Episode 13:

「おっぱい、実ります!」 (Oppai, Minorimasu!)
“I’m Harvesting Breasts!”
Episode 14:

「おっぱい、求めます!」 (Oppai, Motomemasu!)
“I’m Searching for Breasts!”

The second season of High School DxD will be making its splashing debut today – but for those of you who can’t wait, consider the fanservice galore of Episode 13/14 a taste of what’s to come! “Tits and Peace” – as bizarre and mind-boggling as that sounds, the line I just quoted was pretty much the thematic heading of Episode 13 and the sheer hilarity that came from all that hoo-ha was simply off-the-charts! Just as side-splitting as its previous effort, Episode 14 was anything but archaic, and the copious fanservice featured here was most definitely on the up and up, starting with Rias sempai’s best rendition of a sensual belly dance! The idiosyncrasies of all the main characters were alive and kicking, and the OVAs certainly did not miss a chance to play up their many eccentricities – the S&M fetish that defines Akeno (Itou Shizuka), the constant tease of “jailbait”  from both Asia (Asakura Azumi) and Koneko (Taketatsu Ayana), and what I would described as Rias Gremory (Hikasa Yoko) just being herself, only because she’s that perfect! High School DxD is many things, but subtle has never been one of them. The better half of the OVAs was consumed by shameless ecchi goodness – and needless to say, everything was preposterous, oversexed and above all, fun!

Hyoudou Issei (Kaji Yuki), the aspiring “Harem King” at Kuou Academy, has grand ambitions, but his prurient desires has regrettably made him completely useless against their latest adversary – a Chimera that looks very much like an all-so-clichéd carnivorous plant! As is often the case, there’s always a catch, or should I say, an ecchi twist in it somewhere – for Episode 13, we have a certain “boob -fruit” on our hands, and mind you, not only does the crop look like actual titties, it apparently also works as a breast-enhancement remedy! I don’t think anyone was especially taken aback by Issei’s determined resolution to side with the Chimera – after all, that’s the Issei we all know and love, and his perverted ways has always gotten the best of him! Speaking as someone who’s fairly fond of the larger cup size, I must admit I can totally see where Issei’s coming from. A universal panacea for the likes of “itty bitty tittes” is, indeed, a wondrous creation – one that would not just fulfill the dreams of all man, but also solve all kinds of needless inferiority complex for the woman. It’s both a viable choice and a win-win solution that would make the world a better place – I jest, of course, but it appears that my inbox is already chock full of hate mails from the lolicon brigades!

Episode 14 featured a similar uber-pervert as an antagonist – a mummified Shaman in this case – but that was hardly the highlight of this episode, and no one, not even Rias sempai, is capable of hogging the spotlight when Akeno goes all out! Who knew Akeno sempai was such an accomplished masseur – as always, there’s a sprinkle of BDSM over everything she does and her most recent venture is certainly no exception. True to her reputation, the infliction of pain and humiliation was at the forefront of the Akeno’s unique treatment, and her superb fingering, verbal abuse and the venerable boob jiggling were all present – it’s no wonder she got an orgasmic squeal out of an old man! Being the very best of ecchi comedy, High School DxD has no shortage of eye candies – Akeno’s leather bondage get-up pretty much speaks for itself, but the skimpy outfit that Rias wore was quite a feast for the eyes as well! Rias sempai’s belly-dancing was sensual, erotic and immensely bewitching – no words can do justice to just how amazing her performance was and this is precisely the type of fanservice that puts a great ecchi in a league of its own, especially vis-à-vis that of a full-on hentai!

I continue to find myself in awe with the variety of fanservice that High School DxD has to offer – but if there’s one thing these two episodes have in common, it would most certainly be the prevalence of tentacle erotica! In fact, this was a meta-humor within the episode itself and the inside joke was pointed out by none other than Koneko-chan – it was doubly funny since it was remarked in her usual sarcasm! The advent of two tentacle monstrosities must be a godsend to those of you who take delight in such a mania – as for me, I’m glad that Issei was able to put his infamous “Dress Break” to good use.  The sight of him stripping the girls naked – and by extension releasing them from the tentacle’s grip, certainly had me laughing out loud – that lucky bastard gets to be both the pervert and the hero simultaneously! For those of you who have followed my work for Hyakka Ryouran, you would have figured out by now that I take great joy in the “art” of ecchi and fanservice. High School DxD is definitely the best of its kind and I’m really looking forward to seeing the many faces of this show again – it’s going to be blast covering the second season and I hope you’ll find something to like in my endless babbling!

Random tidbits:

  • “Why is she in a skimpy outfit?” – I think the more appropriate question is, “Why not”?
  • “Why do all the bad guys like to tie them up and spin them around?” – Again, “Why the hell not”?
  • I’m a huge sucker for the “Office Lady” type and Kiba’s client is definitely right up my alley – Can I be her houseboy?
  • “I was just inspecting to see if that perverted gaze belonged to you or Issei” – Koneko’s tsundere antics can be pretty adorable at times!
  • “Koneko, can you use your strength to break the tentacles” – No, I can’t, it’s too gooey!
  • “It’s like an Issei sempai insect, it’s like an Issei sempai demon” – Ouch, that hurts! Koneko throws out the best verbal jabs.
  • I must resist!” – I’m surprised Issei was able to withhold his inner desires for that long. I would have dived right into Akeno’s embrace in a split second!
  • “It’s more fun if you struggle” – Akeno sempai is such an S. I wouldn’t want to get on her wrong side!
  • Wide open now” – Bentos from both Rias and Asia! Issei is such a lucky bastard.
  • “A lady shouldn’t be making such lecherous sounds” – Greyfia picked the perfect spot to materialize her hologram!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – High School #DxD 13-14: Are you ready for “Tits & Peace”? The Harem King will make his return – not now, but very soon! In the meantime, here are some appetizers while you’re waiting! #Anime

Full-length images Episode 13: Did I just make 36 full-length images? You gotta click on all of them to figure that out!
Full-length images Episode 14: 01, 03, 05, 07, 08, 18, 21, 22, 25, 33, 34, 36.



    1. What is more thrilling is Rias erotic choice of clothing. Does anyone know what is the name of that outfit she does while belly dancing, I am wanting to make a list of why kind of clothing she wears and what kind she will likely wear in the future.

  1. You really did deliver these two OVAs, though the first one was overdue for almost a year now
    While I did enjoy the service, PLOT and backstory it gave, it was very weak on the story side, which I was looking for in DxD. And the tentacle theme for the two episodes wasn’t to my liking. Not my favorite fetish but whatever. Though I can forgive it because they’re just OVAs and it didn’t hurt the main plot at all. Plus that belly dancing animation. And Kaji Yuuki did a great impression of Norio Wakamoto in the second episode.

    With the amount of full-lengths in this post, I am sure now that the second season is in good hands in terms of the best screenshots and getting the full-lengths of different scenes. I’ve seen the raw earlier and I very much look forward to all those juicy pictures. Plus it was a promising start to the story which will be a win for all.

    *grabs all the full lengths at the speed of light*

    1. In my defense, I wasn’t even a writer a year ago, and I only found out very recently that I was going to blog DxD 😛
      I’m glad you like the full-length images, they’re my pride and joy :3
      Belly-dancing Rias <3

    1. He’s a great seiyuu – I enjoyed his performance as Valvrave’s Q-vier, Shingeki’s Eren and HenNeko’s Youto. I think his haters who still see him as Ouma Shu ought to cut him some slack 😛

  2. As a girl, I really shouldn’t get as much entertainment as I do out of this. – ///-

    But…I’ll be damned if this show doesn’t do funny and sexy right. 😉 (Seriously, I love this show. Second season ahoy!)

    1. same here…to an extent. Hell, I even enjoy this show as a gay guy (no sexualy obviously) its just so entertaining to watch with my friends (who oddly are girls who like female ecchi stuff 0_0 go-figure). As long as things are just as enjoyable in the second season as the first then I’ll be happy.

      1. *Not Sexually*
        Anyways, I would like to say damn I want to see more animated twerking like Rias did in the 2nd one! Plus after watching the 2nd season 1st ep, things do look promising ^_^

    2. +100 Seishun Points. You ma’am deserve a chocolate medal! And you too, SDFGS 😉
      I’m thrilled to learn that DxD’s appeal extends beyond its usual demographics, bravo!

  3. The studios responsible for the series and ovas probably wanted to give as much fan-service as they could because they intend to focus on putting the novels material into the anime series (with a few mods). For instance, Saji and Sona’s introduction was placed early in the season 1 rather than this new season. Also, looking back at the past posts: Stilts got his wish granted https://randomc.net/image/High%20School%20DxD/High%20School%20DxD%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2022.jpg
    Hurry up and review Episode 1 of High-School DxD New, its already out and FFFansubs has it translated

    1. I had fun with the OVAs – it had plenty of LOL moments and the fanservice was simply off-the-charts :3
      Sorry for the slight delay, I’m on the road for work at the moment, schedule has been pretty hectic. Gomen Gomen >.<

  4. *INSANELY NSFW, but positively delicious*

    YESH! YESH! One of my favorite “guilty pleasure” anime returns!

    And since the new episodes of DxD New are up on Mondays, it’s good to see this show filling the gap that Nyaruko-san W left for this season. Ready your personal blood bags, people…and prepare for a nosebleed pandemic! XD

  5. I hope you’re not offended, Seishun, that I completely skipped the summary blog and went right for all those delicious full-length images <3<3<3<3<3<3

    Ah…Rias and Akeno…how I missed thee…

  6. Mataku… to think that that damned fool Issei is still seriously trying to bring a harem together. Having to watch that youthful optimism of his… this is just getting damn near painful to watch.

    * Deep, heavy sigh *

    Poor, brave fool. * I whisper into the wind *

  7. YES YES YES give indeed DxD always worth to see give saw those 2 ova eps sure this too oh my to watch.

    yea especially whole rias doing belly dancer doing why am i remind of that too much DxD all over with saw s2 new debut ep yea more oh YES.

    & oh Funi dub this coming august with Jamie Marchi as Rias indeed we all win on it.


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