Short summary:
Rentarou, Sara, and Souju go off to the onsen. You’d think this would be happy and fanservicey, but it’s not (well not the happy anyway). There are some flashbacks about Rentarou and his dead mother. Apparently Rentarou befriended Kaoruko and Sumireko when they were little (of course he barely remembers). Sara and Souju become jealous (not really sure on this, a lot was lost on me). In the end, they run back to the city and Rentarou chases after them. The episode seems to end rather bittersweetly. Next ep preview once again mentions something about what happened two years ago, but I couldn’t make out much more than that.

I really liked this episode. It’s nothing like what we got in the first episode (with all the action), but this is the type of romance/relationship/angst quality that the first season never was. There were some random humorous parts put in (the kappa comes to mind…), but overall a very serious tone. I really enjoyed the telephone scene at the end and the slow, instrumental version of Bokura no Jikan (the ED) that played when the two pair of twins met at the river.

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