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Koi wa Ameagari no You ni – 05

「香雨」 (Kou)
“The Scent of Rain”

Boy, never has jealously looked so damn good.

General Impressions

After last week’s episode I wasn’t really sure where things were going to go this week. Seeing how we finally had something resembling an antagonist as well as a sub-par first date between Kondou and Tachibana, I remember walking into this week’s episode ready for it to be a downer. Instead, we were greeted to another great episode that once again helped shaped the world we’re watching all the while being fun to watch.

Starting things off on the lighter side, boy was I caught off guard during the story’s little trip to Kondou’s place. As a divorced father living by himself in a small apartment, I expected his place to be a little on the raggedy side — especially after we found out that Yuuto doesn’t come over to his father’s place all that often. But instead of relying on the typical tropes and humor that stems from your typical “single guy” homes, I loved how Kondou’s place was used a way to show off his interests as well as set up for some great internal moments with Tachibana. Honestly, it’s quite amazing how this show manages to use what little it has to create such special moments for Tachibana. Using this week’s episode as an example, I think the two scenes that really got to me were when Tachibana placed her shoes in-between Kondou’s and Yuuto as well as the scene where she catches a glimpse into Kondou’s office. Both of which could lead one to think that the two could actually end up together.

All that said, this week’s episode was far from a perfect one for Tachibana. As someone who’s keenly aware just how irrational you become when you “like” someone, I could feel the second hand embarrassment as well as a tiny pang in my heart when I saw the way Tachibana was behaving toward the end of the episode. And what’s weird is that I seriously was loving every moment of it since it literally felt like I was watching a younger version of myself. From Tachibana trying to talk to Yui about politely backing the fuck off her increased interactions with Kondou to snapping and telling everyone to get back to work (even though she probably wanted to talk about the Hamster the most) had me reliving some real awkward memories.

Anyways, another great episode that knows just how to get under my skin in all the right ways. With things moving quicker than ever, I can’t wait to see what lies ahead with the halfway point of the season coming soon. See you guys next week!

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February 10, 2018 at 3:41 am