Short Summary:
I didn’t understand much of this episode, but I’ll offer what I can. We start with a flashback to Rentarou’s father’s funeral. Rentarou then remembers back to when Sara and Souju first showed up. Cut to the bathhouse, where Sara and Souju are being held hostage by a man brandishing a gun. They are hiding Rentarou under the water until he bursts out and they kick the bad guy’s ass. The second half of the episode has Rentarou looking for the twins. They apparently left him a series of notes around town and led him on a hunt. Eventually he finds them and all is well, or so it seems. We cut back to what looks like the end of last weeks’ episode and the episode ends.
There were a lot of recurring themes this episode. Rentarou was smoking like there was no tomorrow, the lighter with the word “ai” (love) on it (which really acted like a phallic symbol the entire time), and Rentarou’s father. The end of the episode really felt like I was watching a movie. I really enjoyed that moment.
I didn’t notice this until I started taking screencaps, but the majority of the episode was in widescreen except for the very end which was normal. I guess this was to show that it was all flashback. The other thing that bothered me, or says something, was that in the next episode preview, where usually the three of them say “Futakoi Alternative,” this episode, there was only Rentarou. Perhaps more angst is to come. ^_^

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