Short Summary:
Last week we met Izumi and Mitsuki’s parents, this week it’s Yoshitaka’s. Yoshitaka is working Izumi like a slave like he usually does. When the girls go to take a bath, Yoshitaka replaces their clothes with Yukata, which means of course it’s summer festival time. Mitsuki goes off and starts singing heavy metal on stage. After some ecchi moments involving festival games, the group finds out that Mitsuki has disappeared. Yoshitaka finds a clue and decides to visit his parents grave. There, Yoshitaka’s father appears before them as a ghost. He’s about to carry Izumi away when Mitsuki appears and decides that things should be settled with a contest. Various ecchi things later, Yoshitaka’s father is about to win but his mother appears and takes control and drags him off.
They changed a few things from chapter 6 of the manga in order to make it fit better. Originally, the reason why the girls were going to the festival was to cheer Pochi up. Also, Yoshitaka decided to visit his parents grave in the manga because it was close by (Mitsuki never disappeared in the manga). Minor things, but differences all the same. I still liked the episode, but like last week, there were several spots where the animation was spotty (especially the far away shots).


  1. This episode was pretty funny XD. I wish it could show these types of episodes more often, but I’ll be glad to at least get a couple of episodes like this.

    Even though it was for a split second, the animation in this scene was quite fluent, making lil’ Jil so cute.

    And anything with Norio Wakamoto = automatic win.


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