Just like the meteor that blasted a huge crater on the ground, Isshou or better known as Admiral Fujitora has certainly made his mark in One Piece this week. I have previously called Isshou a wild card that can swing either way and indeed, the Wisteria Tiger of the Marines is turning out to be a reversal of fortune for both Doflamingo and Trafalgar Law. It appears that Fujitora is not siding with anyone in this conflict and his appearance on Green Bit might not even be part of Doflamingo’s plan in the very first place. Isshou is an enigma through-and-through – it’s not just his fighting capabilities that remained a mystery, his personal ideals seem to deviate from the Marines‘ doctrine of “Absolute Justice” as well. The brief insight into his origins – by courtesy of the Joker – points to a relatively short tenure at the Marines and Fujitora, along with a certain Ryokugyuu (Green Bull), were given the ranks of Admiral during the Global Military Enlistment – presumably after Aokiji’s resignation and Akainu’s ascension to power. I don’t think anyone would question Isshou’s formidability as a combatant and the mysterious Devil Fruit ability that he possesses was powerful enough to keep two Shichibukai at bay. At first glance, his power seems to be pertinent to gravity-manipulation, but there’s definitely more to that than meets the eyes – not only can he summon a massive meteor from the sky, Isshou is also capable of creating protective barriers to deflect incoming attacks. Fujitora’s seemingly erratic course of action has, no question, struck everyone in the face with quite a wham – nothing has gone according to plan, and if Trafalgar Law were to survive the present ordeal, finesse and improvisation will become ever more important – a simple prisoner exchange has now evolved into a battle of nerves that pit three of the world’s strongest against each other!

Speaking of Trafalgar Law, his current intent is not exactly crystal clear, but I suspect he’s trying to buy time – in the hope that the Heavenly Yaksha can be stalled off long enough for the Straw Hats to destroy the SMILE factory! The pinpoint location of the factory has not been made apparent, but we know for a fact that it is masquerading as a “Toy House” – and in all likelihood, it’s probably situated somewhere in the flower field, the big stage for the incoming confrontation! Everyone – Zoro, Sanji, Franky, Kin’emon, and even Nico Robin and Usopp – is now headed toward the same destination and with so many competing agendas set in motion, it looks like we’re in for a bumpy ride down the road. I’m especially interested in what’s brewing at Tontatta Kingdom and the Dwarf’s association with Montblanc Noland – a character that made his first appearance more than 400 chapters ago – has certainly caught me off-guard. Clearly, Bellamy is not the only familiar face from the Jaya Arc who’s making a comeback, and if this is the prevailing trend, I suspect there could be a greater connection between the current story arc and Skypiea – or perhaps even the Moon, where Enel currently resides! As everybody’s role in the story punches the clock, the pieces of the puzzles are slowly but surely starting to come together – the only ones that haven’t received any attention as of late are Nami, Chopper and Brook who are at present, on board of the Thousand Sunny. It’s very likely that’s where the spotlight will be shifting to next and needless to say, I can’t wait to see what Oda sensei has in store for the remaining crew – especially when we know for sure that’s an easy target for the Donquixote family!

Random tidbits:

  • The sight of Franky goofing around as a tank had me laughing out loud – He would fit in perfectly as a toy. Panzer vor!
  • Luxor, One Piece expert and long-time IRC lurker, has aptly pointed out that the Dwarf looks very similar to the Spaceys – Something worth noting, that’s for certain!
  • Law cuts the meteor into half. Doflamingo dices the halves into fragments. Issho deflects all of them with his barriers! – The grandiosity of the current battle is truly epic!
  • “Uh-oh!” – It looks like Usoland has dug himself into a deep hole again. A pathetic face is worth a thousand words!
  • Violet has such an adorable smile! Can you blame Sanji for going completely gaga? – I’m rooting very hard for those two!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #OnePiece 713: Epic showdown – a meteor that helped Isshou make his mark! Everyone’s gathering at the flower field #Manga


  1. Cricket: Let me introduce you to my long lost brother…Montblanc Usoland.

    Dat Usopp expression on the last page though. Haven’t seen it since Mihawk deflected that Muggy Ball right back to Buggy during the Marineford arc.

  2. Pretty sure his power is just gravity manipulation. He used not to summon a meteor but to pull one down out of space. Then the barrier was him reversing the gravity and stopping it before it hit him so he could cut it. It does seem like the DF powers are new to him since he mentioned testing the limits. I would guess he was selected for the admiral rank due to his other fighting abilities (being able to sense things around him without seeing and his swordsmanship skills) and was given the devils fruit by the Marines.

    1. If he manipulate gravity, then he might be just as strong as the Gura Gura no Mi. IT is possible to disrupt Earth’s gravitational flow and cause complete chaos.

      On the side note is how Fujitora could be a pal and “accidentally” kill Donflamingo.

  3. usual awesomeness of different kind from usopp and its pretty awesome to see doflamingo losing his cool. hell, that fujitora sure knows how to make his enemy piss their pants.

  4. A brilliant chapter and can’t wait to see what happens with these three next week, however one thing has been bugging me…do we know what DonFlamingo’s power actually is? I can’t recall if it’s been revealed yet or if that too has yet to be explained. Also, hoping to see what happens at the Colosseum and in regards to Ace’s devil fruit.

    1. His fruit is probably named the String String Fruit. He can create strings from his fingertips (10 in all), that combined with his haki allows him to cut anyone, including logia users with a haki weaker than his, to pieces.
      He can also connect his strings to other persons, and control them as puppets. He can not however take control of a fruit users powers.
      I suspect he is also capable of influencing weaker peoples minds, among them at least one tenryoubito, because I see no reason anyone would willingly sacrifice their lives for him.

    2. I’m dying to figure that out too! What hurin said sounds quite plausible, but I don’t think the exact nature of Doflamingo’s Devil Fruit ability has been made clear.

    1. Oh and something from Caribou’s little adventure: He’s running away from Scotch, who works under Kaido who Law+SH are trying to take down. X Drake also met him a while ago on Kaido’s “favorite island” in the New World that Scotch was guarding, so I assume he’s still there and that accounts for the riot suppression a few cover story chapters back. So Caribou might also be coming back whenever the Law+SH alliance decides to move against Kaido.

  5. I’d guess his power is Gravity, though I thought that Blackbeard’s “Darkness” power encompassed gravity.

    I’ve long held the belief that Jewelry Bonney will someday join the Strawhat crew and be the Yang to Sanji’s Yin – she’s just too perfect a fit. A female character with some sort of history with both the military and Whitebeard (so she’s already got a lot more potential backstory than a lot of the 11 Supernovas introduced), plus she eats a lot and he’s a cook.

    Normally I don’t like Usopp but Usoland just cracks me up.

  6. damn this chapter was soo awesome, epic tie-ins with the jaya arc, nice catch luxor that was soo epic, Oda-sensei remembers everything doesnt he 🙂

    but srsly thgh i want to see doflamingo sweat, that dude has been way too cocky since he was 1st introduced, would be interesting if the dwarves & spaceys are related and friggin enel shows up, i mean i would srsly freak out. I hope they both dont gang up on law i like his character alot more since the timeskip, hes way more badass, especially that coat and those sword skills. He is a bit way over his head atm so a 3 way fight would be the only way he wouldnt get destroyed easily, i mean Issho is so damn strong, probably the strongest of those 3 i think, well see what happens i guess.

    Leave sexy nami along damn Donquixote family, and finally i cant wait to see who gets the devil fruit and joins the crew cause you know they will be one and the same, i doubt any current memebers will get it, i like that one gladiator chick personally.


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