Okay, so fragments of development in lots of directions really doesn’t make for a very powerful episode, but enjoyable nonetheless. Too many damn HiME’s, to little unity in their stories. Tate asks the question buring in the pit of his stomach and further entrenches his relationship with Mai, though entrenched in which direction remains to be seen. Other dreamboy really doesn’t make any major moves this episode, but simply by not following the path Tate’s taking he’s winning points I suspect. The Akira escapades really seem tangental to the storyline, hopefully it’ll either blossom or die off, but not rest in this intermediate phase. Nao’s having fun, Midori’s still working on whatever crackpot essay she’s been constructing. And the Church is still calling down all kinds of trouble for the world. With Miyu and plenty of evidence, what exactly do they need vampire-beast for anyways. The twist of an ending is quite nice though the choice of HiME weapon echos KnM far too well. I’m still not certain who Nagi’s really working for, since he comes off good but nevertheless freaking annoying. Hopefull it won’t go all Deus Ex Machina with Wheelchair woman in the near future because that’d be way too anticlimatic for my liking though it’s obvious she’s not doing something though she could.

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