Short Summary:
The monster of this week is one that attacks in your dreams. The Aquarion crew is put to sleep under watch, but only half of them wake up. Apollo, Pierre, and Chloe (yes, I had to look her name up) decide to sleep in the Vector ships. The dream lady strikes again and uses Sirius to attack Apollo. This time, Apollo summons Vector Sol to help him. He wakes Pierre and Chloe, who then summon their respective Vector machines, and they form Solar Aquarion. However, they can’t seem to defeat the dream monster. Sirius mutters something to Silvia (who’s not trapped in a dream) and points to the moon. Silvia smacks her head, knocks herself out, and replaces Chloe (how this worked is beyond me). With Apollo’s help, they are able to defeat the dream monster and save the day.

Alright, so we get more monster of the week. I liked this week’s episode though. It had a few funny moments (most of which I’ve capped above), and there was decent action (anything with Silvia and Apollo is good). The Matrix-like dream world was far from original, especially with the hurt-in-dream-hurt-in-real-life bit, but it managed to keep my interest. I really wish they would get some real plot moving, maybe have some multi-episode arcs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like next week will do this (appears to be the next MotW). *Crosses fingers*

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