The gang learns about focusing their energies or something. Gen does his usual standing around and making forceful statements and random poses. Touma and the fairies disturbed me, as did dream that Silvia had. They develop the Reika x Sirius x Silvia triangle a bit more, but I was too busy being disturbed by Silvia’s brother complex. Fight of the week has a super agile angel that dodges everything. So of course Apollo calls upon his powers, extends Solar Aquarion’s right arm…and keeps extending and extending…all the way to the moon. It was one of those wtf moments when the attack went through.
So while the last few eps have taken up the monster of the week is defeated by the lesson of the week forumla, I still rather like this show, especially the music. I really wish they’d put back in the next episode previews (which are missing from this week’s and last week’s raws, but that just may be my raw).


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