Haven’t updated in a few days because I’ve been binging on Full Moon wo Sagashite anime.
Thoughts so far:
The anime was produced as the manga was coming out, but the manga took quite a long time to finish, so the anime had maybe 3-4 volumes to go on by the time it ended. So there’s a lotta differences, some good some bad.
For instance, in the manga, Mitsuki doesn’t attend school (she’s too sick to), but in the anime, not only does she attend school, but they base several (basically filler) episodes around this. Another thing that bothers me is that early on in the manga, Mitsuki runs away from home (her Grandma being oppressive and all). She has yet to do so in the anime and the series is taking great pains to make her Grandmother seem not so mean and oppressive. Don’t even get me started on Madoka…
In any case, I’m still thoroughly enjoying the anime, it’s just like an alternate retelling (kinda like Tenchi Universe vs. the original Tenchi OAVs). Izumi and Johnathan are finally going to be introduced in a couple of episodes. Can’t wait for that. All the angsty stuff should start happening then. Or so I hope. I think someone said that the best episodes are the last 13, so I’ll reserve judgement until then. More later…

PS. It also bothers me that I know every song in this series (it being about music and all) from having heard them multiple times on kawaii-radio. ^_^
PPS. Stuff I have to blog about in the very near future (hopefully): Appleseed, Kannaduki no Miko (last two eps), and Genshiken.


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