Short Summary:
Silvia finds a book in the library to check out but Reika stops her. Silvia and Apollo overhear yet another conversation between Reika and Sirius (where Reika offers the book Silvia wanted to Sirius) and interrupt yet again. Silvia gets upset and runs away, but ends up having a flashback as Seria of a time when Apollonius saved her and fought Touma. The monster of the week is a beautiful flower that psychologically attacks our three pilots. Apollo and Sirius start fighting against each other while they are transformed, almost leading to the destruction of Aquarion. However, Reika saves Sirius and he goes on to defeat the monster.
We get quite a bit of Sirius this episode, but nothing really happens except that Reika is useful for once. There are several flashbacks (Sirius’ parents, Silvia as Seria). I like the fact that they kind of broke from the Gen Fudo’s lesson of the week against the monster of the week format (kind of), but the show is still sliding. We need some more wow factor, though I’m not sure what would energize the show (perhaps more of the main villains and less motw).

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