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Koi wa Ameagari no You ni – 06

「沙雨」 (Sau)
“Fine Rain”

If there was one thing I didn’t expect to see, it was the element of friendship rearing its unsightly head into an already messy scenario. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love it though.

General Impressions

Even though the show has been hinting at it for a while now, I wasn't really expecting much to come from Tachibana and Haruka's friendship -- at least for a little while. Seeing how Kondou has been at the center of attention from the story's perspective, I was waiting for something big to happen between him and Tachibana before we leapt into the whole sticky issue of friendship. But lo and behold just as always, this show unleashes something on us that we didn't know we needed until given to us.

Thinking about it from my own personal perspective, the notion of friendship and all the little connotations that are associated with it can turn into a real messy thing if you try to get into it. Throw the moniker of “best friend” into the mix and you can really push things into the realm of insanity if you want to. Which is probably why watching Haruka and Tachibana try to sort out their friendship really hit me when you think about all the little things the show was trying to show us. From Haruka’s perspective she’s afraid of losing someone dear to her, but can’t figure out if they were only being held together by a common passion for running. On Tachibana’s side, I think it’s clear that she views Haruka positively, but with her injury knocking her out of the running game, you can tell that there are some emotions there that she hasn’t properly dealt with. Specifically, the pain of being unable to be there for the ones you care about compounded on top of the shame and disgrace of having to give up something you loved is clearly visible whenever something involving running comes into play. Together, these two are stuck in this awkward situation where they both feel unable to honestly talk to one another which then leads to things just getting progressively worse.

Except, unlike most typical situations, something actually did happen to break free of that vicious loop. Props to Haruka for being able to face her fears and genuinely reach out to Tachibana. Because if there’s one thing that can overcome situations like the one Tachibana and Haruka are facing, it’s simply being honest about how you feel and acting accordingly. A notion that Haruka has committed to and one that I’m hoping Tachibana will also be able to do.

Boy, after such an emotionally draining episode can you believe the story had the nerve to throw in another curveball with Kondou!? While I don’t want to make too many guesses about why that specific book got him so down (I’m guessing maybe his ex-wife wrote it), I appreciate how he managed to be the voice of reason that’ll hopefully help Tachibana express her feelings to Haruka.

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then!

February 16, 2018 at 8:11 pm