I’ve decided to revive my blogging. It’s summer and I don’t have a strenuous schedule to hold me back.
I’ve decided on some changes to how I will be approaching things. In the past, I’ve blogged subbed stuff mostly, but over the past few months, I’ve started watching a ton of raws. So I will be blogging “First Impressions” which are what I get out of a raw (with little to no Japanese proficiency). First Impressions are blogged as soon as I can get the raw off Winny and watch it. For now, Eureka Seven, Sousei no Aquarion, Futakoi Alternative, Kore ga Watashi no Gosyujin-sama, and Gundam Seed Destiny will go under that. Mahoraba, Honey and Clover, Gokujou Seitokai, Negima, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (since the speed sub is so fast) will go under a “Subbed” listing. Manga will be “Weekly Reads” and the rest will go under the “Miscellaneous” category (mainly music or random tidbits).
Hopefully I can keep up with all this…

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