Short Summary:
We find out that Saviour is completely destroyed and the Minerva is undergoing repairs. The remaining ORB forces have joined up with the Archangel (many Murasames now with the AA). Tearful moment for Cagalli and the ORB people when they get reunited. We then get treated to a random Talia shower scene. Shinn angsts. Athrun angsts. Stellar’s condition is worsening and we hear the doctor telling the captain something about her condition, enough to make Shinn to want to act. He breaks her out and launches in Impulse with the help of Rey. After contacting Neo, they meet and Shinn hands over Stellar, making Neo first promise something (to let her have a happy and gentle life? Not sure on this). Next ep preview mentions Destroy Gundam, so maybe we’ll see it.
This episode started out rather slow and I thought we were gonna get another episode with just pure reflection and recap of the previous battles. Fortunately, Shinn decides to return Stellar to the EAF and Neo. It’s a real pity that Neo’s not going to keep his promise. On an unrelated note, did anyone else feel that the BGM that played when Shinn contacted Neo over the radio really didn’t fit the scene? It made it seem so very not serious. I must say that Shinkai no Kodoku is really growing on me. It really made me like the last scene.

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