Really Short Summary: We meet Sukawara Akira, a reporter for channel 39 who is doing a story on the happenings of the town. She interviews Shione, then Ayumu, Miki, and Ryousuke. Back at the tv station, her cameraman shows her a picture of a cat he took earlier. In it’s eyes is the reflection of one of the flying things from the previous episode. The next day she sets out on her own and interviews Ayumu. That night as she’s walking through the woods, she stops and we see the reflection of the pink flying thing in her eyes.

Zettai Shounen is starting to feel like one of those sci-fi thrillers…but without any action. I wish that the exposition would end and they would bring Wakkun back and show more of the flying things. Or at least have Miku. One thing that I noticed is that Ai Shimizu really let Shione sounds a lot more like Mitsuki from HiMM this episode than in previous episodes. Maybe it’s because she was trying to be cute. Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers, because as it stands, unless something really develops in the next few episodes, I’m probably going to drop this series.

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