Short Summary: After a recap of the end of last episode, we see three people in bamboo hats approaching the city. They appear to be the real Miteshu. At Chun Hyang’s house, the group decides to infiltrate the castle. However, they must get past the barrier guarding it. Mokona suggests contacting Yuuko. Because of the equal trade rule, Fye gives up his staff in order to get a ball that will allow them access to the castle. The group departs but leaves Chun Hyang and Sakura behind to wait for their return. Inside the castle, Fye feels something strong behind a wall, so Kurogane punches a hole through. Inside they find the witch, Kiishimu, that we saw at the end of last week’s episode. She summons them into a room full of acidic balls and water with pillars all around. Fye and Kurogane take staffs and start swatting the balls until Syaoran kicks his way out and ahead. Syaoran ends up having to fight the brawny son of the Ryoshi (whose name eludes me) while Fye and Kurogane square off against Kiishimu and her acid balls (which have combined to form giant acid balls).

The recaps at the beginning of the episode made me afraid that this was going to be a recap ep, but it wasn’t. I was happy that they used Yuuko to gain access to the castle. It would have been more interesting had they devoted a few more minutes to it, but it sufficed. I was looking forward to seeing Mokona swallow the staff whole, but oh well. Next episode has fighting, fighting, fighting. I imagine it will take another two episodes to finish this world, but they might squeeze it into one episode.


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