Short Summary:
Mayama remains conflicted about Rika-san and is unable to confess. Morita manages to cheer up Yamada (“Captain Broken Heart” hehe). We get a glimpse of the stress and pressure around Hagu-chan and a subsequent breakdown. Takemoto wonders what the world looks like in Hagu-chan’s eyes. Soon, it becomes Christmas. Morita puts together a party and invites everyone. Takemoto and Hagu-chan go shopping together and we learn why Takemoto doesn’t like Christmas (reminds him of his childhood Christmases spent at the hospital), but Hagu-chan cheers him up. The party goes well and everyone seems to have a good time.

Oh and that sequence was hilarious, as was both scenes with Morita and Yamada.

I’d say this series is fast becoming one of my favorites for the season (if not the favorite). The story is developing at a good pace and the characters are very believable. I especially like anything that involves Morita and Yamada, preferably both. The soundtrack for this series is amazing. I love the piano version of Waltz that played during the end of the first half. Someone on the production team must really like Suga Shikao as it was another one of his songs inserted.
Insert Song: Suga ShikaoNami Hikari (波光)

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