“Holy Big Jugs Batman” – while Lucy was marveling at Flare’s infectious smile, my eyes were zeroed in onto her magnificent boobie goodness. I’m not going to apologize for responding to my red-blooded instincts and let’s not kid ourselves – I can’t be the only one who had a silly grin on my face when such a shameless attempt of fanservice entered our sights. Mashima sensei has always been more than charitable in his ecchi effort – I don’t pretend to speak for everyone, but I’ll be damned if I don’t give Flare’s exquisite buxomness some well-earned applause. Flare might not be the prettiest girl out there – but surely, she has made a name for herself with that stylishly curvaceous figure, whether it’s her luscious cleavage or those dazzling hips! It doesn’t look like Flare is going to become a new member of Fairy Tail at the imminence – she has only just reconciled with her family at Sun Village and I don’t think she’ll be too keen to set out on a new journey this soon. Fairy Tail’s latest mission was, as expected, a blazing success, and with this achievement, they have probably made an ally out of the giants at Taiyou Village. This particular story arc was somewhat shorter than what I had in mind, and it’s all probably just a setup for the big-time extravaganzas to come – a stepping stone to bring Tartarus, the last of the Balam Alliance, into the current narratives! Atlas Flame’s appearance has shed some light on some of the prevailing mysteries, but at the same time, he has also introduced several new ones – a slew of puzzlements that surround a certain Exorcist Mage, Igneel the Fire Dragon and E.N.D, the darkest of all dark magic from the Book of Zeref! Nobody knows for sure how all of that fit into the big picture – whether they’re discrete events or somehow connected through an unknown catalyst. What we do know for certain though is that Tartarus will have a role of utmost importance to play in the next story arc, and its Kyuukimon Brigade will be right at the forefront of this incoming carnage!

Speaking of Tartarus, two of its members have made an appearance, and they have certainly proven to be quite an intrigue – first, there’s Silver, an Ice Devil Slayer Mage, who singlehandedly froze the entire Sun Village and second, we have Kyouka, a bird-like humanoid, who is putting together a large battalion of troops! Absolute Zero Silver seems to harbor an inexplicable animosity against demons – he mistook Atlas Flame for one and his Devil Slaying Magic was apparently powerful enough to put the ever-burning Eternal Flame in its place! He appears to be somewhat of a loose cannon – but there’s also a sentimental side to his character, a seeming nostalgia which has brought him to a gravesite. There’s not a whole lot that we can about Silver at this stage, but one might deduce he shares a certain connection with those who are experts of Ice Magic – Gray Fullbuster, Lyon Vastia and even the deceased Ur and her daughter Ultear! Silver is presumably an authoritative figure of the underworld, and he was the one who sent both Minerva and Doriate to Sun Village – what their original mission was hasn’t been made entirely clear, but it does seem like everything that has happened thus far leads us back to Tartarus. Minerva has found herself in a toe-to-toe confrontation with Kyuukimon’s Kyouka, and Succubus Eye has seemingly been wiped out by the very same person. Kyouka’s Reinforcement Magic is nothing like Ultear’s Second Origin Release – it is a rather peculiar ability that turned those who are unworthy of her reinforcement into little black strips of paper! I highly doubt the same wretched fate would befall Minerva, and it seems very likely that she will become a part of Tartarus – giving her a chance to brazen it out and go up against Fairy Tail in the incoming clash! Kyouka has hinted at an imminent battle of epic proportion – I have no idea what does it entail, but I’m pretty sure Fairy Tail would like to have a say in this before all is said and done. The preface has been laid out – Mashima sensei clearly has a much more elaborate story to tell and needless to say, I can’t wait to see what awaits Erza and Co. in the coming weeks!

Random tidbits:

  • Tadaima” – I… I can’t stop staring at her boobs! I tried, but I just can’t…
  • It’s hot! Gray, cool me down” – Did it occur to Lucy that stripping might help?
  • The many faces of Minerva – pissed off, scared, surprised and just being her evil self. She’s damn hot alright!
  • Who has the better ass? – Kyouka or Flare? I think I like Flare’s better. Gosh, I’m gonna miss her so much when we bid her farewell.
  • “Don’t let the darkness corrupt you!” – Take a hint Erza! Minerva likes being a bad girl, the dark side is so much more fun!
  • Dragon Slayer, God Slayer and now Devil Slayer? – What’s next… Boob slayer? Mashima sensei is clearly running out of ideas.
  • Silver looks pretty badass – I wonder if he’s Ur’s lover. It could explain why he harbors such intense hostility toward demons.
  • The Eternal Flame is still burning? – I thought it would have gone kapoof when Atlas Flame’s spiritual presence vanished.

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 353 to 354: Holy Big Jugs Batman! I can’t help but stare at her boobs. #Manga


  1. ‘This week on Fairy Tail, Flare’s incredible 3D chest!”

    First of all, wow, I think we all know that Fairy Tail has always had and will always have casual boobage, but this took fanservice to a whole new level. Second, and more to the point, it seems that the villains are really stepping up this time around, I mean for one to be able to make Minerva scream is quite a shock. I’m interested to see how the next story arc plays out, especially since this one seemed like a set up for something much bigger. Around this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see Zeref emerge as the leader of all these new superpowers, and even if he isn’t, FT have their work cut out for them like never before this time.

    The only problem I’m having is the concern that we’re one Slayer-type magic away from it becoming very overused and boring. Dragon and God slayers I could deal with, and Devil just gets through, but if we add any more it’ll start feeling very boring, which would be a shame as FT is such a vivid world. Still, can’t wait to see how the new developments play out, even if it’s annoying that Erza wasn’t the one to finally give Minerva what was coming to her.

    1. Mashima’s ecchi is better than Oda’s ecchi because Oda’s ecchi is used and overused(I guess that’s what one gets for writing such a long story for years). Mashima’s ecchi is new and exotic.

      K C M
    2. Uhh, OP has nowhere near the amount of fanservice that Fairy Tail has… at all. I don’t even know how a competition can be formed between the two. Maybe something like Negima or HSDK but OP?

    3. WTF? Seriously, there is no competition here. OP doesn’t have even close to the blatantly liberal ecchi that Fairy Tail has. How insulting. OP actually has real plot, instead of reddit.com/r/watchitfortheplot

  2. From Hiro Mashima’s Twitter


    Next week’s chapter is ‘oops I overdid it’ chapter. It’s the most ‘overdone’ chapter ever. Readers who will enjoy it or hate it, I love you all guys… It’s kind of my preemptive apology.

    I expect porn

    1. It’s funny how immature people are on randomc. Go over to mangastream, and comments are more intelligent and realize Fairy Tail is ecchi trash. But over here people are too mesmerized by boobs. You’re obviously all men.

      1. From what I’ve seen judging by the newest chapter(355), the comments on mangastream are obsessed with the ecchi and fanservice too. Case in point: the top comment is, “sigh *unzips*”. It doesn’t seem all that different to me.

        Fairy Tail fans know it’s plagued by fanservice and ecchi. Everyone here’s just having fun. And yeah, I’m sure most of the Fairy Tail readers are men. Sorry I guess?

  3. There’s always been an emphasis on the sizable busts of the girls and lately it’s been getting a lot more prominent.

    Not that I’m complaining but it’s getting a bit distracting.

    With that said…boobies.

  4. “Holy Big Jugs Batman” – while Lucy was marveling at Flare’s infectious smile, my eyes were zeroed in onto her magnificent boobie goodness.

    Best article first liner Seishun ever wrote.

  5. Dat ass… that said that service is hardly new I mean Ultear was getting naked back even before the GMG began and all those who come after are only pretenders to her eternal throne.

  6. First Dragon Slayers, then God Slayers and now Devil Slayers and then what’s next? Oh! I know,How about Dragon/God Slayers, then Dragon/Devil Slayers and then God/Devil Slayers and finally we get Dragon/God/Devil Slayers. Here is how it works.

    (1). Dragon Slaying Magic – Magic that is designed for killing Dragons.
    (2). God Slaying Magic – Magic that is designed for killing Gods.
    (3). Devil Slaying Magic – Magic that is designed for killing demons/Devils
    (4). Dragon/God Slaying Magic – Magic that is used for killing Dragons and Gods.
    (5). Dragon/Devil Slayng Magic – Magic that is used for killing Dragons and Demons.
    (6). God/Devil Slaying Magic – Magic that is used for killing Gods and Devils.
    (7). Dragon/God/Devil Slaying Magic – Magic that has all of the above mentioned Magic.

    K C M
  7. It really seems like “Fairy Tail” is about to walk the “Spice up” with a bit Ecchi/Boobie Path. I enjoy it, because he not crossed the Line. But with Erza, it was really near it 🙂

    Oh i am talking about the newest Fairy Tail (Bath scene…)

      1. No, there was no areola shown. Even a “Barbie” crouch was shown. But i think i know what he wanted to show or tell us.

        These 3 are like Brother and Sister. But i bet that even Brother and Sister get a bit Shy seen each other naked


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