Shinn arrives back, but is taken to be lectured by Talia and then sent to the brig. Athrun visits and more arguing ensues. Rey puts a stop to it by saying something along the lines of what’s done is done.

Neo, Sting, and Stellar arrive at an EA base where Destroy is housed. Sting seems to have become very negative towards Stellar. We get our weekly shower scene, this time of Neo (who is quite scarred…).

While Cagalli and the Orb troops talk and discuss their future, Kira and Murrue talk about the fighting. Kira wonders why he’s fighting Athrun yet again. We get some Murrue/Kira bonding.

Stellar gets ready to board the Destroy Gundam and Neo gives her a pep talk. The Destroy Gundam itself is ugly as crap, but huge.

Back on the Minerva, the crew gets word that Shinn and Rey are to be set free, most likely at the request of Gilbert. Shinn taunts Athrun some and generally acts like a jackass.

Destroy Gundam is kicking ass and taking names. It’s got pretty much everything you can think of, from rail guns to bits. The ArchAngel gets word of this and Kira sets out to put a stop to it.

This episode had a good balance of action and plot movement. Everything has returned to normal as Shinn is released from jail (and still a jerk) and Stellar is back to piloting a gundam. The onsen comment from the ArchAngel was pretty funny. Next week’s episode should be a straight battle episode. Not much else for me to say, was a pretty good episode.

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