Short Summary:
Tsugumi episode. Jun and Tsugumi talk and get closer. Reika and Pierre see the two arriving home together. Tsugumi and Jun ask Reika and Pierre, respectively, for relationship advice. More training in the simulator. Afterwords, Jun somehow channels a picture of Tsugumi’s heart onto the screens and so Tsugumi runs off. Seems that she had a traumatic childhood too. Monster of the week attacks and Gen Fudo encourages her to go, but she refuses. Pierre, Apollo, and Jun get sent instead. Pierre gets knocked out, but gets replaced by Reika. Reika isn’t faring too well (when has Reika ever done well?) so Tsugumi finally joins them after a speech by Jun. They end up defeating the monster.
The constant yuri implications were just frivolous, though the Pierre/Jun scene was pretty funny. This episode had one high point and that was when they played, as the insert, Pride ~Nageki no Tabi (プライド~嘆きの旅), the other song off the Aquarion OP single; arguably even better than the OP itself. Aside from that, it was another ho-hum episode focusing around a character and how they overcome the MotW.

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