While I don’t watch Bleach regularly (especially not in the current arc), I do like the music (and watching the various ED sequences each episode). In that respect, I was really looking forward to this single.
Houkiboshi is a very guitar heavy, fast paced song. Perhaps not quite what you’d expect if you just looked at the cover (with the piano and all), but a very good song nonetheless. If nothing else, it feels a bit short at only 3:17 long.
Ashita, Tenki ni Nare is an average pop song. It reminds me a lot of Kelly Clarkson. It’s catchy, has some engrish, not a bad song, but not a great one.
Omoide ni Dekinai is the slow track of the single. It starts soft with piano in the background. Guitar and the rest come in at the second verse. I could see this song as the ED song for some series, even though it’s not. For me, it’s one of those songs you like more and more as you listen to it (which is usually the case with me and slower songs). The only gripe I have about this song is that it’s a bit too long at 6:08. Maybe they were trying to compensate for Houkiboshi. ^_^


  1. Hi all…

    I watch Bleach every week and i realy like the ending songs. Only this anime i watch until the ending songs. usually i just skip the opening and the ending but Bleach has nice ensing songs

    suki suki….


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