Short Summary:
Mitsuki and Izumi’s parents come to visit. They of course want to take the girls back, but Mitsuki refuses to go because of Pochi. Yoshitaka and their father have a competition to see who can win over Pochi to determine who gets Izumi. Yoshitaka succeeds with the help of their mother and Mitsuki. He almost gets Izumi’s first kiss, but she is saved by Pochi and then Anna (“saved” being a relative term). After their parents leave, Mitsuki tells Yoshitaka why she left home: because she was trying to protect Pochi from her father.
The order of the story was shuffled around from the manga. This originally occurred before Anna joined, but really she didn’t change it too much. I thought that the animation quality went down a bit as there were a lot of scenes towards the beginning using the chibi-ish designs that were less detailed, plus certain shots looked odd. Still it followed the manga pretty well and I rather liked it (as much as you can like something of the ecchi maid genre).

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