Short Summary:
Introduction episode to Izumi Kaori. She gets paired up with Rando Rino for an Assualt Squad patrol. They get alerted of an incident with the Puppet club. Apparently the club’s star, Mr Snake, was torn up. Kaori figures out that the culprit was the cat. Problem solved…until Kaori confronts the president of the club who had cut up the puppet because she was afraid of her club members eclipsing her. We get a flashback explaining why Kaori idolizes Kanade-sama so much.

This episode was fillerish. The whole Nancy Drew bit was really bleh. Maybe I’m expecting too much from this show, but I would have preferring more action (especially for Kaori) like in episode 1. The continued use of tones everywhere continues to bother me. The more I think about it, the more I feel like this anime is trying to be like a shoujo manga with all the tones and background images. Next episode doesn’t look incredibly promising (cooking battle), but I’ll watch it anyway for the same reason I continue on with this show (it’s cute).

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