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Blend S – 03

「デートのち18禁」 (Deeto Nochi 18 Kin)
“After The Date, Rated R”

It looks like we won’t get a new worker until next week ):

General Impressions

Out of the three episodes we’ve had thus far, it’s a little disappointing that the third episode (which a lot of people use to decide if they’re going to drop a show) was a little slower than the rest. While it’s somewhat understandable since it was really going out of its way to give Maika some character development, I can’t help but feel that Maika’s infatuation with all things foreign is slowly starting to get a little old. Maybe it’s in how the story is executing it, but it’s honestly a little surprising (at least for me) how quickly it happened. Especially when you consider shows like Kiniro Mosaic (which even got a shout out) utilized the same premise for their own main character and did it in a way that never felt like it was overstaying its welcome.

Overzealous thoughts about Maika aside, can we talk about the awkward attempt from Dino to go on a date with Maika? I’m not sure what it is, but something just feels a little off with how he’s trying so hard to develop something romantic with Maika. Besides the obvious age gap between the two, there’s just something weird about watching Dino shift character types from a silly manager to a lovesick romantic. Not only does it not suit him, but hasn’t he ever heard of not dating within the workplace!? If there was a silver lining though, I can appreciate how Dino isn’t abusing his ethnicity and turning into a sleezy guy to sway Maika.

Besides Dino and Maika, there wasn’t much else going on during this week’s episode. Besides a few awesome moments like Akizuki and Kaho getting destroyed by the 3d world and also weebing out when a rare doujinshi was left at the cafe, it felt like things were just riding out the momentum from last week as it teased us with the introduction of a new character. Luckily, it looks like the girl who forgot that doujinshi is also the same person whose about to start working meaning we’re going to get another character well-versed with the 2d/2.5d world!

Anyways, I’ll probably see you guys next week for Amano Miu’s introduction. See you later!



October 22, 2017 at 3:56 pm