Random Musings – GEASS Updates and Tsubasa OVA Edition

  • There will be a new theme song for episodes 24 and 25 of CODE GEASS called Hitomi no Tsubasa by access. The song is already being played on the airwaves in Japan, so copies of the full version are floating around the Internet. If you have a Nico Nico account, you can listen to it here, and someone has also put a fan-made opening sequence with that song onto Youtube. I’ve listened to the song several dozen times now and although it started off sounding like an average T.M.Revolution song, I really like it now. The song goes on sale July 4th as part of access’ binary engine album.
  • Despite the special premieres announcement from last month, there is still no official television air-date for episodes 24 and 25. I believe speculation and sources place the time in early August, but again, no official word. There have been, however, quite a lot of spoilers, much of the former courtesy of anime magazines. According to Celiss Galvea, the confirmed spoilers are:
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  • Speaking of which, the latest batch of magazines – Newtype, Hobby Japan, Animedia – have some very nice covers. The one pictured above is the spread from July’s edition of Newtype, and you can find scans of the others here. I especially liked the CLAMP-drawn cover of Newtype and the one of C.C. from the July edition of Hobby Japan.
  • And finally, some other CLAMP related news. A lot of people have been asking me about what happened to the next season of Tsubasa Chronicle since this spring season passed us by without the third series. There’s been a lot of speculation about whether it was because the next part of the story was too violent or because CLAMP was unhappy with the production or whatnot. In any case, it was announced today (sort of) that Tsubasa will be getting a special OVA called Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS. I say “sort of” because publisher Kodansha originally posted the image of the manga’s volume 19 cover on their website with the announcement attached, but they have since taken that image down. Based on what was seen before the image was removed, the OVA will supposedly be available through purchasing volumes 21 to 23 of the manga, but details are still sketchy and will probably become clearer once there is an official announcement.