Short Summary:
Summer is almost over and apparently Takemoto grew his hair back. Hagu-chan invites the gang over for a soba party, but in the end only Takemoto can make it. He offers to make Hagu-chan a doll clothes wardrobe after seeing her collection and she picks a very complicated design. On the Mayama front, he is seen getting out of a woman’s car. It turns out that he’s helping her out (and has begun to like her). Enter Ayumi Yamada who apparently likes Mayama. Unfortunately, both loves are known and unrequited.
There are two things I really like about this series: the music and the comedy. Both scenes with Yamada and Morita were great. I’m sure I’ll like the relationship aspects once they develop it more. For now, I’m more confused about how Yamada started liking Mayama, who the older woman is, and what type of work Morita is doing. Oh and what’s with the spinning wheel theme? So many questions, but it’s only episode three. There’s a lot of potential for relationships at this point. Yamada and Morita, Morita and Hagu-chan, Takemoto and Hagu-chan, etc. I felt that the timing transitioning from episode 02 to 03 was a bit off. It was hard to guage how much time had passed and if anything important had occurred. I find it hard to believe that these were sequential chapters in the manga (if they are), since usually you don’t jump months, especially early on in a series.
I am really enjoying the insert songs each episode, along with the OP and ED. Can’t wait for the OST…

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