「宇宙に散る花」 (Uchū ni chiru hana)
“Flowers that Fall in Space”

“Wow, just wow!” – I am absolutely flabbergasted, overwhelmed with both amazement and delight. I hardly know where to begin in trying to describe just how amazing the finale was, but let’s start off with an easy one – I can’t tell you how big of a relief it was to see Izuru emerged from all of this alive! I have made no effort to conceal my deepest desire of seeing a happily-ever-after conclusion – it was, no doubt, a very close call, an ingenious troll till the very final moments. The anticipation was so suspenseful that I almost had a heart attack during the last few seconds of this episode, and make no mistakes about it – the tone of this post would have looked completely different had Izuru not made it out alive. A crack of faint smile that changed almost everything – my entire impression has evolved from that of despondent to satisfied, at ease and pleasant. “Tatakai, tatakai, tatakai” – Izuru has certainly been through one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride, and no one is more deserving of a happy ending than the pilot of Red 5. For a moment, there was a sense that Izuru has lost touch with reality, succumbing to the negative influence of his AHSMB unit. The entire experience was pretty surreal, both for Izuru and the viewers – it almost felt like Izuru has let the persona of a war hawk run rampant and become a battle-crazed Wulgaru himself. He was unable to assume control of his own body, even as his very consciousness has stayed lucid and somewhat intact. No doubt, Izuru would not have survived if he had remained in the state of a berserker – it was extremely detrimental to his health, putting Izuru’s life in peril and presumably, that’s not what the JURIA-system is set out to achieve.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – as impressive as the pilot of Red 5 is, Team Rabbit is not a one-man show. The Zannen 5 will always have Izuru’s back and time and time again, their teamwork and camaraderie have proven to be more than crucial. Izuru was able to emerge from the abyss of derangement and he has his great friends to thank for all of that. Nothing stirs up their dorky leader like a chain of much celebrated tsukkomi – even if they came with the best of intentions, the many verbal jabs were nothing less than uncharitable, marked with a splitting sense of acidity! It was quite an exquisite moment – a somewhat paradoxical approach to show how much they care for each other and more importantly, how much Izuru means to every one of them. “You don’t have to fight anymore. Please come back!” – fittingly enough, Kei and her unfailing love for Izuru were front and center in this effort, and I’m so glad the romantic subplot hasn’t been brushed aside just yet. There’s still hope that Kei could eventually emerge as a love interest for Izuru – evidently, he doesn’t see her as anything more than a good friend as of this juncture, but an open-ended conclusion, one where everyone survives, has for sure left me hopeful for an optimistic outcome. Izuru is most fortunate to have such great friends, to be on the receiving end of such profound inspiration and fondness. In return, the pilot of Red 5 is adamant in protecting his comrades – it was a surge of such protective instincts, combined with Izuru’s inherent survival impulse,  that has given rise to the ultimate form of Red 5, an eminently beautiful mecha that boasts a majestic “Wing of Light”!

Not surprisingly, Majestic Prince has gone all out to give us the best of the best in its finale – the ensuing showdown, one that pits Izuru against Jiart, embodies the very definition of an action-packed epic. Majestic Prince has transcended any limitations set by your conventional mecha porn – this is a work of art, a crackerjack of choreographies that has surpassed even the wildest of my imaginations. The soaped-up Red 5 was for certain a big part of the equation and its presence, in and of itself, was quite a marvel to behold – it has a giant pair of wings that takes on both offensive and defense mechanisms, either as a massive beam saber or a force shield to protect itself. Jiart has proven to be stubbornly unyielding – utterly obsessed in hunting down his “lamata” and so impervious that it almost looked like Izuru was fighting a fight that is impossible to win. Jiart had a slight upper hand throughout the entire confrontation and it was only toward the very last moment that Izuru managed to turn the tide – an ingenious bait-and-switch, combined with an effectual powerful pummel, that has finally brought the slugfest to an end! Izuru’s quick thinking has clearly paid off greatly, and even though such bravura almost came at the cost of his own life, there really is no two ways about his accomplishments – Izuru is a true hero and he has completed his mission with both flair and excellence. The Wulgaru portal gate has, indeed, been destroyed, marking the first victory for the humans – but this was in no way a downright defeat for the Wulgaru and it was more akin to a setback in their ongoing advancement. It’s hardly an exaggeration to say there are many questions that remained unresolved, but we do have a clear answer for the most important one – Izuru is alive and all of the Zannen 5 have pretty much emerged unscathed. There wasn’t a distinct sense of closure in the air and the finale seems more like a new beginning than an actual conclusion – one that is optimistic, joyous and full of promise, just the way I had hoped!

Random tidbits:

  • Tatakai, tatakai, tatakai” – Izuru will always be my hero! The last few minutes of this episode almost gave me a heart attack. A fine troll till the very last second – bravo and well played, Majestic Prince!
  • A majestic “Wing of Light”! – Red 5’s new feature reminded me somewhat of Gundam Victory’s. Blue 1’s curling blades work as a deflector as well,  just like a lightsaber. It was mecha porn at its very best, fitting for a grand finale!
  • “You don’t have to fight anymore. Please come back!” – I’m so glad the romantic subplot hasn’t been shoved aside. Kei is my number-one girl and she is more than deserving of a happy ending. Just get hitched already, damn it!
  • Baka Aho Baka Aho! The manga you draw is horrible!” – Ouch, that must have hurt big-time! Gotta love their tsukkomi combo, it’s how the Zannen 5 show their affection for each other!
  • “What’s the name of that Wulgaru bastard? Desert, gelato or tomato?” – Is Ange a girl or a guy? I guess we’ll never find out! A gender-bender till the very end.
  • “When this is over, I’m going drink till I drop!” – Reika looks so adorable when she’s embarrassed. I bet that’s how she looks like when she’s in bed with Rin Rin!
  • Her eyes exist! Who knew? – there’s more to Yamada Peko than meets the eyes! Anna is definitely in love with Asagi onii chan! Give her a few more years and I’m sure she’ll make an excellent waifu.
  • Delivered by the uber-extraordinary Ishikawa Chiaki, the latest insert song, “Sono Gyaku”, is the B-side of Majestic Prince’s first ED – of all the insert songs that have been featured thus far, this one is my probably my favorite! The first OP, “Watashi wa Souzou Suru”, was played during the last few minutes of its finale – very fitting, if I may say so.

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #MajesticPrince 24: A majestic “Wing of Light”, guiding both the humans and the Wulgaru to a brand new evolutionary path – this was a finale that seems more like a new beginning than an actual conclusion! #Anime
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Not-so Final Impression:

“A new evolutionary path has opened for us” – aptly pointed out by King Galkie himself, the ongoing conflict is far from over, and what we saw in this finale is not anything like your typical conclusion. Majestic Prince has come to a pause at a comma rather than a full stop – the possibilities are endless and the grandeur of its premise lends itself to further exploration, whether it’s the human side of the equation or their alien counterpart who remains a thoroughgoing enigma. To my greatest delight, the entire main cast has managed to survive this latest ordeal – even Commander Simon, the one person who I didn’t expect to pull through, has made it out alive. Simon appears to be right at the center of the mysteries at hand – for starters, he seems to share a certain history with Juria, the much-celebrated creator of the JURIA-system, and presumably, there’s more to their relationship than meets the eyes. His relationship with Teoria also presents a rather fascinating dynamic, not to mention the various intricacies that might emerge from his many genetic experiments. The very question of genetic manipulation and the moral dilemma that surrounds it have never been too far away from the surface – that, combined with the mobilization of child soldiers, has presented quite a controversial subject for Majestic Prince. It is a topic that intrigues me to no end and there’s definitely room for a more elaborate discourse – especially when it comes to the many aggravations that continue to plague the Zannen 5!

This, of course, brings me to the point at issue and the biggest question that remained unresolved is what awaits Team Rabbit after Operation Heaven’s Gate – or perhaps more importantly, how will the “love triangle” evolve from here on out. Kei and Izuru are both alive, and no pessimist out there can convince me otherwise – I would like nothing more than to see a romantic hook-up between those two, and such a conviction has been further reinforced by some of the more recent developments. The romantic subplot has been through quite a big dipper – what started out as a “love pentagon” has slowly but surely evolved into a close-knitted “love triangle”. Izuru is completely oblivious to Kei’s feelings – Kei, on the other hand, hasn’t quite taken notice of Toshikazu’s interest just yet. The current status quo is far from optimal, but an open-ended conclusion does leave us with a slew of possibilities – and I am hoping it’s going to be the one that I have in mind. Then there’s Teoria who continues to be one of the most intriguing element in the mix and there is so much more about her that we have yet to figure out. Her actual screen time has remained somewhat scarce, but Teoria’s very existence is indisputably front and center in all of the commotion that prevails – not least of which is her entanglements with that of both Jiart and Izuru. Speaking of Jiart, the fate of the Wulgaru Prince was pretty much left hanging in midair – I don’t think he has kicked the bucket just yet, but if he is indeed alive, it certainly begs the question of what has become of him. There’s a good chance that he remains stranded in the solar system and if that is the case, I’m sure he’ll be all set to wreak havoc again very soon – no doubt, Jiart is not going to let Izuru off the hook that easily and he probably has some unfinished business with Teoria as well.

This is a finale that is hardly a finale – as contradictory as that sounds, it is a defining feature of the final episode itself. But make no mistake about it – the finale and all of its first twenty three episodes were nothing less than a thrill ride, an action-packed adventure that embodies the very definition of a mecha porn. For those of you who have followed my coverage in the last six months, you should have figured out by now that I hold Majestic Prince is very high regards, both as a character drama and as an action epic. Majestic Prince was decisively panned by many of the anime connoisseurs at the start of its run – but interestingly enough, a good number has since come to change their mind, seeing the series in a decidedly positive light. Their initial concerns, more often than not, surround the widespread usage of CGI – and perhaps more evidently, the character designs by Hirai Hisashi that many seem to have a distinct distaste for. I have found most of the bias and criticism unfounded, and it appears that many of the viewers have eventually come to be of the same mind as well. Majestic Prince features some of the best-looking state-of-the-art CGI – their exquisite animation technique has given rise to the very finest of mecha porn, an eminent feature that has become almost synonymous to Majestic Prince. I have stuck my neck out for the series since the very beginning, even when the entire anime community was working against me – and I am overjoyed to learn that its fanbase has seen a steady-going ascend throughout the entire run! Majestic Prince is a great series and I wouldn’t think twice about recommending it to anyone, whether you’re a fan of the mecha genre or not. It has a little bit of everything for every one of us – romantic entanglements, political intricacies, light-hearted comedies, and most importantly, a whole profusion of mecha porn to keep our adrenaline going. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a second season and if a continuation is, indeed, in the cards, I’ll be more than happy to cover the series here at Random Curiosity – I love Majestic Prince with all my heart and I hope all of you have enjoyed the series as much as I have!

Random tidbits:

  • Hello from Tokyo, everyone! I’m currently on the road for work and I apologize for the slight delay in putting up this post. Majestic Prince is the first two-cour series that I have completed as a writer for Random Curiosity – it’s been an amazing six months, both as a blogger and a fan of this series. The vacuum in your mecha souls will not be left bare for too long! The highly anticipated Sunrise epic, Kakumeiki Valvrave, will be making a return in two weeks time!
  • Shameless Plug – I’ve just hit my 100th post for Random Curiosity a few days ago. It feels like it was just yesterday when I made my first anime post, completed my first series and introduced myself to everyone. The journey wouldn’t be as fun or as memorable without my readers – your support and your great comments are what keeps all of us going! I love you guys and I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you for making this experience such a great one. Domo arigatou gozaimashita!


    1. Dude, it’s Dogakobo x Orange – not Sunrise, that’s Kakumeiki Valvrave =3
      I think the first 24 episodes was written with a second season in mind. I’ve already bought the BD box sets in support of the show, fingers crossed!

    2. The main reason it was good is because sunrise wasn’t working on it, they are too busy making rape animes and 1h of gundam per year. :p Joke aside I’m not fond of what they did recently.

      I’m pretty sure a second season is already almost confirmed, I’m not exactly sure if it was originally planned since when the anime started almost everyone was “meh just another generic mecha anime”.

      1. I’m glad so many of you have had a change of heart. I really like MJP and I thought the criticism it received in its first episode was mostly unfounded. Maybe… just maybe, I can change your mind about Valvrave as well, it’s one of my favorites this year =3

  1. I really really hope this gets a 2nd season. There’s still so much left to do, and cover, lol.
    But, that aside, it was a good series. I went into it, not really expecting much (thanks to the character designer) but left blown away by the sheer mecha porn, lol. Thanks for blogging it!

    1. No problem Silivious, I’m glad you stuck by the series. Hirai Hisashi’s character design looks perfectly fine to me – Kei and Teoria looks absolutely amazing, and Izuru is so adorkable =3

  2. Really nice ending, was disappointed that the crew didn’t really fight jiart too hard especially asagi, but that finisher by isuru made up for it.

    Man I hope they do continue, they have been talking about a season 2 for some time now but haven’t decided yet. Hopefully sooner then later. I’m glad everyone survived the death flags (atleast until another season). But that ending with the king dude deciding that earth was good enough for his attention was such a setup and tease of sequel but no confirmation.

    1. Teasers for Season 2 – they’re everywhere! The finale is certainly a good setup for a possible second season.
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed – everyone, please show your support by buying the BD/DVD =3

  3. ““A new evolutionary path has opened for us” ”

    Makes Jiart’s proclamation they could reach greater heights, his disappearance after that and Izuru’s brief smile at the end a bit more ominous, no? Especially when you consider the leader was watching the feed right up until the end of the fight when the gate blew.

    1. Ominous? In what respect, do you mind elaborating? It was such a relief to see Izuru making it out alive – I didn’t read too much into any of that blabber. It’s probably just a setup for its second season =3

  4. I would like just like to take a minute to thank Seishun for blogging this series and doing a good job of it. And I would like to say to all to all cynics you were wrong!!!! Izuru lives! I knew it.

    Got control of my self again. The visuals were awesome, the fight was awesome, loved the insert and the three combo jab was hilarious. The only part I disliked was when Kei jumped into the middle of the fight between Jiart and Izuru because for a second I though she was a goner, and I would have then hated this ep but alas she lived and I love it.

    I hope for a second season with more Izuru x Kei but I even an open ending is good.

      1. Thanks Sherylfan, I’m glad I was given the opportunity to spread some love for MJP =3
        I’m very pumped for the second season of Valvrave, but you guys have probably figured that out already LOL

    1. Thanks Riku1186, I’m glad you like my work. Gosh, do I know how you feel? I was so afraid Izuru wouldn’t pull through.
      I’m so glad the series has kept him alive, MJP will never be the same without Izuru, especially if a second season is indeed in the cards =3

  5. This is how you do a finale! With a bang, flash and lots of fireworks! Also, Kei in tears worried for Izuru was just adorable. Totally going for that ship.

    The final duel between Izuru and Jiart was how I imagined it visceral and brutal with both parties throwing everything they have. The culmination of Izuru punching Jiart with his core unit was the finest moment, just to show how Izuru was already out of options.

    The epilogue (or rather the lack of it) leaves a lot to be desired though. Still it comes at the heals of a very good finale so I don’t mind it much. This feeling reminds me of Gundam SEED finale where it had a satisfying end but left me wanting more (back then the abomination known as DESTINY didn’t exist yet to taint SEED as a whole). So I can only sit and hope for a second season to get the green-light.

    So much to praise I can give this series. I don’t think I need to repeat Seishun’s comments how great it is with its action, old-school elements, characters etc. All I’ll say is this: You can tell that the staff behind this show were fond of the anime they were making. They gave it their all and it shows when you end up enjoying the show, rooting for the characters and keep coming back for more. As long as that is present it doesn’t matter how cliche or derivative it is (and MJP has a lot of that) it will still be a series worth watching and re-watching

    1. +50 Seishun Points! I wholeheartedly agree with what you said =3
      I think the first 24 episodes was written with a second season in mind – which would explain the lack of an epilogue. Thank you for sticking by MJP all this time, fragb85. You were one of the few commenters who said some nice things about the show in its premiere – kudos to that, my good Sir =3

  6. Final episode leaved me with my jaw somewhere on keyboard, both from shock from action scenes and how it suddenly ended. I wanted to scream “THAT’S IT?” I expected at least some sort epilogue, but then I though what without epilogue it better. Sure, there is tons of question unanswered, but if they creating second season(they are, aren’t they?) it give so much chances to make it even better.
    Ginga Kikoutai has almost everything good anime needs: great story, excellent action, unique and memorable characters. The only flaw what I can find is what relationship inside team rabbit changed very little from start to finish, most significant being Izuru and Asagi learning they are half-brothers. Still, Ginga Kikoutai is The best anime of summer or even 2013 in my book and it worth every minute I spend on it.
    My biggest concern regarding second season is what, like with over good anime series, quality of second seasons almost always drops are little (or worse, a lot). Not significant to call it “big”, but still enough to notice. But Ginga Kikoutai have much potential to became even better anime, not just mecha porn like SEISHUN said. There is many questions unanswered (biggest for me: how they going to heal Izuru from side effect of piloting Red 5) and now then gate destroyed every nation of world will want get their hands on ASHBM and perhaps team rabbit itself. Second season of Majestic prince is my top anime to await. Great series indeed.

    1. I agree with everything you said, Omegadir. MJP is a great show and I’m so glad there are so many of you out there who has taken a liking to this show =3
      I like to think Izuru’s health is no longer in peril – the ultimate form of the JURIA-system should have sorted that out for them. Piloting an AHSMB shouldn’t be that big of a strain on his body anymore, so long as he avoids succumbing to the mecha’s instincts. Izuru has set a good precedent and I think the other pilots will follow suit =3

  7. I was expecting a really great finale because of past episodes and this didn’t disappoint at all. I was so blown away watching it. Can we have a second season? Pretty please? I didn’t know what to expect when starting it, but I really like this series and would love more.

    Was sort of worried that Kei might get killed when she jumped in the duel, but thank goodness she survived. I also love how Ange kept screwing up Jiart’s name.

    So my big question… can we have a True Awakened Red 5 model? I want to build it. I want to build it… That and can we have Majestic Prince in Super Robot Wars? It would just work so well. 130 will and True Awakening happens with Red 5 near the end of the game! Gold 4 with long range and MAP attack! Rose 3 with high movement and … dodge..? Purple 2 with support abilities and light attacks! Blue 1 close range high offense!

    Ahh… I’m getting way too excited at the possibilities.

    Thanks for blogging this series, Seishun! It was a blast to read your thoughts!

    1. No problem Zack, I’m glad you enjoyed MJP and my endless rambling =3
      +50 Seishun Points for a shout-out to Super Robot Wars! I could totally see the AHSMB units in one of their games too.

  8. “We can still achieve heights far greater than this.”-Jiart
    NOOOOOOOOOOO! Jiart cannot die just yet,he’s too fascinating a character to simply get killed off like that. That being said,Izuru’s last move was pretty damn awesome with him ramming his damaged mech into Jiart’s,momentarily catching Jiart off guard,right before ejecting his unit from its armour and stabbing through Jiart’s mech. If that does not scream badass,I don’t know what does.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the announcement of a second season,hopefully Jiart isn’t really dead and returns to give us more epic mecha porn.
    Lastly,I’m just gonna throw this in right here,right now. Majestic Prince is the best action anime of 2013,not a single action scene was depicted using lengthened still images.

    1. I don’t think Jiart is dead – the finale would have made it a point to depict his demise more patently if that was the case.
      Now how about an amnesiac Jiart who is stranded on Earth? – that would make some pretty good drama for season two =3

      1. That’s why I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the announcement of a second season. I definitely would love to have Jiart back alive maybe with facial scars and a cool mask XD

        BTW Thanks,Seishun,its because of your impressive coverage of MJP that I took an interest in seeing it.

  9. Once again Seishun, I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work blogging this series. You’re awesome.

    About the episode, wow, I was truly at the edge of my seat, and I was thinking Izuru, Kei, Asagi, Teoria, or Simon were going to get themselves killed (I, too, am shocked that they didn’t kill the latter), but thankfully, everyone made it out all right.

    As far as the insert songs go, “Sono Gyaku” was, indeed, very good, but personally, the ending to episode 20, “Kokoro wa Hitotsu ja nai”, was, hands down, the best song in the show. If/When this series gets into SRW, I hope it makes in. Also, I wonder when episode 19’s ending theme “Respect Me” is going to be released; I haven’t seen it anywhere. And are they going to release solo versions of “Arigatou, Tadaima” and “Bokutachi wa Ikiteiru”? Because I’d kill for solos of those songs done by Yoko Hikasa, Junya Ikeda, and Hiroki Aiba. Then again, I also wanted a song that had all 5 Rabbits singing it, but alas, it was not meant to be.

    Moving on, this is a show that definitely needs a second season, so here’s hoping that they deliver. If they do, I’m hoping that some of the characters who didn’t get as much focus in this season get more focus (*cough*Suruga*cough*).

    Well, I guess I’ll see you in about 2 weeks, when VVV S2 gets underway with its awesome new opening by NM and TMR.

    Until next time!

    1. Thanks starqo, you always say the nicest things – makes all the effort worth it =3
      You have excellent taste in music my good Sir, “Kokoro wa hitotsu ja nai” is one of my favorites as well. I hope “Respect Me” gets a release date soon, I’ll eat anything and everything by Ishikawa Chiaki right up!

  10. D’aw no brother team up with Asagi and Izuru? I really hope, if we get a season 2, it ends with Kei/Izuru. It did feel like they were pushing more for Kei this episode and it seems pretty one-sided with Teoria now. She’s just kind of there and if anything it seems more plausible with Simon? It just seems really jerkish or flat if Kei/Izuru didn’t happen given all of the stuff this episode. But my OTP usually always gets trolled so…. <_<

  11. “All Hail Kei! All Hail Kei! Oh Kei can you see by the daw…..”

    Erm…. got abit off track. But yeah~ although its ended (for now…), would love to see a resolution in the Kei x Izuru ship!

    PS: Brownie points for whoever got that reference I made 😛

    1. LOL, Men In Black 2

      Good to see Commander Simon not getting “Tomino’d” (or “Urobutchered,” if you prefer a more modern reference) in the end. Majestic Prince stayed true to its description of being a lighthearted mecha anime to the end–with the nice bonus of having a good amount of epic mecha battles.

  12. Two wings that popped in my mind while watching the mecha porn show.

    1. Kei is the love interest. Her emotions for Izuru really came out strong this episode
    2. Wait! Light Hawk Wings?! (Tenchi Muyo series).

    And gotta love it how Izuru slam-dunked Jiart’s energy ball back on his head using his “Light Hawk Wings”

  13. A lot of shiny lights, but unfortunately not a lot of closure.
    Best mecha animation that I have seen in recent memory if not the best.

    I only wished that the rest of the mechs had a final form to show us =(
    Probably saving that for season 2 or a movie though lol

  14. I have to say this was a really great final episode! The whole time I was watching this episode I didn’t once think about the time. It felt so long and fulfilling like I was watching an action packed movie!
    Way to go Seishun on picking up this treat!

    1. +50 Seishun Points! I know how you feel bro… the epic level was off the charts =3
      I’m glad I was given the opportunity to blog this show too – MJP’s truly a great show and it deserves more attention =3

  15. I think we probably won’t see a Kei-Izuru-Toshikazu triangle after this episode. When our dear big brother told Kei to go fetch Izuru out of his frenzy, it seems to me that he has come to accept that Kei and Izuru should go together. Not doubt he will continue to watch out for them; one’s his crush and the other his brother, but I think he’ll quietly exit the stage and move on.

    In any case he already has his own potential-wife-to-be (though it’ll take at least another eight years before she’s legally available) so it’s still a happy end for him =D

    Random Comment
  16. Sorry for the double post, but I had to mention how much I laughed when Ataru’s burly men went all “Woohoo!” after he finally (and probably unwittingly) called them his Aniki. One of the things I love about MJP is the interactions between the various characters, especially the pilots and their respective pit crew.

    … In any case we might see Ataru getting an increased dosage of the Muscle Doctrine. Macho Ataru if there’s S2, anyone? =3

    Random Comment
  17. When everyone expected Valvrae and Gargantia to be above and beyond the /m/ genere this year, we few, we, band of brothers who took our hopes for MJP, now have been rewarded with the /m/ series of the year. Like it’s older brothers Sokyuu no Fafner and Heroic Age, Majestic Prince was the underdog of the mech department against the big shots of the season, but like them, it has emerged victorious because of a single fact: it was mean for people who loves a good story , without having to resort to the stupidity of an overvalued director/scriptwritter or a studio that is obsessed with destroying his bigger franchise who failed at the end of the day.
    Majestic went far and beyond of a space opera. Showed us what a well made CGI combat is capable of, and one wonders what more epicness could have been done with the money Sunrise has tosed away with Fhailvrae.
    And while it took a page of Gundam SEED for it’s season finale, I’m pleased that not only Yamato 2199 is capable to deliver in the /m/ department. Yes, I’m expecting a S2 for MJP, ad it deserves having one more than the latest Gundam tv series, Valvrae or any shonen-eque narutard-based story.
    Cheers for Phantom Space Squadron Majestic Prince

    1. Damn straight MJP is the best mecha anime of the year. Hell,it’s the best action anime of the year for that matter. I’ll be superpissed if it does not win in the best action category come Best Of Anime 2013 post.

      1. +50 Seishun Points! I totally agree but it’s probably not gonna happen – I don’t think the rest of the RandomC writers are watching MJP so that would pretty much write it off as a potential contender XD

  18. Bigger sequel hook than Kamiinai is all that I see if I were to ignore the beautiful fights and CG. There are a lot of things left unfinished. They’d probably will do a sequel and I’d be waiting for it.

  19. OMG Seishun I have been checking randomc like a maniac ever since the final episode aired. I was dying to read your post and your thoughts!! I have been with you since the beginning and I have enjoyed every one of your posts! Majestic prince started out slow for me but I stuck with it and am overly joyed I did. I absolutely loved this anime. It had me on the edge of my seat till the very last possible moment. I’m so glad all of the fail 5 made it!! Thank you for your amazing coverage! Fingers crossed for another season!!

    1. Thanks Jani, I do my best and I’m glad you enjoyed my coverage of MJP =3
      Trust me, I know how you feel! It was a troll until the very last second, kept me on the edge all the time =X
      I really do hope we see a second season as well – the sales figures are not too shabby, so it is not completely out of the question, fingers crossed =3

  20. so they practically told that there might be a season two after all. come on producers, just tell us that you have it under production already so that we can agonize over the wait 😉

    okay, all of us are guessing, no, expecting, that jiart might still be alive. i think one likely scenario of how he survived might be that izuru ripped the cockpit out when his core unit punched jiart’s mech on the chest (that would be much better than say, how *cough* mu la flaga *cough* survived. who knows, maybe in season two (if there is indeed one), jiart might become more like a mentor to izuru rather than a rival.

    overall, this was indeed one hell of a ride. great series!

    But seriously though, nothing else to say that hasn’t been said. Show started out kind of dragging for my taste and I ended up loving it by end. NUFF SAID.
    So in conclusion, thank you for your coverage seishun. Your passion for this series definitely translated into your words.

  22. I really want a season 2 and if we get it there are few things I really want to happen. First off IzuruxKei needs to happen!!!!! Second Jiart better be alive or an equally intense antagonist. Finally I really want Asagi to drive red 5 that would be hilarious me thinks 😉

    I’m going to miss this show especially Tamaki and Kei.

    One last thing, RIP Randy and Patrick.

  23. Great episode. I would like to know exactly confirmation and date for the second season. This story still has to reach a greater climax.

    Izuru is my hero, a great character. I need more of Tamaki and Asagi, I need more story and development for them. Mostly they deserve a better romantic development. In the latter arc they showed high levels of badassery.

    I’ll miss a lot of the beautiful Reika, I do not know if I can live without seeing her every week T_T

    I really enjoyed watching this great anime. And I had fun reading your post a lot Seishun :D. You did a great job this past season. I give you many cheers for this coming fall season \(^o^)/. I hope to read you soon.

  24. So no dead? I think more than 80% GDF forces there were obliterated, but well, who cares, they won. As Amane said, couldn’t she have made her appearance before? They barely won and I’m glad to see Simon survived thanks to Teoria. We discover also that Yuria was Simon’s beloved one.

    Thanks for pointing out Peko’s eyes. I didn’t realise >.<

    I'm not 100% sure Jiart died so I hope Jiart survived so they can reach greater heights 😛 Though if he managed to survive it will be interesting how he fares alone and injured in human space. Maybe cold sleep until Wulgarus come back.

    Great series. You know it was good since episode one. It was a sure gamble, the anime community was just blinded by the other two mecha offers with more commercial approaches.

    1. No problem and yes, there’s more to Yamada Peko than meets “the eyes” =3
      I thought the first episode was pretty solid to be honest – the mecha porn was apparent right from the beginning =3

  25. I really hope this gets a season 2. After all it sounded like the Wulgaru aren’t ready to give up yet but with the gate gone it will probably take them years to reach the earth one way or another meaning they could have a time skip and have season 2 start after earth has recovered from the war just in time for a new one to start. This series started a little slow but unlike some series that start strong and just drag things out near the end this series knew how to slowly build up getting more and more epic until it finally reached the end. Because they took time to slowly establish the characters and let us get to know them they became very endering. Season 2 could take that and continue to build even further.

  26. As i´ve watched all other animes Majestic prince was on my top list too.
    As a Mecha fan i couldn´t take my eyes from it too.
    Funny characters and the Best animation in 3D this season. And trully expensive T_T!

    Tensai Otaku

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