make it through together. I find there wasn’t enough time for even trust to be built between G Bleu. hopefully with all of these developements they can switch on a little of that. missin that call to fly too. that lifter culture was something extra. we only get a glimpse in the beginning episodes. maybe there’s a need for 50 eps to develop all that and 24 just isn’t enough. Well worth seeing it though. Good job so far.

  33. Mind is blown by the more questions I have. The new op was cool seeing renton. Elena can be eureka’s daughter just because of her hatred and now naru is brainwashed by truth wow bones is now completely playing with my head.

  34. I think pocket full of rainbows is more important than I originally thought just an AU story. But it seems more of a prequel to AO, than a sequel to E7. The idea of a multiverse, or a time loop with different thhings each time (rebuild of eva is obviously post EoE, for instance)

    John Titor
  35. The Hero! Renton back soon. Will he meet with
    when his son Ao


    Felipe P22
  36. The Eureka which we saw was completely different from that of the one who showed up as a “ghost” figure in with Naru when she took control of it.

    Therefore, i think when the “younger” Eureka said that Nirvash was something like her, she may have meant that the older her may have been in the Nirvash in one form or another. Maybe that is why we don’t see her and why the younger Eureka has no idea of the world of AO.

    However, one thing i do not get is WHY was the Gecko-go in there in the first place. I mean even after the original E7 ended you may expect them to fix it. Yet, it still had the damage from E7 episode 51. Additionally, why was the ship associated with Nirvash Type-Zero in space?

      1. Additionally if you look carefully you notice that at the end of E7 episode 51 Eureka had the hair-clip with the flower. If she is pregnant now she should still have that. However, this younger Eureka does not; however, the older does.

        Furthermore, if you noticed that the older Eureka has the forehead jewel a bit bigger than her younger counterpart’s. If this matters at all is the question.

        Are these differences saying that just like the movie and the E7 series, there are many different typed of characters in coexistence?

        Additionally, when Naru was shown the events of the birth of the Scub you can see that the translations say that in the near future it will happen. (or i may have gotten it wrong)
        In AO’s world the Scub may be one form of life while the Secret another form fighting for existence.

      2. The jewel’s size increase that you mention makes me think that maybe the jewel grows with age, knowledge or maturity. Which would make sense, since the older Eureka jewel is bigger than the younger one who has less experience than the older one.

  37. From my observation I really think that nature is the nirvash. Why evidence from her eye color links to th nirvash in episode 50 of the original series when the nirvash is in type 3 stage. Another thing as to to why itmight be her is the fact the truth is being attack by the nirvash in this episode and he asked why are you so desperate to fight me and why. Another thing is that she can be sucked into the scuba coral and that’s where lfo are found and she looks like the scub is tranforming her into something else.

  38. I love the twist & turns of this show. It always has me at the end of my seat wondering what will happen next & keeps me guessing. It’s awesome seeing what appears to be grown Renton with his back turned in the opening.

    I have a few theories of my own on what is happening:

    1) Truth is the secret that Eureka and Nirvash fought before she disappeared 10 years ago. I say this because of the following reasons:

    One: In the new opening where it shows Truth and Secret together both seem to have the white circle at their belt line levels. Also, Going back looking at the last episode of the secret that Eureka fought also has the white circle or orb in the same location.
    Two: In the fight Truth’s arms transformation seems identical to the arms of the secret shown so it wouldn’t really surprise if his full transformation or true form is that of that secret. If he is a secret, that could explain how he is able to fight the way he does. It also could explain why he is so stuck on try to get Eureka; she escape before & he doesn’t want her to escape again.

    2) After reading AO post above about the two Eureka something came to me about them.

    One: The younger looking Eureka with the pins that said she is pregnant with a girl could be actually the same one that is Ao’s mother; just from an earlier timeline. If this is true and Ao does have an older sister I believe Elena is the best possibility.

    Beside Elena history being unknown, I think it is kind of interesting that Elena always has a flower/clover like pin in her hair and believe they mentioned she was special. Also more interesting, I went back to look at Episode 11 and lots of more things are pointing out at me now if I think about it this way. Throughout the episode Miller’s hair reminded me of Renton’s a bit may be a hint or maybe I’m over reaching. They also showed Eureka holding on the Elena while it appeared they were flying through the air and they flashed the moon that had Eureka and Renton name on it. It maybe possible that she was trying to get the Nirvash to remember Elena like she had did with Ao. The next scene was her on a shore in the middle of some wreckage and seeming confused about who she was. Maybe she somehow got separated from Eureka, landed hard and suffered amnesia. Also, later in that episode the sand whatever Miller said something to Elena and Ao on the lines of “Our world is outside of this one.” I thought it was just the crazy sand talking but maybe it actually meant it. At one point Elena reminded Ao of Eureka; once again could have been the crazy sand or a hint. At the end of the episode Elena said “Goodbye Miller. Goodbye Elena” maybe Elena was the name they gave her in the records and she had really just remembered her real name or a bit more of her past. This could also explained why she had the “abandonment issues” you mentioned. She remembered part of her past & was pissed that Eureka never came back for her.

    Two: Eureka with the flower I agree with others with thinking she represents the older Eureka. Also I think the flower represents when she is with Renton. The only times I remember seeing with the flower is when she was with Elena in episode 11(if Elena is her daughter and she went back to Renton after going into the light in this episode it would fit my theory) and these ghostly versions. When Eureka said she was pregnant with a girl, the time they showed her have Ao and when she disappears with the quartz in the last episode she is showed with the regular pins. Though these ghostly Eureka always has the flower in her hair. My theory about this is that these are really holograms that Eureka and Renton are using to project Eureka to help and guide Ao.

    Sorry that this post with my theories is so long but I just had to get this off of my mind. Trying to organize my though with all these twist & turns was very confusing. 😀 With BONES being behind this though I wonder if any of my theories will be right.

  39. Remember how in Eureka Seven Ao episode Zero, where you see the clips of the original series with the new edited voice overs, the primary thing Eureka wanted was to be a human. What if Eureka is somehow inside of the original Nirvash or inside of Naru; and maybe inside all of the pilots.

    1.in episode 13 you see AO talking the Ghost image of Eureka which turned to Naru for a short time.

    2. Eureka who disappeared when Ao was a baby has not gone anywhere, but in fact still remains in the present AO’s world as a “ghost”.

    1. it is only labelled ‘episode zero’ by some fan sites, it’s official name is ‘Eureka Seven: New Order’, it is still unknown if it’s even canon. (either that or word of god confirmed it wasn’t canon, but i don’t think so)

  40. Tuning in a few months late 😛

    Wonder why did the Scub Coral disappear to the past? (Mentioned by Eureka last ep)
    Something or someone triggered it?
    Or it did so on its own?
    Could E7AO develop to an alternate timeline of E7, a different future?

    Naru bought the story the Coralian in her showed her and she resolves to become Char for the Scub Coral 😛

    Ao is still confused but he looks determined in the new OP.

    Truth, perhaps he is something like Naru?
    He has part of that Secret from 10 years ago?


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