Short Summary:
The council is out of money, so they decide to have a competition deciding whose budget, Covert or Assault, to cut. Assault uses their active members Sayuri, Rein, and Kaori. Covert recruits the cooking club. To spice up the competition, several challenges are added: rock climbing, dueling with sticks, and a wheel of fortune type thing. In the end, Rino decides that the curry tastes best when the two are combined.
I knew I’d like this episode as soon as I saw what it was about. It was pretty predictable that neither side would win, but it was fun to watch nonetheless. Still, I’m a bit bothered by the whole Chadayama/Namaste and Pucchan thing. It just seemed too random, especially the flashback sequence. Plus, I kept wondering about the arm that was attached to Pucchan in all the pictures.
Edit a few hours later: I really need the OP and ED single for this to come out, I’ve had them in my head for the past 6 hours since I watched this. >.>

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