Short Summary:
Yori and Iku are twins. Yori’s the smart one and Iku’s not. But Yori has a secret: he likes his sister (yes in that way). However, in all his lust, he first sleeps with Iku’s best friend Tomoka. A few nights later, Yori and Iku get into a fight. Iku is lying on her bed crying when Yori kisses her. Iku’s unsure of her feelings though. But whenever Iku sees Yori with Tomoka, she gets jealous. Then Iku learns that Yori is planning on going to a different school far away. She gets all worked up and begins to realize that she does have feelings for her brother. They finally sleep together after Iku takes Yori to a love hotel after learning that he slept with Tomoka. After graduation, Yori is about to leave and Iku gets all worked up, so he gets her a dog, which she names Yori. The final parting scene is bittersweet at best. Yori and Iku long for each other after they separate and the OVA ends.

Ok, so I originally wasn’t going to blog this. But a combination of boredom and finally getting the codecs working and watching the OVA, here I am. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I had read the manga up to what ShoujoMagic has put out (midway through Volume 3), which is what the OVA pretty much covers (though the order is switched around a bit). Thus the “shock” content wasn’t very shocking for me. The summary sounds rather soap operaish, but this is shoujo, so there’s angst abounds. Yori starts out a pretty manipulative bastard (just like in the manga), but you do start to sympathize after a while. I did rather enjoy the parting scene at the train station, especially with the stills. The ending seemed a bit open-ended, but maybe they’re make another OVA if enough demand is there. The soft piano/violin music throughout was rather fitting, reminded me a lot of the OST to Sen to Chihiro (Spirited Away). It made the ED song feel out of place though, since it was guitar and rock. The animation started out kind of wierd; it took some getting used to the faces. However, unless you only watch shoujo series, the art styles always take some getting used to (in anime form anyway), as was the case for me in Aishiteruze Baby. This is definately worth a watch if you’ve read the manga, or if you just want to see a series about incest.


  1. It’s not weird and incest or disgusting since in the end, in manga, they aren’t related by blood or anything. They aren’t even twins. Their parents covered up every truth about them. That’s all. OVA is just minimize all of them. That’s why it looks weird. Actually, it is so romatic story. I love this manga.

  2. I watched the OVA, and I wonder if there will be another one? I keep searching everywhere online and I can’t find it. I want to buy the manga because it’s more detailed I’m sure but I loved watching the OVA, please let me know if you hear anything about another OVA continuing. Please PLEASE! =]

    i love this story.

  3. eh? so this isn’t incest at all? oh…that’s stupid…to leave the part where the truth is known in the anime…i mean, hello?!?!?! That’s just rotten…after all, some people who like YoriXIku wants them to be together.

  4. I wanted to vomit twice during the OVA and I think I will never watch OVA , MANGA Or any japanese cartoons… I hated the evil incest in the movie because it is like showing the evil in beautiful pictures to make poeple like it…. But we shouldn’t, because they are ruining one of the most purest and sacred relationship, brotherhood……Oh My GOD…. though if someone tells me that they are not realy brother and sister, then I can start to change my mind and watch again japanese cartoons but not this stoy …..never……

  5. I think its a good anime but is a bit strange I would love to read the manga does anyone know where to get it from! You can watch the anime on just type in “I love my younger sister” in the search box you have to become a member… Its free!

  6. OMG, sandrabingi, please never ever watch anime again EVER you just dont get it….
    sacred relationship? WTF? if you dont like it then dont post on the site you offer no real argument at all! EVIL? you did not really watch this did you? becouse you would not call it evil if you have seen it! so to sum up…. SHUT UP!

  7. I absolutely loved the OMV, the story was sad but beautiful … but like many others I just need to know how it ends !!! I have searched and searched for the manga and have not been able to lay my hands on it 🙁 …

    Yori leaves Iku so they can have a proper relationship where no one will criticize them (in another district) but does that actually happen? I mean, do Yori and Iku end up together in the end? Please someone put an end to my misery …

  8. I just watched the movie, but I have never read the manga or watched the OVA. I get an understanding of the story line now, but in the movie, the ending is so abrupt and sad and slow that I felt frustrated and even sadder.

    This story is like Franchesca Lia Block’s book Wasteland. About a bro and sis ( not twins ) who secretly love. But Lex and Marina never had a sexual relationship, and by the time she figures out that he was adopted it is too late. I love the book so much, and I have never cried harder over a book or movie like I did while reading it.

    But so, in the manga, they meet again years later and find out they were not related, or at least were not twins, and they decide to be together? I read that on another thread. I don’t have any brothers so I don’t know what that kind of relationship would be like. Everyone I know with a brother doesn’t even want to think about anything having to do with anything sexual about them.

    To fall in love with someone that you were raised to feel a sibling connection with is really strange and foreign to me. But I’m not judging it. Love is Love. As long as they are both of age I think it is ok. i mean, if Yuri is like 22 and tupping his 15 year old sister then we’ve got a whole different problem.


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