Stellar wreaks destruction. Jibril celebrates. Freedom intervenes. Destroy transforms.

After two rounds of gasping at the transformed Destroy, Cagalli and the ORB crew decide to head out and help Kira. On PLANT, Gilbert deliberates with the council on what to do.

The ORB Murasames take on Sting while Kira goes off to fight Destroy. However, he seems pretty unable to break Destroy’s defenses. Minerva arrives and dispatches Shinn with orders to help Freedom and the ArchAngel.

Stellar keeps remembering what Neo told her last episode (“We have to get rid of all the scary things”). Despite their promises, Shinn and Stellar find themselves fighting once again. Shinn manages to land a hit, only to be stopped by Neo, who tells him that Stellar is the pilot.

In the chaos, Kira knocks off Neo and he somehow manages to survive (yet again) and we see him with his helmet off. While everyone is gasping at something, the ORB Murasames manage to destroy Sting.

Stellar goes berserk after seeing everyone fall. Kira goes in for the kill, but he’s stopped by Destroy’s shield. Shinn then charges Kira to keep him away from Stellar. He tries to talk to Stellar, but she just keeps shooting. He manages to get through for a bit and we have our Newtype moment.

It doesn’t last long because as soon as Stellar sees Freedom hovering behind Impulse, she goes berserk again. She starts charging her chest cannons, but Freedom impales Destroy Gundam and ends the battle. Murrue has gotten off the AA to retrieve Neo/Mwu herself.

Shinn embraces Stellar, but she dies after saying “Shinn….suki”. Flashback to when Shinn’s family died and Shinn screams in the same way he did back then.

This was a good action filled episode where a lot happened. Neo/Mwu’s captured, Sting is dead, Stellar is dead, and Shinn is a wreck (and probably hates Kira). I could have probably done without the Newtype moment but I did like the way it ended (with Stellar’s dying confession). I’m curious who’ll emerge as the bad guy now; I’m putting my money on Gilbert. Next episode preview looks to have a lot of Gilbert and Shinn. Honestly, I like the Neo/Mwu & Murrue relationship more than I like the main relationships, so I hope Neo/Mwu wakes up next episode, but we’ll see.
Edit 2 hours later: I replaced the caps with higher quality ones.


  1. I think this was a good epoisde especcially when shinn scrreams right after Stellar dies incresing the tennnsion of the moment. To say that he kill he’s kira. But if you ask me the new type moment is a good part my favorite acyually.


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